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Radiography Testing (RT) Course for Level 2 Certification

A course to pursue career in Radiographic Testing (RT). Radiography or Film Interpretation RTFI Level 2 training course will make you learn principles, RT techniques, Interpretation of x ray films. Note the course is for Industrial Radiographers and film interpreters.

RT testing uses both Radioactive isotopes and X ray equipment. The Radiographic testing has Film Radiography which used X ray films to record images. Whereas, Digital Radiography uses recording of image in digital form.

This Radiography testing training Level 2 course cover intensively on Film Radiography and x ray film interpretation. RT Level 2 training course meets requirements for ASNT recommended practice SNT TC 1A.

Radiographic testing course level 2 will help to gain thorough understanding of Radiography of Welds and Castings. Class room, practical Training and certification is organized at our centre in Peenya, Bangalore in India.
Note: In India, one who wants to operate the Radiography camera are called Industrial Radiographers. To work as Radiographer in India, he/she needs to undergo radiation safety course from AERB, Mumbai. Also, Radiological Safety Officer Courses are offered from AERB, Government of India, Mumbai.

RT Level 2 Courses Online and Offline training

Offline NDT training courses at Trinity NDT Bangalore in India
Offline NDT training courses at Trinity NDT Bangalore in India

Choose Online RTFI Courses if you are a practicing engineer in Radiography testing training (RT testing). Check with our Training Department and find the next online training schedule. Online RT testing Level 2 courses are interactive and live courses. Also, offline physical mode Radiography film interpretation RTFI training organized at Institute RT Labs in Bangalore, India.
Each of our online and offline NDT courses have won international reputation from over 42 countries. Trainees including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Find more about our NDT Level 2 training course schedules.

Radiographic testing – RT Training Course objective


Course on Radiographic testing RT Level 2 is to provide a complete knowledge of RT testing. This enables a participant to perform tests according to an approved RT testing procedure under the supervision of a NDT level 3 personnel. This course is especially designed to provide a sound principles, knowledge and practical skill for RT required.

Radiography Film Interpretation Course – RTFI Level 2

Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI Course India
Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI Course India at Bangalore

A different training course for Engineers engaged in Radiography Film interpretation. They should undergo RTFI Level 2 course. Find more details of Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI Level 2 training certification course here.

RT Level 2 Responsibilities

To carryout operation as per written procedure/instruction from Level II personnel. He shall be able to set up the carryout the tests as per established and approved RT procedures, classify, report the results and to follow safety norms. He shall not be responsible for the choice of the test technique nor for assessment of the test results.

RT Level I Course outline at Trinity NDT, Bangalore India

  • Nuclear Physics-Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  • Shielding, Radiation Detectors, Biological Effects
  • Radiation Protection, Basic Rules & Techniques
  • Sources of Radiation and their characteristics
  • Film Radiography
  • Film Processing
  • Inspection Techniques and Procedures
  • Sensitivity & Definition, I.Q.Is, Other Accessories
  • Types of Discontinuities

RT Level I Practical training

Radiography of RT Castings and welds using X-ray and Gamma ray

Radiographic Testing (RT) Level-II


This RT Level 2 course is intended to provide through grounding in the principle of Radiographic Testing-RT and fundamentals of material and process such that the trainee would be able to

  • Identify suitability of RT for the material and inspection technique
  • Develop techniques and procedures
  • Analyse the Radiography test result and document RT test Results
  • Be familiar with codes, standards and specifications used in Radiographic test
  • Be conversant with all statutory and safety norms of the authorities under jurisdiction.

RT Level 2 Responsibilities

A certified RT Level 2 personnel is qualified to

  • Select proper test technique, equipment, films, IQI and other test parameters
  • Set up the equipment
  • Perform testing, Manually process film for high contrast and resolution and interpret the results as per applicable standards
  • Have knowledge of the scope and limitations of RT
  • Be familiar with production processes of the test material and knowledge of type and location of expected defects
  • Describe the operational steps in the radiography test method and understand the importance of each step
  • To develop RT technique for testing a particular job
  • Prepare test report for i. Accept ii. Reject iii. Rework
  • Prepare written instruction for Level I
  • Guide and check test results of Level I operators
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of the NDT/RT equipment

Radiography testing Level 2 Course outline

  • Review of Level-I course
  • Non-conventional Radiography
  • Techniques in radiography
  • Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Acceptance Standards
  • Manufacturing processes and discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Radiographs

RT Level II Practical training

Same as level-I + Interpretation, evaluation of Radiographs, recording of test results and preparation of test reports.

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