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Trinity NDT Level II & Welding Training Certification Courses

Trinity NDT Level II & Welding Training Certification Courses

Offline NDT Level 2 Training from 20th Oct 2021 & Online Virtual NDT Training from 04th Oct 2021. Admissions Open. Call & Register NOW.

NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Labs

NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Labs

World Class Aerospace NDT Labs for MPI & FPI

Expert Professional Services on Welder Qualification & Training

Expert Professional Services on Welder Qualification & Training

Establishing WPS PQR & IWE/IWT Services. Skilling the Welders through Trinity NDT – Centre of Excellence in Welding

NDT Services

Trinity NDT World Class Aerospace NDT Labs are NABL ISO17025:2017 Accredited. Experience Our Professional NDT Services.

Centre of Exellence in Welding

State of Art Welding Infrastructure. Be it Certifying the Welders to International Standards or Delivering Quality Welds.

Training & Certification

The most professional Training on NDT & Welding You Ever Experienced. Skilling to Make you future Ready.

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Trinity NDT is a NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Lab in India

Our Aerospace NDT Labs at Bangalore, India are NADCAP Accredited for MPI & FPI testing.Also approved by HAL, BEML, BEL and other Defense OEMs.

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NDT Level II Offline Courses from 20th Oct 2021 & Online from 04th Oct 2021

NDT Courses : Offline from 20th Oct 2021 & Online Training from 04th Oct 2021 - Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle testing, Penetrant Testing, Radiography Interpretation, Visual Testing & Eddy Current Testing. Call or
Whats’ app +91 98441 29439

Trinity NDT – Centre of Excellence in Welding - IBR Approved

Unique Centre dedicated for Welding Fabrication, Training, Qualifying & Certifying Welders is approved by Indian Boiler Regulation IBR, Govt. of Karnataka, India. For Welding queries Call or Whats app Now +91 9141339969.

Welcome to the World of TRINITY NDT.

Trinity NDT is the fastest growing NDT and Welding services company in India. Also, the best institute for NDT, Welding training and certification courses.  

We are a NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Inspection Company in India at Bangalore. Also, the Nondestructive testing Labs are NABL ISO/IEC17025:2017 Accredited.  In addition, ISO9001:2015 Certified for Nondestructive testing, Welding services and the best NDT training services company in India.

Established in 2001 at Bangalore, India, we celebrate two decades of our NDT inspection services. That is to say, we are now more experienced in serving India. Also, we serve, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Our key NDT & Welding services

Aerospace NDT Testing in India

In view of maintaining safety and integrity, it is vital to carryout NDT testing of aerospace components and structures. Also, aerospace testing labs should have approvals from OEM to carry NDT testing. Further, skilled and certified Level II will do NDT inspection on aircraft structures. NDT Level 2 certification shall meet the latest edition of NAS410 standard.

Bangalore is an Aerospace and R&D hub for number of Aerospace OEMs. Therefore, our Aerospace NDT Labs at Bangalore in India are specialized on nondestructive testing of Aircraft components.

Facilities at Trinity NDT Aerospace Labs-

Also, Contact us today, for NDT testing during in-service MRO of aircrafts and helicopters.

Read more about our Aerospace NDT Labs

Aerospace NDT Approvals | For Trinity NDT

Our Aerospace NDT Labs in India are NADCAP accredited for MPI and FPI testing. Also, we are in the process of adding more NDT inspection services to our Aerospace capability. In addition, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd – HAL, Dassault Aviation-France and other OEMs have approved our NDT company in Bangalore for Aerospace components and structures testing. Know more about our NADCAP Accredited NDT testing Services.

Also, ‘Center for Military Airworthiness (CEMILAC)’ has approved our aerospace NDT labs. It is a defense organization under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. In other words, we can do NDT of aerospace components and Airborne Systems for defense applications.

WPS | Welder Qualification | Welding Consultants

It is well known fact that Welding is a special process. Therefore, auditing the welding process and welders certification is important to check if the process is in control. Then, how can Trinity NDT help you to solve your welding problems?

First, finding a welding consulting services partner for you is never easy. Thus, we are the one stop solution for WPS and welder qualification. In addition, we validate and certify welders and welding operators. Also, providing high quality fabrication and Welder’s training Services. 

International Welding Codes describes requirements for qualifying the welders. Also, we can provide consulting on preparation of WPS and PQR. This will help to validate and qualify your welders. For example, we can establish WPS as per ASME Section IX, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2 and BS/EN/ISO standards.

Second, auditing the welding companies is vital to maintain process controls. To meet welding codes, we provide process audit for fabrication companies and workshops. For instance, ISO3834 describes quality requirements for fusion welding. Also, consult us for auditing welding workshop as per ISO3834 and EN 15085. Read more about our welding consulting services.

NABL ISO17025:2017 Accredited Labs

Quality, Consistency and Integrity are the hall mark of our NDT services.

NABL, Delhi has accredited our Nondestructive Testing-NDT Labs to ISO17025:2017. You can download the scope of NABL accreditation.

Our NDT inspection Services includes,

X-ray Radiography testing lab in Bangalore

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB), Government of India is the regulatory body for Radiography in India. AERB has licensed and approved our X-ray testing labs. In addition, we have RT enclosure facility for Radiography Inspection of Welds and Castings. That is to say, based on need, we will be at your service 24X7. Additionally, 5T EOT crane is available for handling large castings and welds at the Radiography labs. So, send us your welded structures upto 5 tonnes to our X-ray inspection labs. Our in-house ASNT NDT Level III approves RT testing procedures. RT Level II technicians will do interpretation as per acceptance criteria. For example, ASTM E 446 is the standard for acceptance for radiography of castings.

In general, Gamma rays (Ir-192) are suitable for steel castings and welds. Also, X-ray radiography is suitable for thinner materials when application demands for better sensitivity. Let us know, if you have X-ray radiography inspection of welds or castings. Contact our Radiography X-ray Inspection labs in Bangalore.

Ultrasonic Inspections | Bangalore

Outsourcing NDT services needs trusted partners. We are a reliable and trusted lab for over 2000+ clients. Also, we do Ultrasonic testing of castings, forgings and Welding joints in and around Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore and Mangalore. Also executed projects in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. Weld Ultrasonic inspection is performed using straight and angle beam examinations and DAC, DGS techniques. Also, we have special labs for Ultrasonic testing of composites. Dry scan UT testing without using couplant is common method for aircraft composites. Visit our composite NDT Labs in Bangalore, India.

Today, we are among the globally recognized companies on NDT and Welding. So, we welcome you to join our pool of satisfied clients… Read more about our Ultrasonic Inspection Labs.

Magnetic Particle Testing | NDT Crack detection

Magnetic particle testing is an NDT method for testing ferrous metals. It detects both surface and subsurface cracks. The procedure is, to perform magnetic particle inspection, first clean and magnetize the surface. After that, magnaflux powder is sprayed. Finally interpreted under suitable light. The basic principle is simple. That is ‘finding the leakage flux’.

Then, for what materials magnetic particle testing is suitable? It is suitable for testing all steels, Iron, Nickel and Cobalt alloys. For example, MPI crack testing is an NDT method used to detect cracks on automobile components. We have portable and stationery MPI machines that meets ASTM E709 and ASTM E 1444 standards. Also, we engage NDT Level II MPI technicians. You can find more about our Magnetic particle testing labs in Bangalore.

Penetrant testing | FPI Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection is a surface NDT method. It is suitable for any non-porous material. The basic principle again simple. That is ‘Capillary action’. Liquid Penetrant testing procedure is easy to perform. First, clean the surface. Second, apply the penetrant. Third, clean the excess penetrant from the surface. After that, apply developer to bring back the liquid from cracks. A dye penetrant chemicals kit will contain all the materials needed for DPT testing.

Where is this DPT used? and what are the applications? PT testing is generally used on aerospace, automotive components. Applications are many including testing of welds, forgings and castings. Our FPI testing labs meets ASTM E 165 standard. We use NAS 410 certified for FPI testing. Know more about our Penetrant testing.

Eddy Current Heat Exchange Tube Inspection

Eddy current testing is common method for finding cracks and sorting materials. Also, eddy currents are used for thickness and hardness testing. In addition, inspection of heat exchanger tubes for corrosion damages is important for safety. Certainly, our eddy current testing labs have complete range of equipment, probes and accessories. Eddy current ET level II will perform the tests and interpret the indications. Do you have need eddy current testing services in Bangalore? Contact our Eddy Current inspection Labs today.

Welders Certification as per IBR

To maintain safety of Boilers, Government of India established Central Boiler Board. It is a statutory body in India. Indian Boiler Regulation IBR is the code for construction of boilers. Also, the code gives procedures to prepare WPS. Therefore, IBR codes specifies qualification and certification of welders engaged on boiler welding.

Department of Industries and Boilers, Government of Karnataka has approved our NDT Testing Labs as per IBR. We can certify your welders as per IBR. Also, IBR approved that we can do testing of boiler welds and castings. Contact us today, for your IBR welder qualification and certifications. Know more about IBR welder qualification services.

IWE / IWT consulting

IIW awards International Welding Engineer IWE and International Welding Technologist IWT. Therefore, IWE and IWT are eligible to work as welding coordinators.

Quality management systems such as ISO3834 mandates welding coordinator. Therefore, welding coordinator is responsible for controlling the weld quality. In other words, he should prepare and approve the WPS as per the welding code. Then, certify welders and welding operators as per WPS.

How can a welding or fabrication company get certification as per ISO3834 and EN 15085 standards? Our IWE or IWT can support you as welding coordinator in the ISO3834 or EN15085 certifications. Contact us today for IWE/IWT consulting. Read more about IWE/IWT consulting

NDT Training | NDT Courses | NDT Certifications

Nondestructive testing certifications can add great value for job seekers. But, choosing the right institute is a tough task. Very few institutes offer quality NDT training in India. Certainly, we offer you the best Training & Certification Courses on NDT Level I, II, III & Welding Inspection.

Our participants are from over 42 countries. Therefore, we are the top NDT & Welding institute in India. Register for our NDT training courses online. Join our mission in ‘Making the World Better and Safer for Quality Life’.

Welders’ training institute

Producing good quality welding needs, right equipment and skilled welders. Also, welder skills will be improved with proper practice under professional trainers.

Certainly, our workshops are ready to train your welders. Further, we have welders training on SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW processes. Also, organising plate and pipe welding training. Training courses are designed to meet your job profile. At the end, we test skills of welders. Finally, awarding certificates for successful welders.

In addition, welding inspectors will be testing the welds for quality. Thus, welding inspectors needs skills for checking the quality of welds. Welding Inspectors are certified to international standards. For example, AWS CWI and CSWIP 3.1 welding inspectors certifications. Both of these are widely accepted.

In other words, welding inspectors will be preparing WPS and PQR documents. Qualification and Certification of Welders and Welding operators is the responsibility of certified welding inspectors. Trinity NDT is organising AWS and CSWIP welding inspector courses. Enroll for our welding courses today.

NDT Inspection company at Bangalore

If you are looking for the best NDT Inspection services company in Bangalore, well, you are at the right place. Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka State in India. The city is the hub for manufacturing and R&D companies. Also, home for many defense organizations.

Our Corporate office and Labs are located at Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore in India. Apart from India, we also serve middle east, Europe, Africa and other countries. 

Our NDT testing Labs and training institute can be reached from Mysore at just 140km | Mangalore Karnataka – 350km | Belgaum 500km | Bellary – 300km | Hosur – 30km | Chennai – 350km | Cochin Kerala – 550km | Thiruvananthapuram – 685km | Coimbatore Tamilnadu – 365km. Also connected to other cities – Hyderabad Telangana- 570km | Vizag Andhra Pradesh – 1000km | Mumbai – 980km | Pune Maharashtra – 840km | Delhi NCR – 2200km and Kolkata West Bengal -1900km. Reach Trinity NDT in Bangalore, India

Best NDT Level I, II Courses Institute | India

Only NDT Level I or Level II certified NDT technicians are engaged on testing. Therefore, significance of best NDT training institute is realised. Want to get yourself NDT certified? We are the top training institute in India. And, here is the solution for your quality training.

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology is a training division of TRINITY NDT. The institute organizes world class NDT raining and certification courses. At the end, NDT examinations are held. Finally, certified to Level I or Level II or III. Our training courses are framed to the requirements of SNT TC 1A of ASNT.

The institute provides NDT Level I / II / III training on Ultrasonic testing UTRadiography testing RT, Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI course, Eddy Current testing ET, Magnetic particle inspection-MPI testingFluorescent Liquid Penetrant testing-FPI testing and Visual Inspection VT methods. Register for our NDT training online.

What is NDT | Learn Basics

NDT is testing of components without causing any damage to them. The testing should not impair the future usefulness. Also, NDT can identify discontinuities and material properties as well. Therefore, NDT Inspections are carried out at various stages to assess the quality of components. For example, Magnetic particle testing, Eddy current Inspection and Penetrant FPI testing

NDT is used in almost all mechanical engineering applications. Also, NDT is used in Aircraft, Nuclear and pressure vessel manufacturing. It is also used in Boilers, Power plants, refineries, pipe lines and in-service inspection of plants. Want to learn NDT? Visit Trinity NDT Blog

NDT training Courses | Delhi, Hyderabad, Patna-India

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, the Training and Human Resources Development (HRD) Unit of ‘Trinity NDT’, is organizing world class NDT and Welding inspector training courses. Also, NDT training and certification courses as per ASNT SNT TC 1A in India, African Countries, middle east and other countries.

The institute is recognized for the best quality training. Experienced ASNT NDT Level III trainers and IWE/IWT/CSWIP welding inspection experts delivers the training. Every NDT training and certification course is precisely designed by ASNT NDT Level III and perfectly crafted to the needs.

Our NDT training courses have benefited Indian Defense organizations and Indian Railways as well. Also, certified QA/QC engineers from Steel Plants, Cement Plants and Petroleum refineries. It increases productivity and quality at par with international standards. Since 2001, organized training in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Patna, Mumbai and Cochin and other cities in India

Want to get certified in NDT? Are you looking for the top best training institute? Join us and explore our expertise on NDT Level I, II as per WP framed to the requirements of ASNT SNT TC 1A

NDT Eligibility | Fee Structure | Training Calendar

What is the eligibility criteria for NDT certification courses? How much is the training fee? What are the training calender and schedules? Find more here.

As per ASNT SNT TC 1A, trainees should meet the eligibility criteria. Also, should meet educational qualifications, experience and eye fitness requirements. Fee structure depends on NDT method or combination of methods. We offer discount on package fee for 4 or 5 or 6 courses. Know more about eligibility criteria and fee for NDT courses.

Our NDT Level I, II training, certification courses are framed to the requirements of ASNT, SNT TC 1A. In addition, schedules for NDT Level I, Level II, Welding Inspector training and certification courses throughout the calendar year. We organise both online NDT and offline NDT training. Choose the one that is convenient to you.

Be sure to visit our NDT training course calendar page

Contact us or call us on +91 98441 29439 to organize NDT or Welding certification courses at your works. Read More on Upcoming training Schedules

Class Room NDT Training

Ambiance is vital for concentrated learning. Considering this, class rooms are arranged at Trinity NDT Aspire Auditorium. The class rooms are well designed. Audio and video presentations makes the training effective.

In other words, it’s one the best NDT training institute in India. Do you want to visit the class room facility ? Talk to us today so that we can arrange for your guided tour. Know more about Training & Certification Courses.

Practical NDT Training

Candidates should have good practice to do onsite NDT. Therefore, hands on practical exposure is important. In view of this, the institute gives you ample practicals during training. Our ASNT NDT Level III trainers have designed the courses to be practically intensive. Therefore, we train to make them competent NDT Level II technicians. Above all, each trainer is ASNT NDT Level III certified on ET, MT, PT, RT, UT & VT. Read about NDT trainer profile.

15000+ NDT Certifications | 42 Countries

We have trained over 15000+ NDT Level I and Level 2 technicians from over 42+ countries. Overall, from India | USA | UK | Malaysia | Singapore and Philippines. Also, from Nepal | Bhutan | Bangladesh | Sri Lanka | Pakistan | Iran | Iraq | Dubai | Oman, Qatar | Saudi Arabia | UAE have benefited from our NDT training.

Our NDT Inspection services are reviewed from South Africa | Nigeria | Kenya | Angola | Cameroon | Ethiopia and Uganda. Join our NDT Level I and NDT Level II training courses.

Register online for our NDT & Welding Inspector certifications.