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About Welding Inspector Course - Introduction

Welding Inspector Training Course in India

Attention QA/QC, mechanical engineers. Here is the course that can build successful career. Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd offers special course for welding inspection personnel in Bangalore, India. Organizing online and offline mode courses. Compared to international certifications, this course is available at affordable fee. Same contents. Indian Certification. Enrol today and become a welding inspector(WI).

A ‘three day welding inspector course’ designed from Trinity NDT. Primarily for reading, understanding weld symbols, processes, weld metallurgy. Adequate discussions on WPS, PQR, WPQ. Using of weld gauges for inspection. Destructive and NDT tests for welds to evaluate the quality. Concludes with certification examination. You can download ‘WI course’ outline

With expert instructors and hands-on training, you’ll learn about ASME, AWS, ISO, BS, EN welding codes, standards, and inspection techniques. Our course covers essentials, including visual inspection, key elements in weld inspection, and quality control. Check more details and take the first step towards a successful career as a Welding Inspector.

Why Welding Inspector Course?

Modern buzzing word, ‘Welding’ is one of the emerging fields for employment for young mechanical engineer graduates. Welding is vital for ecomonic growth of India. Simple window and grill welding to aircraft quality welding has ample job opportunities. This needs just the welding or inspection skills to be honed and to excel. For the kind of growth India is poised, we need high quality welders to produce welding and skilled welding inspector to check the welds for quality.

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Visual Weld Inspection

‘Center of Excellence in Welding’ is a Welding Services division of Trinity NDT at Bangalore in India. The center is organizing a unique course for certification as ‘Welding Inspector’. The course will be for a duration of three days. It covers extensively about welding inspection topics.

A basic welding inspection course that gives comprehensive knowledge and skills on inspection of welds for dimensions, defects, NDT, study of WPS and PQR. This course is specially designed for inspectors engaged in welding fabrication shops. Training covers welding symbols, using weld gauges for dimensional verification of welds.

Course Title: Welding Inspector |  Duration : 03 Days

Dates (Offline mode) : 27 to 29th May 2024 

Online: 05 to 07 June 2024

Training Mode: Physical (Offline) & Online (virtual)

Location: Aspire, #491, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore 560 058. Locate Trinity NDT and Center of Excellence in Welding on Google.

Training Fee: Rs.9500/- (for Indians) and USD$175 (for other nationals) *GST Extra

Pre-qualification: Diploma or B.E/B.tech in Engineering or QA/QC engineers with one year welding related experience in any fabrication shop.

Experience: 3 months experience in weld inspection (Recommended). Register online here or contact us today for more details.

Welders and Welding Inspector - Key for India's Welding Fabrication Industries

India’s growth is going to be at record level in next decade or more and therefore welding is key to this growth. Producing consistently good quality is important in fabrication of welded structures. For this, after completion of welding, weld inspectors should have adequate skills to analyse the weld joints. Based on outcome the weld structures are further processed and disposed.

Importance of Welding Inspectors on Field

WPS Welder Qualification test Bangalore India

Welding inspectors are highly skilled engineers to carry dimensional checks and weld quality analysis. Welding has to be performed by the welders as per WPS and standard code requirements. Certified Welding Inspectors should test the welds for quality. Welding Inspector should have complete knowledge on WPS, Welding parameters, materials, welding symbols, positions, NDT, weld finishing etc.,

One of the highly demanding field for aspiring mechanical graduates is Welding inspection. There are many major fabrication & erection projects and construction activities therefore is vast requirement for certified welding engineers, welding inspectors. Candidates having basic qualifications, good experience in welding related projects and industries can opt for certified welding inspector courses.

For sure, these certification courses will provide rewarding career with faster career growth. A graduate engineer with welding and some NDT related training or experience can become a better welding inspector.


Faster Career Growth in Welding Sector

With the participants from India and foreign countries, ‘Centre of Excellence in Welding‘ by Trinity Institute of NDT Technology is an icon in the field of welding training courses at Bangalore in India. Through the reputation gained in the past decade the institute is organizing the following internationally well recognized Welding inspector Certification courses at the Centre of Excellence in Welding, Training center in Bangalore, India.

Also, before the one attempting to complete International Welding Inspector Courses, it is advisable to undergo basic welding course. This will help the aspiring welding inspectors to understand and prepare well for the international certifications. It gives great confidence and help to boost the knowledge. Therefore, as a first step, it is good to attend Trinity NDT Welding Inspector Certification Course.


Welding Inspector Course from Trinity NDT, Welding Experts

Centre of Excellence in Welding by TRINITY NDT, Bangalore India has designed a unique welding inspector course suitable for aspiring welding inspectors. This welding inspection course is unique crafted to engineers interested to pursue career in welding fabrication. The course got wider recognition across India and after certification, the welding inspectors can easily get into welding inspection jobs.
This Certification Course on Welding Inspection is available as per below schedule for June 2022. Check the contents, feedback and other details.


Our other AWS and CSWIP Welding Inspector Courses

American Welding Society (AWS) CWI Certification

AWS is the worlds leading organization for promoting welding science and technology head quartered at USA. AWS organizes welder and welding inspector courses across the globe. Certified welding inspector (AWS-CWI) and Senior certified welding inspector(AWS-SCWI) courses are organized in India. Conference and examinations are conducted by AWS and the certification is the welding industry’s most respected sign of approvals. Find details on AWS CWI Welding Inspector Course.

Institute for CSWIP Welding Inspector Examination preparatory Course in India

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, Welding Inspector Course is a comprehensive scheme in India which provides for the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge and/or competence in their field of Welding Inspection, Welder Qualification tests, WPS, PQR preparation and other welding related inspections.

The scope of Welding Inspector course includes all levels of Welding Inspectors, Welding Supervisors, Plant Inspectors, Welding Instructors, Underwater Inspectors and NDT personnel. The Welding Inspector course certifies the personnel for the duties of Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector, Senior Welding Inspector without radiographic film interpretation or Senior Welding Inspector with radiographic film interpretation. Read more about CSWIP 3.1 preparatory Course in India.