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Dye Penetrant Testing Chemical Kits - Sales and Stockists

Sales, Suppliers, Stockists for Penetrants, Cleaners, Removers and DPT testing Accessories

DPT testing Kit Suppliers. Sales and Supplies. Dealers for Ferrochem Dye pentrant, Cleaner, and Developers

Sales division of Trinity NDT supplies Dye Penetrant testing Chemical kits for clients in Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore and Mangalore. We stock all types of Penetrants, Cleaners, Removers and Developers. Visible, Fluorescent penetrants, Dry, Wet developers. Also stocking DPT aerosol cans for sale. You can also buy bulk quantity of DPT chemicals from our office in Peenya Bangalore in India.

DPT testing Materials confirms to ASTM E165 standard

We sale and supply DPT chemical kits confirming to ASTM E165 and ASTM E1417 standards. We are the authorised sales agent in Bangalore India for Ferrochem make Dye Penetrant chemicals and PT testing accessories. 

Dye Penetrant Kit Dealers

'CrackCheck' Dye Penetrant Consumables
'CrackCheck' Dye Penetrant Consumables Ferrochem make Bangalore India

Trinity NDT sales and supplies only quality dye penetrant chemicals and accessories that are approved by various leading companies. We are an authorised dealer and stockist for Ferrochem make DPT Chemicals in Bangalore, Karnataka and supplying to Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Bellary and Goa in India. These materials are approved by various Nuclear, Government and Defense organizations. The Dye penetrant chemicals will meet ASTM E 165, Pressure vessel codes, Nuclear, Aerospace and standards and codes. Companies in and around Peenya, Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Shimogga, Bellary and Belgaum can reach us for supplies and sales. You can contact the sales team at Bangalore in India.

Following PT related testing NDT equipment are supplied from us (Bangalore, Karnataka)

  • Visible and fluorescent dye penetrant chemical kits
  • Solvents and cleaners for cleaning the test objects
  • Dry or Wet and nonaqeuous developers
  • Penetrant systems suitable for aerospace NDT
  • Nickel Chromium Ni-Cr test panels
  • Aluminium test blocks
  • Lint free cloths
  • Dye Penetrant systems
  • Light meters- Lux meters, UV intensity checking meters
  • Calibration of Dye penetrant system gauges and accessories


FerroChem Make DPT testing Kit Dealer in Bangalore

FerroChem Make DPT testing Kit dealers in Bangalore. Following stock of materials readily available to collect from our labs in Peenya.

Types of Penetrants

  • Solvent Removable Visible Penetrants of Ferrochem make FC911
  • Water washable Red Penetrant FC931
  • Post Emulsifiable visible Penetrant FC911
  • Solvent Remover for Red Dye Penetrant FC711
  • Water suspendable Developers
  • Non Aqeous wet Developers


Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye Penetrant Inspection (LPI) for used extensively for detecting discontinuities open to surface such as cracks, seams, laps, cold shuts, laminations, though leaks, nonporous, non-metallic materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Liquid penetrant is also known as Dye penetrant inspection uses Dye penetrants that is applied to surfaces and allowed to seep into surface opened discontinuities.
After removal of excess penetrant the surface is then applied with developer that brings back the penetrant on to the surface due to blotting action of the developer. For better visibility and contrast with developer, penetrants are added with red color or fluorescent dyes. Penetrants are classified based on the sensitivity and method of excess penetrant removal.


Penetrant materials Classification Based on Standards

As per ASTM E165 penetrants are classified as

  • Type 1 (Fluorescent)
  • Type 2 (Visible Red)
Based on the method of Penetrant Removal Process classified as
  • Method A (Water Washable)
  • Method B (Post Emulsifiable – Lipophilic)
  • Method C (Solvent Removable)
  • Method D (Post Emulsifiable – Hydrophilic)
Based on Penetrant Sensitivity Classified as
Level 1/2 – Ultralow
Level 1 – Low
Level 2 – Medium
Level 3 – High
Level 4 – Ultrahigh

In general, Sensitivity and type of penetrant is selected based on applicable specifications, product codes and application of the components.


Penetrant testing Equipment Sales

Portable Penetrant testing kits are good for field or site NDT testing. And, for mass production and better sensitivity stationery type PT systems will do better. Trinity NDT supplies Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection System as per the demands of Aerospace companies and other automotive Industries. The DPT system is supported by facilities which make the Testing Reliable and Repeatable. Post emulsifibale and water washable test systems and lines are of much use in aerospace NDT environment.

Manufacturers of Stationery Type DPT Testing Equipment

FPI Line aerospace NDT Labs in Bangalore India
FPI Line aerospace NDT Labs in Bangalore India

A typical system consists of a series of tanks having sizes tank size 1000 x 1000 x 600 mm for the following functions

  • Timers, Hooters and Electric Circuit are incorporated for controlling operations.
  • Water – Washable Fluorescent Penetrant Application & Dwell
  • Post-Emulsifiable Fluorescent Penetrant Application & Dwell
  • Water Rinse Station for Pre-rinse
  • Water Spray for Post-Rinsing of Emulsified Parts
  • Hot-Air Re-circulating Oven for Drying of Components
  • Enclosed Dust Chamber for Dry Powder Developer Application
  • Black Light Chamber for Examination


DPT testing Accessories Sales

Penetrant testing needs other accessories to perform the test, validate the results and satisfy the demands of standards. Below accessories are of major use in PT testing. Trinity NDT – Sales division supplies the following accessories at Bangalore in India. We also supply for Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Shivamogga, Bellary and Belgaum. Contact us for price, stock availability and delivery schedules.

Ultraviolet Light(UV), Black light Intensity Meter

UV Black light Intensity Meter for NDT testing
UV Black light Intensity Meter for NDT testing

UV Light intensity meter or Radiometer is used for measuring Ultraviolet UV light or Back light intensity. UV light meters needs calibation (usually once on six months) as per testing procedure or standard. The instrument will be useful for measuring (Checking) intensity of UV/ Black Light Bulbs in Liquid Dye Penetrant testing. The UV light meter comes with a sensor for checking. Quality of instrument and sensor is vital. We supply UV light meters from our sales division in Peenya Bangalore.

Lux Meter for Measuring Visible Light Intensity

lux meter visible light meter for NDT testing
lux meter visible light meter for NDT testing

For Checking intensity of White Light lux meter is required. Lux meter measure visible light intensity at wavelengths 400nm to 700nm. All light intensity meter such as lux meter is to be calibrated once in 6 months as per ASTM E165. Lux meter comes with sensor for visible light intensity checking.

UV Goggles for UV Light Protection

UV light goggles for NDT testing - Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing
UV light goggles for NDT testing - Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing

UV or black light emits a range of ultra voilet spectrum from the light. But, the wave lenght from 320nm to 400nm is complete safe and this the UV goggles can help to filter the harmful wavelengths emitted from UV Black light used in NDT testing. Protection to eyes against UV radiations while inspecting is possible using UV goggles.

Aluminium Comparator Block for DPT testing

Aluminium comparator blocks are useful for Testing Sensitivity of the Penetrant and for comparison between different Penetrants. Thes comparator block have multiple cracks that are produces for verification of sensitivity. One the quite useful calibration block used in general penetrant testing other than aerospace NDT applications. Run the panel for each penetrant new batch and verify the quality of penetrants.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights for DPT and MPT testing

UV Black Light Assembly for NDT testing
UV Black Light Assembly for NDT testing

Inspection in Dark Room for Fluorescent Penetrant


UV Light and White light Lamp Holders

UV Light Lamp Holder
UV Light Lamp Holder for DPT testing

Suitable for Holding the Black or UV light for NDT testing especially Pentrant and Magnetic particle inspetions.


UV and Black Light Bulbs and LEDs for NDT testing

Ultraviolet UV Black Light Bulb
Ultraviolet UV Black Light Bulb

Emits UV light of various wave lengths. However, proper filtering can avoid harmful UV light.


UV black light Filter

UV Black light Filter for NDT
UV Black light Filter for NDT

Filter removes or filters wavelength that are unsafe to use in Penetrant testing DPT inspections

UV light Torch for Field DPT testing applications

UV light Torch for NDT testing
UV light Torch for NDT testing

Apart from DPT Consumables and accessories supplies, we provide NABL Accredited NDT testing services in India.  Also Aerospace NDT Inspection services for MPI and FPI testing. Welder Qualification tests and Training services for PT Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Contact us our nondestructive testing services division, Welding division or training division for you specific needs. We will be glad to assist you. Call us NOW.