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NDT & Welding training 


As a part of our knowledge sharing initiative, organising training programs. This helps our customers in developing their QA, QC engineers to carry nondestructive testing and welding inspection on their own. This in turn will aid in better productivity, faster inspections and cost savings. Also, our programs can help aspiring mechanical engineers to learn modern skills, acquire NDT certifications. Helping them to quickly get employed. 

Our NDT Level 2 training programs have won global reputation across Africa especially in Nigeria and Ghana. Mechanical QAQC trainees from Oil Gas companies in Cameroon and Uganda have participated in our courses. See ReviewsAs an associate for TWI-India, we are announcing ISO9712 courses. Find more about ISO9712 training.

There is a training schedule suits to almost every one.  Whether a job seeker or an employed NDT trainee. Select our online or offline in person training modes. Both modes of learning is equally effective. Check NDT Level 2 training calendar.

The centre engages in house ASNT Level 3 trainers. And each trainer has over 20+ Years of related experience. Find more about ASNT Level III trainers that will be mentoring you. Then, the class room, ‘Aspire Auditorium’ is a place of marvel for effective learning. Experience international standard ambience during class room learning. And the workshops are accredited to global standards for practical training. 



SNT TC 1A is recommended practice for qualification of NDT personnel. It is also, the world’s largest known NDT training scheme. In simple words, ASNT SNT TC 1A is a recommended practice for employers to train, certify NDT inspectors. In this scheme, employer is responsible for quality of learning outcome. In SNT TC 1A, employer can delegate training delivery to a company NDT Level 3.

SNT TC 1A of ASNT is a popular training scheme, and is world’s most widely recognized employer based certification program since 1970s. 

Firstly, each employer has to prepare a written practice before certification of employees working in NDT department. Employer approves the written practice and puts to implementation. Then, based on written practice, eligibility in terms of qualifications and experience shall be checked. After that, each employee has to undergo training and examinations. Finally, based on exam results, declared as ‘pass’ or ‘failed’. Successful candidates will be awarded relevant level 1 or 2 certification in the method. Failed candidates has to undergo additional training before retaking exams again.

How can our training programs help you in meeting your training objectives?

Employers willing to certify their employees can use our NDT Level 3 services. Our expert ASNT Level 3 will prepare written practice as per need, train, examine and issue certification for Level 1, Level 2. In NDT, a combination of class room and hands on practice sessions quickly improve the practical skills.

In general, nondestructive testing certifications are short term training courses. Suitable for not only mechanical engineers, even for civil and electrical engineers on day to day quality control.  Learn more about the short term courses for mechanical engineers.

Check Your NDT Training Eligibility

Prior to admission, trainees shall check the eligibility criteria for NDT training. Both NDT Level 1, 2 and Welding courses should have relevant education and experience. Know more about eligibility criteria for NDT Level 1, 2 training.

Usually, Graduate in Mechanical or Science or Diploma in Engineering are eligible for NDT Level II courses. Also, should have relevant practical experience working on day to day nondestructive testing activities. Similarly, welding inspector courses require relevant welding inspection experience. In addition, vision acuity shall meet near and color vision tests. For this eye finess test, you may free download pdf format for Eye fitness document and consult an eye specialist.

examinations and Results

NDT Examination Training
NDT Examination Training in India Nigeria Ghana Africa

After completion of NDT training, examinations are conducted. This is to check for the knowledge gained during the training. Initially, each trainee shall undergo both class room and hands on practical training. At the end of training, he/she should take both theory and practical examinations.

As per ASNT SNT TC 1A, to be successful, the trainee shall secure a minimum of 80% marks in each NDT examination. Unsuccessful candidates should reappear for exams. This re-exam shall be taken only after a period of one month after taking additional training. Find more about examinations.

Our Global Presence in Africa & Middle East Countries

NDT Training Courses India Nigeria Cameroon Ghana Africa
NDT Training Courses India Nigeria Cameroon Ghana Africa
Each of our NDT training program is designed with perfect blend of class room training and practicals. As a part your practical training, you will be engaged on latest test equipment.  Following approved procedures trainees has to practice and understand concepts clearly.

Qualifications and experience of trainers influences quality of learning. Passionate ASNT Level 3 trainers can only deliver the best training. Our ASNT Level III trainers are India’s top experts in NDT & Welding. Also, each Trainer has over two decades of rich experience. Trainers for Welding Courses are CSWIP and IWE welding engineers.  Check trainer’s profile.

Which Courses do We offer?


If you are a working mechanical QA/QC engineer seeking best quality training courses, you are at the right place. Choose from our online and offline modes of NDT level 1, 2 training. Go to specific link to find more details.

SNT TC 1A, ISO 9712 – differences?

  • ASNT SNT TC 1A scheme specifies training as per employers written practice.
  • Whereas, ISO9712 training is from an accredited agency as per ISO17024.
  • In SNT TC 1A, training is provided by the employer or an outside agency delegated by the employer.
  • Whereas, in ISO 9712 the approved body provides training. 
  • In former case, ASNT NDT Level III or examiner delegated by the employer will give the examinations.
  • In ISO 9712 scheme, an approved training body gives examination.
  • When employee leaves the organisation his/her certification is not longer valid.
  • However, the certificate holds good in ISO9712 scheme ever after he/she leave the company.
  • Minimum marks to pass is 80% in SNT TC 1A of ASNT,
  • Where as 70% in the case of ISO9712 training courses.

Perfect Career for Mechanical QA/QC Engineers

Online NDT Courses trainer in action

There are over 12 NDT methods suitable for awarding certifications. However, practically 6 methods are relevant and commonly used in industry. Therefore, we offer training on following NDT methods. Choose any one or more from below. Go to each link to learn more about specific course.

In addition,  also conduct training on Basics of NDT, Metallurgy for Non-metallurgists, and UT of T-K-Y joints based on the requests. Want to know outline of each course? Here are the details. Download outline of each training course

What is the fee for training? how will you justify?

First, when Looking at training Fee, check the Quality of NDT Training. Because, quality comes with little extra cost. Remember, nothing can stay longer, except the quality of learning. Price can’t be considered high or low without analyzing quality. You will get what you pay for.

To be precise, fee for our NDT training course is optimized to give you best in quality training and pocket friendly. Price for each NDT course is available upon request as per method or package of 4 or more methods. Also, offering discounted lowest fee for selecting 4 or 5 or 6 methods. Ask us today on Whats app now, about courses fee.

Best NDT Training Center in India, Middle East & Africa


Not just the training, the quality of learning separates ‘chaff from the wheat’. We make the best future for NDT Level II engineers. Therefore, choose the best institute that offers good quality class room and practical training.

We carefully listen to the NDT trainees feedback. That is to say, we continuously improve our training based on the feedback. There cannot be a better place to learn nondestructive testing than with Trinity NDT. See Our Youtube Channel for reviews.

Also, never an NDT institute without a supported labs/workshop will have right equipment for practical learning. We mean, rarely good infrastructure containing Labs will provide training. Therefore, you will have an opportunity do practicals on latest NDT equipment and following approved NDT procedures. In conclusion, class room training and hands on practical sessions go hand in hand to make you a skilled Level 2 inspector. 

Trainees from the following countries have experienced our expertise: USA, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Philippines. Gulf countries participation from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Yemen, Qatar. Adding to that, NDT trainees from Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

About Training center in Bangalore, India


Our training centre is located at Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, India. Bengaluru also known as Bangalore is the Information technology IT capital of India. The city is the fastest growing metros in the world and start up capital. Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium will host the class room training. The auditorium has audio, visual systems and aesthetically designed to give feel of superb training.

The complete facility is spread across more than 20,000 sq ft area. With right trainer, workshops and well designed courses, for sure learning NDT is quite impressive.

Welding Inspector Training Courses


Welding Inspector certifications are of great importance for engineers looking for a career in welding. Each Welding inspector should be familiar with welding processes, WPS, PQR, qualifying welders and maintaining validation records. Certainly the course will deliver in-depth knowledge. Are you looking for a good welding inspector training? No doubt, we are the most preferred institute for welding inspectors in India.

The Welding Inspection course is designed to give good knowledge about roles, WPS, PQR, Weld Visual Inspection and every thing that is needed to become a perfect inspector in a fabrication workshop. Therefore, the Welding Inspection Course is suitable for shop floor engineers, welding Coordinators and welding inspectors. 

We offer CSWIP visual welding inspector 3.0, Welding Inspector 3.1 and Senior welding inspector certification 3.2. For more information on CSWIP Welding Inspector Courses

Welders Training in Bangalore


Our Welding Center organizes welders training courses. We offer welders training courses on SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW processes. Learn more about welder training.

training with Job Placements


NDT Level technicians can get into jobs directly. Each course, has learning on NDT codes, standards, specifications and NDT procedures. Also, we are helping the trainees to get placed. We recruit for our NDT Inspection services in Bangalore. 

All our NDT job placement services are free. Therefore, we suggest to just follow us on Facebook, so that you won’t miss a job vacancy. T&C apply. Salary for NDT Level 2 engineer depends on HR policy of the company recruiting. Keep frequently visiting our careers page  for Fresher Job vacancies. You may also visit Ravi Trinity NDT Blog.

Reputed mechanical engineering companies from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune keep recruiting our NDT Level II technicians. The recruitment drive is to fill the job vacancies in QA/QC and NDT inspection. For ASNT Level 2, 3 certifications visit ASNT Website.