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NDT Services | Centre of Excellence in Welding | Training

World Class NDT Testing Services Lab - NABL & NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT, Welder Qualifications & Training Services

NDT Services | Centre of Excellence in Welding | Training

NDT Services | Centre of Excellence in Welding | Training

NABL & NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT, Welder Qualifications, Training

Aerospace NDT Test Labs, Bangalore

Trinity NDT is India's leading NDT testing services company. Our Nondestructive Testing labs at Bangalore in India are NABL accredited. Over 500+ Customers. NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Labs. Experience Our award winning services.

Welder Qualification test WPS
Centre of Exellence in Welding, India

Comprehensive Welding services center in Bangalore serving pan India. Be it WPS Consulting or certification of Your Welders to global Standards, rely on our expert services. Experience our reliable & fastest welder qualification services in Bangalore.

NDT Training Course Institute
NDT Training & Certification Courses

Training for NDT Level 1, 2 & Welding. Awarded 15000 plus Certifications to candidates from 42 Countries. World Class Online, Offline courses institute in India. The BEST practical training facility. Skilling to Make YOU future Ready. Enrol NOW.

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Trinity NDT Testing NABL Lab

Trinity NDT is a NADCAP Accredited Aerospace NDT Lab in India

Our Aerospace NDT Testing Labs at Bangalore, India are NADCAP Accredited for MPI & FPI testing. Also NABL Accredited lab approved for reliable Nondestructive testing company serving entire India.

NDT Level 2 training institute

Trinity Institute of NDT, NDT Level II training Courses in June 2022

NDT Courses: Online from 29 May 2022 & Offline Training from 15 June 2022 - Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Radiography, Visual, Eddy Current Testing & Welding Inspection.

WPS Welder Qualification test Bangalore India

Trinity NDT Centre of Excellence in Welding - IBR Approved

Unique Welding centre for Welder Qualification as per ASME, ISO, AWS codes, IBR. Training & Certification of Welders. Approved by IBR, Govt. of Karnataka, India. Experts in WPS, IWE consulting. Call Now.

NDT Testing Labs, Training Institute, and Welding Centre in India 

Trinity NDT is a leading authentic NDT testing services company. We are registered with Government of India as MSME. Nondestructive Examination NDE Inspection labsWelding skill Centre and NDT courses Training Institute are based at Bangalore, Karnataka in India. 

The company is providing total solutions on Nondestructive testing, WPS Welder Qualifications and training services for clients across India, Middle East and Africa. Trinity NDT is a reliable, superior quality NDT testing services lab since 2001 to over 500 satisfied customers. We are an approved services partner for Dassault Aviation, HAL, General Electric GE, Siemens. Read more about our clients.

The acclaimed Training institute in India certified over 12000 quality engineers on NDT Level2 and Welding inspection skills from more than 42 countries. We regularly plan online and in person NDT Level1, 2 courses (ASNT SNT TC 1A, ISO9712) and Welding Inspection training. Check for details on our Level2 NDT Welding certification courses and training schedules. 

We are an Aerospace NDT specialised lab in India with NADCAP accreditation in MPI and FPI testingKnow more about our Aerospace NDT Centre. Also, We are serving clients in Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and other cities on NDE and Welding. Find more details about our exclusive NDT testing services. We also provide NAS410 Level 3 and ASNT Level 3 Consulting. Read details.

For high quality reliable services the NDT testing Labs at Bangalore are NABL accredited to ISO17025:2017 Standard. Also, imparts first class NDT skill training courses through Trinity Institute of NDT in India. Precisely, Trinity NDT is India’s best and complete NDT testing company, Welding Centre for WPS Welder Qualification testing services and training institute since two decades.

Ranked in Ten Top Performing MSMEs in India by ET Rise Awards 2021

India_s Top Performing MSMEs_Rank10_Trinity NDT Engineers
India_s Top Performing MSMEs_Rank10_Trinity NDT Engineers

We are ranked in ‘Ten Top Performing MSMEs in India’ at much followed ET Rise MSME Awards 2021. Awards are organized by Economic Times, India’s No.1 Business Daily.

This prestigious award reaffirms our commitment in serving our clients with high standards and a true recognition for our best in class Nondestructive testing and welding services. We dedicate this award to every Trinity NDTian and to our esteemed customers” says Ravi Kumar T, CEO – Trinity NDT at Bengaluru, India.

NADCAP Accredited NDT Testing Labs in India

Bangalore in Karnataka in India is a hub for manufacturing Aerospace components and structures. To maintain safety and integrity, it is vital
to perform NDT testing of aircraft, helicopter structures and engine components. Trinity NDT Aerospace NDT Labs at Bangalore in India are NADCAP accredited in

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI testing (Aerospace)
  • Fluorescent Penetrant FPI testing (Aerospace)

Know more about NADCAP Aerospace NDT Testing Services. Aerospace NDT centre at Bengaluru has in house NAS410 Level 2 & Level 3. The NAS410 certified inspectors have good experience on in-service MRO of aircraft structures, gear boxes, turbine blades and engines components. Also Aerospace testing division has composites Ultrasonic testing UT, radiography xray testing, Eddy current testing.

In addition, the Aerospace NDT labs are approved by HAL, Dassault Aviation France and CEMILAC, Ministry of Defense, Govt of India. Find more about Aerospace NDT testing Services in India. The NADCAP Accredited aerospace NDT labs provide inspection services to the clients in India and whole of Indian Subcontinent.

NABL Accredited NDT Testing Services Lab at Bangalore

Established in 2001, Trinity NDT labs are at Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore. We celebrate 20 Years of high quality NDT testing, welding and training services. The Nondestructive testing labs are one of the largest center of its kind in India.  Our NDT inspection services are accredited to NABL, Delhi as per ISO 17025:2017. Scope of NABL accreditation includes

Download the scope of NABL accreditation issued from NABL, Delhi. We serve over 500 customers.  Also, the leading NDT and Welding services companies in India with ISO9001 QMS certification. On call basis, we also are serving customers in Hosur, Mysore and Mangalore. We also executed projects at Goa, Delhi, Hyderabad, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Pune,  Cochin and Chennai.

Apart from India, we also serve Gulf countries, UAE, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Oil and Gas companies clients from African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Angola. Know about our clients and approvals.

Our Comprehensive NDT Inspection & Welding services at a glance. Click on links to find more information.

With a  mission of ‘Making the world better and safer for Quality Life, we stand forefront and has great reputation for the quality of services. Read about Trinity NDT company – Mission Vision and Objectives

Best Institute for Online Level2 certification Courses on NDT and Welding

Online NDT certification courses are designed focusing on working quality engineers to upgrade to NDT Level 2 skills. Trinity Institute of NDT Technology (A training centre of Trinity NDT, Bangalore) is a well known institute for Online virtual certification courses for NDT Level 1 and Level 2. Online NDT training is offering as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO9712 certification schemes.

Also, scheduling Welding Inspector courses for welding engineers and Welders skill training in India. Our Online courses helps NDT trainees to complete class room training on virtual mode. Every online course maintains delivery of best in quality contents from ASNT Level3 trainers. Enrol now online or reach the center in India at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Online and Offline Level2 NDT Certifications

Both Online and offline training courses are organized from the training centre in Bangalore. Contact us to organize a special courses at your location in Delhi, Patna, Hyderabad, Cochin, Pune, Mangalore, Kolkata and Vizag in India. The NDT and welding courses from the institute are trusted by trainees from over 42 countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, UAE, Gulf countries and Africa nationals.

‘Trinity Institute of NDT Technology’ is a training agent for TWI India for ISO9712 related NDT certification courses. As a training agent for TWI, we organize CSWIP welding courses in Bangalore, India. Prior to admission, check here for course fee, training eligibility for NDT Level 2 courses. Check and choose a schedule that suits to you from our Level 2 course calendar. Know more about NDT Level 2 Courses and Welding Inspector Training.

WPS, Welder Qualification Tests for welder Certification

Centre of Excellence in Welding’ serves on preparing WPS, welders qualification tests and certification consulting services. Set up of WPS to qualifying welding process and documenting on WPS, PQR and WPQ. If you need Welder certification and WPS services in Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore, Hyderabad or Mangalore, you can contact our welding centre today. Find more about our WPS welder qualification services

Calibration services for Welding Machines at Bengaluru

We provide welding machines calibration services in Bangalore, Hosur and Mysore. Also, onsite welding machine calibration services in Bengaluru(Karnataka) for all kinds of welding machines. To know details about Our Welding Machine Calibration Services.

Welding Skill Training Center in India

To bridge the skill gap, the welding institute is organizing skill training for welders at training centre in Bangalore India. Arc welding, TIG Welding, Co2 GMAW process and FCAW welding training facility. The center is leader in developing modules for learning welding skills. Know more information on welders training.

Welder Qualification Test & Welders Training Services

We are the one stop company for WPS, welder qualification testing and welder, brazer certifications. In addition, we validate and certify welders, brazer sand welding operators. we can provide consulting on preparation of WPS and PQR. Know more about Welder Qualification test & Machine Calibration Services

ASNT Level 3 and NAS410 Level3 Consulting

The NDT company in India is leading by a team of ASNT Level 3, NAS410 Level 3 and experienced welding engineers. ASNT and NAS410 Level3 usually approves testing procedures, helps in sourcing right equipment, establish techniques and train the technicians level1, 2. Know more about expert team behind our quality services.

NDT Level 3 Consultants provide employer’s written practice preparation, review of non-destructive testing procedures. Certification of NDT Level 1, 2 as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and NAS410 for Level 2 is the responsibility of employers. Find more about ASNT Level 3 and NAS410 Level 3 Consulting services 

Radiography X ray NDT Inspection Agency in Peenya

We also have Radiography X ray testing labs RT testing enclosure at Peenya in Bangalore. We do radiography inspection of welds and castings. An lab licensed from AERB Mumbai for Gamma ray (Ir-192) radiography inspection of steel castings and welds. The radiography enclosure is serving Bangalore, also in Hosur(Tamilnadu), Mysore, Mangalore, Shimoga (Karnataka), Hindupur (Andhra Pradesh). Contact Radiography X ray Inspection labs in Peenya Bangalore. 

Ultrasonic Test UT Services in Bangalore, Hosur and Mysore

We are an approved UT testing services provider for inspection of castings, forgings and Weld Structures. These UT Inspection services are being offered in and around Bangalore, Hosur, Belgaum, Mysore and Mangalore. Also executed projects in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Our Ultrasonic labs are equipped for dry scan UT testing of composites. Know more about our Ultrasonic Inspection Labs.

Magnetic Particle MPI crack testing Services

The MPI testing (widely know as magnaflux crack testing) is an excellent NDT method to find cracks for testing ferrous metals.  Our MPT machines meet every international standard. Portable MPI equipment can serve onsite tests. Magnetic particle testing lab has portable and stationery MPI machines. Find more about our Magnetic particle MPI testing.

Demagnetisation of Bars and Shafts

It is a unique center for demagnetisation services using state of the art demagnetising equipment. Long shafts, tube, pipes may have objectionable residual magnetic field. This causes operational problems such as issues in machining and welding. We support you in giving you demagnetizing services in Peenya Bengaluru. Know more about Demagnetisation services

Dye Penetrant Testing DPT Inspection

Our Liquid Penetrant Inspection LPI testing labs in Peenya are serving Hosur, Mysore, Belgaum, Hindupur. Penetrant testing centre is well equipped with Method A, Method B, C and method D water washable S3, S4 sensitivity penetrants. We can provide onsite DPT testing of weld joints for crack detection. Read more about our Dye Penetrant DPT Inspection Services.

DPT Penetrant chemical Kit Sales, Dealers in Karnataka

Stock of Penetrants, Cleaners and Developers are maintained at Peenya, Bangalore. Trinity NDT is the stockist and dealer for ‘Ferrochem’ make MPI and DPT chemicals in Karnataka. Companies from Hosur, Mangalore, Mysore, Shimoga, Bellary and Belgaum (Karnataka) can contact sales division for Dye penetrant testing kits. Get the offer and sales price for DPT Chemicals in Bangalore.

Eddy Current inspection Crack testing, mix up sorting services

Eddy current ET testing labs at Trinity NDT Labs in Peenya Bangalore have the best eddy current equipment for heat exchanger tube & aircraft structures inspection. In general, materials mix up issues are common in CNC machine shops, heat treatment and automotive companies. Find more about Eddy Current Sorting and Crack testing services

IBR Approved Welder Qualification & NDT testing Center

Department of Industries and Boilers, Government of Karnataka has approved our NDT Testing Labs and Centre of Excellence in welding in Bangalore as per IBR code. We can certify your welders as per Indian Boiler Regulations IBR latest code. Also, Indian Boiler department IBR approved RT testing and UT testing services on boiler weld joints and castings. Contact us today, for your IBR welder qualification and certifications at Bengaluru in India.

Online NDT Level 2 Training Courses in India

Online NDT level 2 training courses are regularly scheduling for working quality engineers. We schedule online training courses. Online NDT courses consists of class room and offline practical training at the institute in Bangalore India.

The institute organizes level 2 online and offline NDT courses in India on below.

Be sure to visit our NDT training course calendar page to know upcoming schedule.

One Stop Solution Provider on NDT & Welding | Contact us now

Since 2001, great number of mechanical engineers are participating from Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Patna – Bihar, Mumbai, Chennai and Cochin Kerala. Our NDE Labs, training courses centre can be accessible from Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Bellary, Cochin in Kerala, Delhi NCR and Kolkata. So far, the institute has trained over 15000 plus mechanical engineering graduates on NDT Level I and Level 2 from over 42 countries.

Learn more about short term courses for mechanical engineers at our Trinity NDT blog. Trainees from India, Gulf countries, Nigeria, Kenya, Angol, Cameroon, Uganda and Philippines. Also engineers from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE are using our NDT training institute services. Register online for NDT & Welding Inspector certifications.

We are a customer centric NDT company. Our emphasis is on delivering perfect quality services withing the time frame. Trinity NDT is just a phone call away from you. Whether you need our services in Bengaluru, Hosur, Mysore or else where we are waiting to serve you today. Call us now to experience our  award winning nondestructive testing and welding services.