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Online & Offline NDT - UT Certification Courses as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO 9712

Ultrasonic Testing UT Training Courses – Level 1, Level 2 Certification

In modern manufacturing, Ultrasonic testing UT is among the highly used NDT method for finding Internal flaws in materials. Also UT testing is commonly useful for measuring wall thickness for pipe lines, tanks, pressure vessels during in-service inspection of process plants such as petroleum refineries and chemical, power plants. machines. Therefore, to perform UT testing, the quality engineer should have UT Level 1 or UT Level 2 certification in Ultrasonic testing. In order to perform the Ultrasonic testing, the trainee should get relevant training from the best institute with the best trainers and UT machines. Trinity Institute of NDT Technology (A Training Centre of Trinity NDT) is a World Class Training Centre for learning Nondestructive testing especially Ultrasonic testing UT training courses for Level 1, Level 2 certifications in India. It is India’s best UT training institute located at Asia’s largest premier industrial area, Peenya at Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, India.

Learning Ultrasonic testing at Our UT Level 1, 2 training Courses

Ultrasonic testing UT Level 2 training Institute
Ultrasonic testing UT Level 2 training Institute

Learning Ultrasonic testing is not that easy as understanding the fundamentals of UT requires adequate class room training and exposing to hands on practical UT testing. Listening to lectures from inexperienced Trainers gives boredom and can not make you understand and do UT testing. Therefore, trainers industrial experience is vital and design of training should be from an experienced NDT Level 3 on Ultrasonic testing. The NDT Level 3 trainers for Ultrasonic testing UT training courses are highly experienced and immensely knowledgeable. Trinity NDT – Testing Labs are NABL ISO/IEC17025 certified to provide world class NDT Inspection services on Ultrasonic testing, Radiography testing, Eddy Current Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Liquid Penetrant Testing-FPI testing.

Online Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 Courses In India


Many QA QC Engineers are ambitious to take Ultrasonic testing training courses. But, for working engineers it might be quite impossible to take offline UT courses due to work schedules. To overcome this and also to follow Covid19 safety, the institute is scheduling live online virtual training on Ultrasonic testing for Level 2 certifications. Online UT training courses are designed by our expert NDT Level 3 so as NOT to compromise on quality of training. Therefore, Ultrasonic online training training will be at par with offline UT training in terms of quality of training and delivery.

Online training will have live class room training and practical training offline in physical mode at our Ultrasonic testing labs in Peenya, Bangalore, India. Examinations for Online NDT courses will be held after the training as per schedule. For fee details and next online training schedule you can contact us and post your request on Whats app now.

Best NDT Institute for Learning Ultrasonic testing UT Training 

NDT Training Course Institute
NDT Courses training Institute in India

Here is India’s Best NDT Ultrasonic testing UT Level1, 2 Training Facility at Bangalore. The training facility, labs, class rooms at Trinity NDT are truly world class supported by modern infrastructure. Trinity NDT Aspire Acoustic Auditorium for class room training, Audio Visual Equipment. There is NO better place to learn Nondestructive testing than learning from the professionals at TRINTY NDT, Bangalore, India.

Trinity NDT’s Ultramodern facility is One of India’s largest NDT facility and Courses are attended by participants from over 40 Countries including participants from Gulf Countries, Africa, Russia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Thailand. Also Ultrasonic testing UT Training trainees from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Syria, Sudan, Papua New guinea, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda.

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Eligibility for UT training Courses as per SNT TC 1A

Candidates attending UT training courses should meet the eligibility criteria as per employers written practice made to ASNT recommended practice SNT TC 1A. They shall have minimum education qualifications and experience. Eligibility criteria for Ultrasonic testing courses varies as per the level of certification. Check the eligibility for Level 2 and Level 1 Ultrasonic testing courses.

Ultrasonic UT Level 1 Level 2 Training Course Fee  

Trinity NDT Courses fee for Ultrasonic testing courses is quite competitive for the quality of training offering in India. Course fee brochure is shared upon request by whats app or email. If you choose 4 or more courses you can avail addition discount for all courses. Contact Training Coordinator now for complete UT Level 1, 2 training fee or call us now on Phones: +91 9844129439 or +91 9141339994 or Whats app us now.

Ultrasonic Testing – UT Level I Training Certification Course

Ultrasonic testing UT Level 1, 2 training Courses Institute in India
Ultrasonic testing UT Level 1, 2 training Courses Institute in India

UT testing Course Objective


To provide complete knowledge of Ultrasonic Inspection-UT Level I contents as per written practice framed to the requirements of latest edition of SNT TC 1A-2016 requirements and to enable the training participants to carryout Ultrasonic testing according to established testing procedure under the supervision of NDT UT Level II or Level III professionals. This certification course is especially designed to provide a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skill for UT required for Level I technicians. The trainers are well experienced NDT Level 3 in Ultrasonic testing to provide in-depth knowledge and deliver best contents.

Technical Knowledge Requirements & Responsibilities for Level I in Ultrasonic Testing


The Ultrasonic Testing UT Level I Technician should have sufficient Technical Knowledge and skills to be qualified to perform Ultrasonic testing Calibrations and evaluation of Indications for acceptance or rejections according to written instructions and to record NDT test results. He shall not be responsible for the choice of the test technique nor for assessment of the test results. The NDT Level I in UT should receive the necessary instructions and supervision from a certified UT Level II or Level 3 professional.

UT Level I Course outline

  • Properties of Sound Waves
  • Generation of Ultrasonic waves
  • Interaction of ultrasound with matter and boundaries
  • Types of Probes
  • Test Methods and Ultrasonic Testing Techniques
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • UT Test Variables
  • Ultrasonic Inspection procedures
  • Types of Discontinuities

Download Training Course Outline on Ultrasonic Testing: Download

Practical training for UT Level I Certification Course


Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment machine for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection in Plates, Castings, Forging and weld joints, Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques and preparation of UT Test Reports as per written instruction by NDT Level II or Level III Engineers.

Ultrasonic Testing – UT Level 2 Training Course

Ultrasonic testing Training Institute- Trinity NDT in india
Ultrasonic testing Training Institute – Trinity NDT, india

Ultrasonic Training course – UT Level II objectives

The course is intended to provide through knowledge, principles of Ultrasonic Testing-UT and fundamentals of material and processes such that the trainee would be able to

  • Identify suitability of UT for the material and inspection technique
  • Develop techniques and procedures that can be followed by a Level I operator
  • Analyse the test results and documenting / reporting of test results for the same
  • Be familiar with codes, standards and specifications for UT to evaluate results of the tests

NDT Level 3 trainers

The Trainers are well experienced ASNT NDT Level 3 professionals with over Two decades of practical experience on Ultrasonic testing of Castings, Ingots, Blooms, Billets, Plates, Rolled bars, Weld joints. Ultrasonic testing during in-service inspections of Petroleum Refinery components, Pipe lines, Structures, pressure vessels, Boiler components, Power plant machinery, Sugar and cement plant machinery components and process plant equipment. Learn more about our trainers that will delight you with their rich experience.

UT Level 2 Responsibilities


A certified Ultrasonic UT Level II (2) personnel is qualified to perform following responsibilities:

  • Select proper test technique, equipment and probes
  • Set up and calibrate the equipment
  • Perform testing and interpret the results as per applicable standards
  • Have knowledge of the scope and limitations of Ultrasonic Testing
  • Be familiar with production processes of the test material and knowledge of type and location of expected defects
  • To develop Ultrasonic technique for testing a particular job
  • Prepare test Ultrasonic Examination report for i. Accept ii. Reject iii. Rework
  • Preparation of written instruction for UT Level I
  • Guide and check test results of UT Level I operators
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of the NDT/UT equipment at all times.

UT Level 2 Training Course outline

  • Review of Level-I course
  • In-depth study of test Variables
  • Immersion Testing Techniques
  • Principles and evaluation of flaw size using DGS/DAC/TCG Methods
  • Echo dynamics for Discontinuity Evaluation
  • Codes, standards and Procedures used in Ultrasonic testing
  • Industrial Applications of Ultrasonic testing such as inspection of Ingots, Castings, Rolled Bars, Plates, Pipes, Tubes and Weld Joints
  • Ultrasonic testing – Acceptance standards, Codes and Specifications,
  • Manufacturing Process and Associated Discontinuities
  • Evaluation of Test Equipment
  • Outline on Inspection of Composite Materials using advanced NDT Equipment and Techniques

Practical Training UT Level II Course

Ultrasonic training ASNT Level 2 Courses
Ultrasonic testing Practical Training

Same as for UT Level 1 course + Interpretation, Evaluation of Indications using DGS/DAC/TCG. Evaluation Methods and Echo Dynamics, Beam Profile and Plotting

Download Training Course Outline on Ultrasonic Testing

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