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NDT Level 2 Batch Photo December 2023
NDT Batch Photo Nov 2023 & GAIL
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NDT Welding Technology Feb2023
NDT Welding Technology Feb2023
Batch Photo NDT Level 2 January 2023
Batch Photo NDT Level 2 January 2023
Batch Photo June2022 Trinity Institute of NDT Technology
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level2 Batch Photo May 2022
NDT Level 2 Course Participants Held in March 2022
Level 2 NDT Courses Participants in April 2022 at Bangalore India
NDT Level 2 Training Course Participants Held in Feb 2022
Nondestructive testing Level 2 courses Dec 2021

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Mr Gideon, Johannesburg, South Africa
Mr. Richard from Bangalore India
Mr. Joel, Philippines
Mr. Sunil D'Cunha, Goa, India
Mr Binoy, Cameroon
Mr. Karwan, Iraq
Mr Henry Darko, Ghana
Mr. Mohammed Yoonus, Tanzania
Mr Khadim, Iraq, (Arabic Review)
Mr. Ashish Shenoy, Mangalore
Mr. Isaac Kofi from Ghana
Ms. Vini John from kerala
Mr. Enebullele Peace, Nigeria
Mr. Raj Kumar, Indian Railways
Mr. MohitBajj, Madhya Pradesh
Mr. Hamed Salim Said Al Ghanboosi, Oman LNG (Review in Arabic)
Mr. Shajahan & Sharon from Kerala
Mr. OsazeNomwanOnaghinor, Nigeria
Mr. Wenslaus Edward from Tanzania
Mr. Jones Reinert Paul, Helicopter MRO Pvt Ltd, India

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Most Recent Feedback and Reviews about NDT training Center

“Training Program was good. The way of teaching is also very nice.” – Mr. Khot Suraj, Bangalore on 23 April 2022
“Excellent teaching staff & best in class infrastructure” -Mr. Avinash, Bangalore on 23 April 2022
“The training was excellent and Satisfied” – Mr. Ravi Shankar S N, Bangalore on 23 April 2022
“Good place to learn NDT techniques”– Mr. Rahul Kale, Pune Maharashtra, India on 23 April 2022
“Experienced staff, very helpful engaging. practicals were very engaging”-Mr. Dillon A Doueado, Panjim Goa on 23 April 2022
“Good blend and theory, practical & visual videos, so  better training experience”-Mr. Nikhil Datta, Bangalore on 23 April 2022
“I enjoyed the training session & got some ideas about NDT courses, thanks for giving such as beautiful class, practical session also good”-
Mr. Dileep Salem on 26/Feb/2022
“Great experience & nice ambience learning is made very interactive and informative”-Mr. Meghesh Gandhi, Bangalore on 02/Mar/2022
“It is very good training program for welding inspectors overall was informative”-Mr. Nitheesh B S, Bangalore on 02/Mar/2022
“A very good experience good staff”-Mr. Nithin Kumar, Bangalore on 05/Mar/2022
“Practical section is giving better under standing about the theory session & it is making more live & interesting”-Mr. Georgic from Cameroon on 05/Mar/2022
“All the faculty are very interactive & very friendly. proper  intervals were provided for tea break & also the lunch was very good. all experience was very good”-Mr. Arshad K I Shaikh, Ahmedabad on 05/Mar/2022
“Excellent training Institute, faculty facility is good”-Mr. Jagadeesh K T, Coimbatore on 22/Mar/2022

“I learn lot of things here, good institute having a good faculty”-Mr. Chaluvaranganatha M, Bangalore on 22/Mar/2022

“It was a great training session had more information on welding & visual inspection”– Mr. Tejus R, Bangalore on 30/Mar/2022

“Theory & Practical session are very good”– Mr. Kiran R, Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh on 30/Mar/2022

“Training Faculties were good at teaching”-Mr. Bhanu Prakash N, Mysore on 19/AUG/2021

“Excellent courses structure, 2 days course leaving with lot of knowledge gained”-Mr. Chethan raj R Bangalore on 19/AUG/2021

“One can say, all training is useful and good teaching hope this will sure help full to my visual testing applications”- Mr.Lingaraju P S Bangalore 12/AUG/2021

“Gained lot of knowledge about all the testing which I am carnees”-Mr.P G V Manikanta, BANGALORE ON 28/AUG/2021

“If is my Privilege to attended NDT- Eddy Current ET Level 2 certificate Course training & will refer other people”-Mr. V Sreenivas, Hosur on 28/Aug/2021

“I am very much satisfied about the training & experience that I got in this trinity NDT”– Mr. Mohamed Sulfic K, Mangalore on 28/Aug/2021

“It is very good training & staff also teaching clearly & practically”– Mr. Kaluakollu Gopi, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh on 28/Aug/2022

“Overall it is a best place/institute center for getting training in all the 6 methods of NDT”-Mr. Arshad B Shaikh Bangalore on 28/Aug/2021

“The training was good understandable lots experience were very good”-Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Cochin Kerala on 21/Sep/2021

“If was a very good experience to take training from a renowned NDT institute of Bangalore”-Mr. Ashok kumar, Bangalore

“Very good of teaching & Lab facility trinity residency facility are very good”-Mr. Praveen Bangalore on 18/Sep/20212

“Teaching, Coordination communication was very good”-Mr. Shivananda, Delhi on 18/Sep/2021

“I have NDT related knowledge & this training is very helpful to me & thank to you”-Mr. Shivaraj  Patna Bihar on 23/Sep/2021

“I had wonderful experience by attending PT test gained sufficient knowledge so that I can independently carryout the test”-Mr. Vinith G Kerala on 23/Sep/2021

 “Training Session was good excellent theory class & explanation Practical class was good with effective manner”-Mr. Ajey Kumar from Raipur Chattisgarh on 23/Sep/2021

“Very nice training & good experience about welding process good teaching safe”-Mr. Sunil kumar H M, Bangalore on 29/Sep/2021

“Training was pretty good the training are always leady to clear doubts I really liked the training”-Mr. Manoj kumar M B, Bangalore on 29/Sep/2021

“The training was very interactive and coats are in price manner my overall experience is completely satistctory”– Mr. T Senthil, Chennai Tamilnadu on 26/Sep/2021

“I am very much satisfied about TNE NDT practical & theory sessions other aspects of ndt courses are also well oragnized. I like Ravikumar sir & shiva kumar sir for thier experience. Overall my NDT Level 2 training was every good ”– Mr.Prathik shriram kale, Bangalore on 10/Oct/2021

“Overall experience with Trinity Ndt is excellent, we agained good quality of knowledge with lots of memories”-Mr.vaibhav g joshi, Bangalore on 04/Oct/2021

“The training started with a good pace, The institute has really good state of the infrastructure for testing and training for all courses. It feels good to me. I will return to this  institute for more courses in near future”-Mr.Daryll Poul Lobo from Mangalore Karnataka on 04/Oct/2021

“It was a great experience training faculties & staff are very responsible, friendly and caring”-Mr. MD Nadeem Sultan from Bangalore on 04/Oct/2021

“In practical session all doubts related to the my classes have cleared in very easy way that is very good thing”-Mr. Avinash Kumar, Bangalore on 24/Act/2021

“Student logging into website for study malarial can be included, very good courses structure, within the short time frame. Courses gave lots of skill  and knowledge”-Mr. Jagannath Maji from Kolkata on 24/Act/2021  

“This is great training courses conducted in a very short duration of time, contents of the course is very precise & planned to cover most of the subject’’-Mr. Mayur Prasad N S from Bangalore on 26/Act/2021

“Very good training faculty & excellent training centre”-Mr.Ramesh S from Jamshedpur on 28/Oct/2021

“We learn student & cods about the cerel II training, I refel others person’s to join in course”-Mr.fairoz Basha from Hyderabad on 28/Oct/2021

“I learn so many this in Trinity institute, good teaching & I thanks for trinity”-Mr.Shashank D S from Belgaum Karnataka on 28/Act/2021

“Professionals explained each process in very good way to understand, concepts got cleared, very good is day experience”-Ms. Lakshmi Narasimha Swami from Mangalore on 01/Dec/2021

“Thank you, for you entire team by providing good Nondestructive training Level2 session had a good experience with he team”-Mr.Suhas V from Vizag on 01/Dec/2021

“Practical and theory are very good explaining the theory with example helped to understand very easily”-Mr. Sharath C H from Patna Bihar on 01/Dec/2021

“Very well organised, well stricture given the time limitation, training coordinator played a strict role of time management and interactive with “Muruli sir” was exceptional”-  Mr. Abhay kumar Gour Bangalore on 21/Nov/2021

“Tanky Trinity Ndt team for explaining about welding procedures & qualification methods” -Mr.Chandan Gowda B R Bangalore Karnataka on 07/Dec/2021

“Good training experience and groups discussions very useful some knowledge gain from this Trinity”-Mr.Madhu N, Hyderabad on 07/Dec/2021

Overall training was good faculty was very knowledge about the subject, it very useful to improved the skills”-Mr.Kiran Kumar V Bangalore on 07/Dec/2021

“In the training institute the training is good and practical also good teaching filiation is good” -Mr.Girish B from Mangalore on 20/Dec/2021      

“Over all theory and especial practical classes very useful and understands Mr. kasha sir well knowledge and patience”-Mr. Shabarisha A Hosur Tamilnadu on 23/Dec/2021 

“The way of explaining the concepts was very nice very  understandable”-Mr. Mithulesh Mohan Kumar from Kochi Kerala on 23/Dec/2021