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Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium in Peenya, Bangalore

Perfect place to Hire. for Organizing Training and Official Meetings.

World Class Auditorium with Audio, video and other amenities. Economical Pricing.

Auditorium on Rent. Ideal for Training programs and official meetings in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore

Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium is a perfect place to organize trainings and official meetings in Peenya, Bangalore. Accessible to reach location in 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore. An ideal hall with all amenities for organizing the events for up to 50 participants. Now, open to book on rental basis.

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World Class Facilities - Built for Amazing Experience

Aspire Auditorium is built and managed by Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Designed and crafted to give amazing experience to the participants and organizers.

Fully air conditioned hall with a seating capacity of up to 50 guests. Acoustic auditorium without a single window that makes you complete isolation from the noise pollution that is common among industrial areas. Relax and enjoy the event even if it is long duration of over 8 hours.

Individual push back chairs and electric sockets for guests near each seat to charge laptop or digital devices.

Elevated platform for the trainers to see each participant in the training for effective interaction. Seating is of theatrical style and each row is elevated about half of a feet so that easy for each one to watch the screen and talk to trainers.

The coolest feature is lighting in the auditorium. For giving comfort for your eyes, lighting is set for warm lighting style. It gives the best experience even for longer duration programs.

High resolution projector that gives true picture and presentations in vivid colours. A screen for projecting almost gives an experience of watching a movie on 70mm screen.

JBL Audio visual system and over head stereo speakers makes you listen sounds and voice with crystal clarity.

Overall, theme of the Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium in Peenya designed to give the participants, guest and trainers truly world class quality and ambience. A classic hall that is perfectly designed for maximum comfort.


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Attached with Cafeteria for Refreshment Breaks

The biggest problem during the program is an exclusive place for serving refreshments to participants or guests. Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium in Peenya is attached with a cafeteria for serving food and beverages during the short breaks. Cafeteria is equipped with modern style tables and chairs and self service counters. Food is not included in our offerings. You can get the food from outside and served.

In addition, for lunch breaks a separate hall is available with arrangements for serving food and seating with tables and chairs. Also has, male and female designated washrooms for use during the programs.

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Cost of Hiring the Aspire Auditorium

Cost of renting the Auditorium is based on,

  • Number of participants
  • Time duration of program
  • Number of days
  • Food and beverages
  • House Keeping needs

Contact us today or WhatsApp for getting a quote.

Advance Booking

Normally, Auditorium is available for advance booking subjected to availability of place for the day and time. 100% advance booking is required for confirming the dates. Cancellation is allowed up to 7 days before commencement of program. Cancellation charges 25% applicable. Cancellation of booking is NOT allowed within 7 days. GST is applicable on all payments.

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Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium

#491, Trinity NDT Aspire, 1st Floor, 

Site No 12, 14th Cross, 4th Phase, 

Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore 560058. India.