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Ultrasonic Testing Level I, II Training, Certification Courses. Institute at Bangalore, India. Online, Offline mode. ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO9712.

Find details on Ultrasonic testing Training. Eligibility, fee details, UT Level 2 schedules, online registration procedure.

Ultrasonic Testing ASNT Level II training

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology (A Training Services Division of Trinity NDT) is India’s highly preferred center for Ultrasonic testing training Level I, II courses. As on date, issued 15000+ certifications to trainees from over 42 countries. A preferred training center for GE, Siemens, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, GAIL (India), Airbus and other reputed companies in India and abroad. Know about Trinity NDT customers.

Now, register for UT Level 2 training as per your convenience. Choose from our online, in-person (offline) courses. Here is the best infrastructure to learn ultrasonic testing. Organizing onsite training at customer plants such as Bhilai Steel, Rourkela Steel Plant and NTPC in Delhi. The institute is located at India’s largest aerospace NDT, welding inspection center. This gives excellent opportunity for each trainee to do hands on practice at Trinity NDT Service Labs.

UT Level I and II course trainers are duly certified to ASNT Level 3. Two decades of experience in scanning and evaluating ultrasonic indications. Gives comprehensive understanding about UT principles, techniques, equipment operation, practicals on ultrasonic scanning. Course will have practical training sessions on scanning of plates, castings, forgings and welds. He/she has to interpret indications and prepare UT test report. Thickness gauging using ultrasonic principles is available for Ultrasonic thickness gauging(UTG) level 2 certification course. Download Ultrasonic testing training Course Outline.

Participants from 42+ Countries. India's Quality Institute for Ultrasonic Testing Level I, II courses.

NDT Level 2 Inspectors Trained Since 2001
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We are an approved Ultrasonic testing (UT) training center in India for major companies. UT course giving opportunity to trainees working in oil, gas companies in Nigeria and Ghana in Africa to learn concepts, practice and get Level 2 certifications. This course gives complete understanding about UT testing of welds, plates, castings and forgings.

After successful completion of examinations, he/she can perform UT tests on their own. Quality Inspectors from Nigeria, Cameroon other countries in Africa choose online Ultrasonic (UT Level II) courses.   

Mechanical Engineers from Delhi, Patna and other parts of India will be attending our UT course. Especially, for budding engineers, learning practical is vital to get into jobs. Owing to availability of NDT workshop right at the location of training center, quality of training is superior.  For this reason, we are India’s top quality institute for Ultrasonic testing (UT) training and Level 1, 2 certifications.

Trainees can register for UT course online. Training Calendar for 2023-24 is published. Now, check our NDT course schedules 2023-24.

About Ultrasonic Testing(UT) Course

Ultrasonic testing is one of the popular NDT testing method for finding internal flaws. Quick technological developments in electronics made the equipment simple and portable. Interpretation of results is more challenging than ever before due to complexity of component geometry. This method has applications for scanning of castings, welds, plates and forgings. Also, a crucial tool for in-service inspection for wall thickness measurement of pipes and tubes.

Though, much of the inspections are performed using automated UT equipment, manual inspections plays a major role. Automated machines are to be programmed by Level II certified operators. Examination results to a maximum extent depends on technician skills. Practical knowledge helps in proper evaluation of indications. Practical skills can only be acquired by detailed hands-on practice. In order to perform testing and analyze the results, standards mandate certification. Institute is equipped for ultrasonic dry scan testing of composite materials.

Right combination of class room and practice at our Ultrasonic testing courses can make you a professional UT Level II inspector. Check reviews about Trinity NDT courses on Youtube.


Certification as per ASNT SNT TC 1A & ISO9712

UT certification scheme depends on the end user requirement. International Standards or codes stipulates certification scheme. There are a number of schemes available. Of these, ASNT, SNT TC 1A, ISO9712, NAS410 etc. are widely approved among customers. Select a certification scheme based on your own need. For example, if you intent to work in pressure vessel industry go for SNT TC 1A employer based certification. If you are working for a aerospace company, then go for NAS 410 certification in Ultrasonic testing.

At this institute, we offer Ultrasonic testing course as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO9712 schemes. Also, in the process of announcing NAS410 UT Level 1, 2 courses shortly. As SNT TC 1A gives flexibility based on employer needs, selecting good institute is important in meeting your objectives of learning. For sure, our courses are intends to make you a professional UT technician. Find details about ISO9712 UT Course.


Certification Levels

There are three level of certifications in Ultrasonic testing(UT) as per ASNT SNT TC  1A. They are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

A person before UT certification is called as ‘UT Trainee’. He/she cannot do Ultrasonic testing independently. A Trainee should work under Level 2 or 3. After obtaining relevant experience, he can apply for certification.

UT Level I can calibrate ultrasonic equipment, do testing as per approved testing procedure. Can do evaluation as per procedure under Level II supervision. While Level II can do testing, evaluation and interpretation of indication. He should able to prepare written instruction to Level I operator. A UT Level III, should be able to select right technique, approve procedures, train and certify for all levels in the NDT method.

One has to select right level of certification based on his/her educations qualifications and experience. Also, Level 1 (limited) is issued for technicians performing Ultrasonic thickness Gauging.  Find more details about Ultrasonic thickness testing course.

Eligibility for Ultrasonic testing Level I, II courses

Candidates attending UT training shall meet the eligibility criteria prior to admission. Before one gets certified he/she is called as ‘UT trainee’. Trainees should work under the supervision of certified Level 2 or 3. Each UT trainee shall have qualifications as per employers written practice made to ASNT SNT TC 1A. Eligibility criteria for Ultrasonic testing courses varies as per the level of certification. Check here, the eligibility for NDT Level 2 and Level 1 courses.

Refer below table for qualification and experience as per SNT TC 1A-2020. In addition, shall have adequate near vision and colour vision acuity. Eye test shall be conducted by a registered opthalmologist or an ASNT Level III. Download format for Eye fitness document.

Level of CertificationQualificationsExperience in UTTotal Experience in NDT
Ultrasonic testing (UT) Level IHigh School Passed210 Hours400 Hours
Ultrasonic testing (UT) Level IIDiploma or B.E/B.Tech in Engg.630 Hours1200 Hours
UT Level II (Direct)Any of the above840 Hours1600 Hours

Online UT Level 2 Training

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) training is available in both Online and Offline (in-person) modes. Online UT course is intended for inspectors engaged in NDT. Class room training schedules every day can be attended without affecting job. Live training is for a total of 6 days. 4 days are allotted for theory and 2 days for practical training.

For online course takers, we plan Ultrasonic testing practicals on every month. Presentations, live discussions, practice videos are part of our online UT Level II training course. Completed over 30+ online certification modules. Check our online NDT course calendar and enroll now.

A preferred program for working mechanical QA, QC engineers who could not take offline courses. Job holders may find difficult to attend offline mode. Our center is located at Peenya, Bangalore accessible from any where in India. Online candidates has to attend in person practical training at our labs. Therefore, it is guaranteed that online course also has every element to make skilled UT Level II Inspectors. Read Short term courses for QA QC mechanical Engineers.

Finally, examinations for Online NDT courses will be held after the training. For fee details and next online training schedules.

Offine Mode of training (Recommended)

Where possible, Offline courses are best suitable to get excellent results and we recommend this mode. In this mode, UT level I, II courses are available from our center in Bangalore, India. There will be half a day class room and other half day, hands-on practice.

Offline mode suits for persons who can allocate time and able to travel. For accommodation, institute has a guest house offered at nominal cost. In overall, experience our hospitality and best learning ambience. What you learn in class room will be quickly practiced on the same day. Also, trainees will have opportunity to meet other trainees from other organizations.

Salient Features of UT Level II Training

Trinity NDT – Training center is established with an objective to provide quality training on Ultrasonic testing. Our training courses have won India’s top rated reviews. Participation of trainees from over 42 countries proves our expertise.
Here are the 10 reasons why our courses are preferred for learning UT in India.

ASNT Level III trainers

Trainees at UT Level 2 course in India
Trainees at UT Level 2 course in India

Performing Ultrasonic testing independently is not that easy. Because, understanding principles requires class room training and long hours of hands on practice using live samples. Listening to lectures from inexperienced trainers gives boredom and can’t make you understand the subject. Therefore, trainers qualification and on-job experience is vital. Our ASNT Level 3 trainers are highly qualified Ultrasonic testing experts.

For hands on practice, the UT Labs are NABL accredited and ISO17025 certified. Each trainee will be given an opportunity to practice on UT equipment using standard procedures.  Dry scan UT testing practicals on composite materials. Find more about NDT Test Labs.


Learn from the leaders in UT testing

Ultrasonic testing Level 2 training trainee at Bengaluru
Ultrasonic testing Level 2 training trainee at Bengaluru

Here is India’s premier Ultrasonic testing UT Level 2 Training center in Bangalore. The training facility, labs, class rooms are truly world class supported by modern infrastructure. In addition, Aspire Acoustic Auditorium for class room training, Audio Visual Equipment gives rich ambience. In deed, there is NO better center to learn Ultrasonic testing training Level 2 than from our centers.

Our latest center is India’s largest NDT facility. Moreover, from over 42 Countries trainees are attending courses in India. Famous for UT training in Africa and gulf country participants.


In deed, our course trainers are well experienced ASNT NDT Level 3 having rich experience. With over two decades of practical experience our trainers exposed to do in-service ultrasonic inspections. Learn more about our NDT trainers.


UT Course Fee

-Courses fee for Ultrasonic testing Level II is available at just Rs.4999/- per candidate. This includes exam fee, lunch, study materials, for Indians choosing 5 courses. For others, USD $163 for UT per candidate for selecting 6 courses. Fee brochure is shared upon request on WhatsApp now. Above fee applicable for programs organized at Bangalore in India.

Tailor made programs can also be designed and delivered at your location in India or elsewhere. Contact us for quotation to plan a UT course at your works.

UT training is organized in both online mode for working engineers and physical mode. Schedules are anounced for both modes of learning.

Fee for Individual method wise and group discount fee brochures available. Select four or more courses to avail special best discount fee. Contact Training Coordinator now or call us now. GST is extra.

Objectives of UT Level 1 Training

Objective of UT Level I Course is ‘To provide complete knowledge of Ultrasonic Inspection-UT Level I as per written practice SNT TC 1A. This enables the participants to carryout Ultrasonic testing according to established testing procedure. Further, this training is especially designed to provide a sound knowledge and practical skills’.

Duties of Level I Operators

Ultrasonic Testing UT Level I Technicians should have good Technical skills to be qualified to perform Calibrations. Also, evaluation of Indications for acceptance or rejections as per written instructions. He/she shall not be responsible for the choice of the test technique nor for assessment of the Ultrasonic test results. Further, UT Level I, should receive the necessary instructions and supervision from a certified Level II or ASNT Level III.

UT Level I Course Contents

1. General Knowledge, Properties of Sound6. Ultrasonic Equipment
2. Generation of Ultrasonic & Principles7. Instrumentation
3. Interaction with matter and boundaries8. UT Test Variables
4. Types of UT Probes, Cables and Calibration Blocks9. UT procedures for Casting, Plates, Forgings, Welds and Composites
5. Methods and Techniques10. Types of Flaws, Interpretation & Evaluation as per standards

Download Training Course Outline on Ultrasonic Testing

In order to become UT Level I operator, he should learn calibration of equipment, testing and evaluation of results. For this, inspectors should practice scanning of Plates, Castings, Forging and welds. He should learn locating the flaw and size estimation. He should also be able to prepare  Ultrasonic Test Report.

Objectives of UT Level 2 training

The course for Ultrasonic testing Training level 2 is intended to provide thorough knowledge, principles of Ultrasonic Testing UT. In addition, learn fundamentals of materials and processes such that the trainee would be able to

  • Identify suitability of UT technique
  • Develop Ultrasonic techniques and procedures
  • Analyse the Ultrasonic test results
  • documenting / reporting of test results
  • Understanding Codes and standards

Duties of UT Level 2 Inspectors

As a certified Ultrasonic UT Level II (2), inspectors are able to perform following duties:

  • Select right UT technique,
  • Choose equipment and probes
  • Set up and calibrate equipment
  • Perform testing
  • Interpret the results as per standard
  • Have knowledge of the scope and limitations
  • Be familiar with production processes
  • Prepare test report
  • Preparation of written instructions for Level I
  • Guide and check test results of UT Level I
  • Care and maintenance of UT equipment

UT Level 2 Course Outline

1. Review of UT Level-I course6. Codes and standards
2. In-depth study of test parameters7. Industrial Applications for Ultrasonic
3. Immersion Testing Techniques8. Acceptance standards and Codes
4. Flaw Sizing using DGS/DAC/TCG9. Manufacturing Process and flaws
5. Discontinuity Evaluation10. Outline on UT of Composite Materials

Practical training: Same as for UT Level 1 course + Interpretation, Evaluation of Indications using DGS/DAC/TCG. Evaluation Methods and Echo Dynamics, Beam Profile and Plotting. Download Training Course Outline on Ultrasonic Testing.