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Aerospace NDT, NADCAP & NABL Accredited Center in India

Ranked 'ET Rise' India's 10th Top Performing MSME. 1500+ Clients in 42+ Countries. Since 2001.


NDT Services. NABL Accredited.

Trinity NDT is India's premier NDT testing services company. Our Nondestructive Testing labs at Bangalore in India are NABL accredited. Over 1500+ customers. NADCAP Aerospace center. Awarded 'Economic Times, India's 10th best performing MSME2022'.


Centre of Welding by Trinity nDT

'Center of Welding' is an one stop solution for customers on welding & brazing. Be it WPS qualification or welder certification, we offer total consulting services. Experts in qualification of Brazers. A quality institute for training of welders & welding inspectors.

NDT-Level 1-Level 2-Training-Courses-Institute

NDT Training, Certification Courses

Offering NDT level I, II & welding inspector courses. Awarded 15000+ certifications. Over 42 countries. Option for Online and offline. In person practicals at Aerospace labs. Highly experienced ASNT Level III trainers. World class training and Aerospace NDT Facility.

Upcoming NDT & Welding Inspection Course Schedules in 2023

Welding Inspector Course

  • Training Mode: online & in-person (offline)
  • Offline: 26 – 28 September 2023 | Time: 09:30am to 5:00pm
  • Online: 05 – 07 October 2023
  • Fee: Rs 9500/- + gst for Indians & USD$175 for others
  • Last Date: 23, September 2023
  • Register for Welding Inspector Course. For upcoming courses, subscribe to mailing list at footer of this page.

NDT Level 2 Training Oct' 2023

Participants from over 42+ Countries. India's Best Rated Training Courses on NDT & Welding Since 2001.

About Trinity NDT - Facilities & Services

Trinity NDT: Your premier choice for NDT testing, welding, and training services. Proudly accredited by NABL, India recognized by the Government of India as an MSME since 2001. Discover our centrally located facilities in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. Providing NDT services to over 1500+ customers all over India.

Experience excellence in Aerospace NDT: NADCAP Accredited Division for critical aerospace component testing. From lab to onsite, we’re India’s trusted choice. Visit and discover our comprehensive NDT Services today.

Your trusted source for WPS, Welder Certification, and expert welding services. Compliant with International Standards. Our seasoned welding professionals ensure quality. Expert consulting for ISO3834 & EN15085 certifications. Unleash welding excellence through our Welder Training Center of Excellence in India.

Empowering India and Africa: Your trusted quality partner for personnel training & certifications. NDT Level II & Welding Inspection Courses. Now extending our services globally. Proud recipient of India’s Prestigious Top Performing MSME Awards 2021. Learn more about Our Recognitions and Achievements.

NABL Accredited Labs & NADCAP Aerospace Center

NABL and NADCAP Accredited Lab ISO17025
NABL & NADCAP Accredited NDT Labs in Bangalore India

Precision and Quality Defined: ISO17025:2017 Accredited NDT Services Labs. From Ultrasonic Testing (UT) to Radiography (RT), Eddy Current (ET) to Magnetic Particle (MPT) & Penetrant (DPT) Testing, and more. Explore our range of services including Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging and Visual Inspection. Learn in detail about our cutting-edge NDT Labs.

Our Aerospace Division holds NADCAP accreditation for both MPI and FPI testing, ensuring top-notch quality. Trust us for excellence, as our NDT labs are approved by industry leaders like Dassault Aviation, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, General Electric, and Siemens. Count on our reliable services to meet your aerospace NDT needs with confidence.

Our highly experienced team includes ASNT, NAS 410 Level 3, and International Welding Engineers(IWE) with a wealth of two decades in expertise. Get to know the exceptional Trinity NDTians team driving advancements in aerospace NDT.

Serving a vast clientele, our NDT labs, welding center, and training institute cater to 1500+ customers in India and across 42+ countries. With an impressive 4.7-star rating garnered from 1000+ online reviews, we proudly hold the title of India’s highest-rated NDT & Welding company. Discover authentic Trinity NDT reviews on YouTube, showcasing the experiences of our satisfied customers.

Our Welding Consultants have endorsed more than 2000+ Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and granted certificates to over 5000 welders in India, adhering to international codes and standards. Leveraging extensive expertise, we excel in welding consulting for diverse applications such as boilers, pressure vessels, and aerospace welding.

For the swiftest and award-winning services, get in touch with us today. Your experience is just a contact away.

Training & Certification Services for NDT & Welding

Experience Excellence at Our World-Class NDT & Welding Training Center

New age quality jobs demands certified NDT inspectors. Codes and standards mandates employing certified NDT and Welding inspectors to conduct testing and interpretation. Increase in manufacturing in India, middle east and Africa leading to short fall of skilled NDT inspectors. We skilled 16000+ Level I and Level 2 inspectors in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa countries.

Mechanical Engineers needs to quality skills. Since over decade, Trinity NDT organized number of NDT Level II courses in Nigeria for personnel working in oil, gas producing countries in Africa. Also our NDT training is available in Baku, Azerbaijan to serve in Caspian region.

Despite of demand for quality in training, a handful of institutes could only offer NDT Level I, II courses in India. Being a pioneer, ‘Trinity Institute of NDT Technology’ Bengaluru offers certifications as per globally acceptable standards. As the institute is attached to the NABL ISO17025 accredited testing labs, out come is best in terms of practicals and delivery of contents. Each course has practical training modules that enhance practical skills. ASNT Level III approved NDT procedures are used during hand-on-practical training.

The training center offers courses on online and in-person modes. Published year around training calendar 2023 so that you can plan your training well advance. We give Online NDT training for individuals from over 42+ countries. 

Online training is designed for working NDT engineers, who could not spare time by virtue of their jobs. Live training slots give adequate comfort, without affecting works. Practical training is held at our labs, to comprehend the theory sessions. Over 30+ batches of individuals trained at our online level II programs. Find details about online NDT schedules. Subscribe to our mailing list at footer of this page.

Master NDT & Welding Inspection with Our Specialized Courses

We are a first class training center for NDT & Welding inspector courses. ‘Trinity Institute of NDT Technology‘ – a training division of Trinity NDT, is a pioneer in India, offering certification courses in six methods. We trained over 16000+ candidates from India and 42+ other nationals. Read about our Level I, II training courses.

Each course is designed to make every participant a skilled inspector. The objective of programs is, to make Level II inspectors to perform day to day functions independently. Attended by QA, QC inspectors from Delhi, Patna and Kochi our courses cater to needs of industry. Because, training is designed by industry experts for the benefit of employing them directly on projects.

We offer training as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO 9712 schemes.  Courses are available on online (virtual) and Offline modes. Select a mode as per convenience. Online courses are suitable for working personnel. Offline training for persons those who can spare time to attend the classes in-person. You can check course calendar 2023 and register online.


Elevate Your Skills with Virtual NDT Level 2 Training Courses Online

Learning NDT is now easier than ever before. Our online training courses are scheduled outside working hours. You need not leave your job to attend online programs. To attend practicals, reach the labs in Bangalore, India. Successfully completed 25+ online courses that helped over 42 country nationals. Customized trainings at Baku in Azerbaijan. Find details and enroll for our training courses online.
Ask us today, how we can help you to reach your NDT Level 2 and welding inspector certification goals. Our programs have served participants from Nigeria and inspectors from Cameroon and Africa without traveling to all the way to India. Learned in virtual mode and got certified online through examinations as per ASNT SNT TC 1A.  

NDT Testing Services. NADCAP & NABL Accredited Lab.

NADCAP Accreditation for our Aerospace NDT Labs

It is well known that Bengaluru, capital city in the state of Karnataka in India is the hub for making aerospace components. The city is home for countless aerospace companies such as HAL, Boeing, Airbus, Collins Aerospace. Considering the strategic sector needs, we offer NDT for aerospace components

Our aerospace labs are NADCAP accredited for MPI & FPI Inspections. Also, has in house NAS410 certified Level III experts. Further more, we also have experience in Ultrasonic testing of composite materials, Radiography X ray and Eddy current testing of engine parts, landing gears etc.

NABL Accreditation for NDT Services - Onsite & In Labs

Powered by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration of Laboratories (NABL), an autonomous body under the Quality Council of India (QCI), our certifications hold global recognition. With a robust mutual recognition agreement alongside ILAC, our NDT testing labs stand NABL accredited, as validated by Certificate No.5934.

Ultrasonic testing

“As your dependable partner in UT testing, we specialize in inspecting castings, forgings, and welds with precision. Whether your needs involve flaw detection or thickness gauging, we offer a comprehensive array of solutions and cutting-edge equipment, including advanced aerospace composite dry scanning capabilities. 

Learn more about our top-notch Ultrasonic Testing Services and discover how we ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability in every inspection.

X-ray Radiography of Castings & Welds

Welcome to our Industrial Radiography Center, your destination for accurate x-ray examinations of castings, welds, and assembled electronic
components. Located in Bangalore and backed by an AERB license, our RT enclosure operates round-the-clock to meet your needs. Beyond our
facility, we extend our expertise to provide onsite RT testing solutions for casting foundries across South India. 

Discover more about our comprehensive Radiography Services. Experience the precision and efficiency that define our offerings.


Advanced Eddy Current Testing for Heat Exchanger Tube Corrosion

From vital crack detection to comprehensive material sorting, our Eddy Current testing solutions cover it all. Our services encompass corrosion assessment and wall thickness evaluation of heat exchanger tubes during operation, as well. Precise sorting based on chemistry or heat treatment attributes. 

Discover further insights into our Eddy Current testing capabilities and how we assure accuracy and reliability in every assessment.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI testing)

Renowned for its ability to identify surface and subsurface cracks, MPT, or Magnaflux Crack Testing, is a powerful inspection technique. From intricate precision components to expansive structural welds, this method stands as a dependable and cost-effective choice. Our MPI test labs hold NADCAP accreditation, ensuring quality and reliability. 

For further details about our Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) services, explore the comprehensive solutions we offer.

Dye Penetrant testing (DPT)

Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT) serves as a surface-level approach to identify cracks open to the surface. With a dedicated test line facility catering to Method A & D, and the utilization of fluorescent penetrants up to S4 sensitivities, our capabilities are robust. Our NADCAP accredited FPI testing lab extends its services across the state of Karnataka in India and its vicinity. 

Delve into the details of our DPT Testing Services to understand how we ensure thorough and reliable inspections

Visual Testing (welds)

As specialists in Visual Testing, we excel in inspecting weld joints across bridges, pipelines, girders, and overhead structures. Employing welding gauges, we conduct comprehensive weld inspections to ensure impeccable quality. Our team comprises highly qualified experts holding CSWIP, ASNT Level III and IWE certifications, enabling us to perform onsite visual inspections of welds with precision. 

For further insights into our Visual Testing services, explore the diverse solutions we offer to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Services

Count on our expert inspectors for unparalleled Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement, covering applications such as boiler pipes, tubes, ship hulls, chimneys, and more. Our capabilities extend to conducting tests at elevated temperatures, making us a trusted choice for boiler and heat exchanger assessments. 

Explore our comprehensive Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging services to learn more about how we ensure accurate and reliable thickness measurements for various critical components

Demagnetisation Services

When engineering components carry objectionable residual magnetic fields, our MPT testing labs are fully equipped to perform effective demagnetization, reducing the field to an acceptable level. 

Discover further details about our Demagnetization services and how we ensure the highest standards of precision and reliability in addressing magnetic field concerns.


Consulting - ASNT Level 3 and NAS410

Providing comprehensive consulting services in ASNT Level III, NAS410, and ASME U Stamp across all six methods. Our Level 3 experts adeptly craft NDT written practices in alignment with ASME standards, while also establishing procedures and techniques. With a proven track record spanning over two decades, we’re committed to delivering excellence in consulting services. 

Learn more about our ASNT Level III, NAS410 & IWE Consulting Services and how we ensure the highest levels of expertise and compliance.

Center of Excellence in Welding

Welder Qualification, Brazer certification and IWE Consulting

Qualifying WPS, welders qualification and certification services. Our activities include, validating and certification of welders, brazers and welding operators as per international  standards. Also gives welding coordinator and welder qualification consultancy services.

IBR Boiler Inspector Approved Material Testing Lab in Bangalore

Department of Industries and Boilers, Government of Karnataka approved our material testing services as per IBR code. We do certification of welders as per boiler code. Also, Radiography of welds and castings and UT testing of boiler components.

Welding Machine Calibration service

Welding machines needs calibration. Giving onsite welding machine calibration services in and around Bangalore for all kinds of welding machines. Also we offer the calibration services right at your works. Find about our welding calibration Services.

Welders Training Institute - SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW

To bridge the skill gap, organizing welders skill training near Peenya in Bangalore. We also are capable to deliver tailor made Arc (SMAW), TIG, GMAW and FCAW courses. Find about Welders training programs.

Online NDT Training. Best Institute in Nigeria & Africa.

Online NDT certification courses are designed focusing on working quality engineers to upgrade to NDT Level 2 skills. Trinity Institute of NDT Technology (A training centre of Trinity NDT, Bangalore) is a well known institute for Online virtual certification courses for NDT Level 1 and Level 2. Online NDT training is offering as per ASNT SNT TC 1A and ISO9712 schemes. Read Reviews.

Also, scheduling online Welding Inspector courses for QA/QC engineers in Ghana and Kenya. Our training programs helps to the skills needed to excel in industries. Every online program maintains delivery of best in quality contents by ASNT & NAS410 Level 3 trainers. Register now online

We schedule both virtual and offline certification courses. Oil and gas exploring companies Nigeria and Cameroon are looking for skilled quality inspectors. The programs helped participants from African countries to acquire NDT Level 2 and Welding inspector skills. You can travel to India for practical sessions. Bangalore city is connected to Addis Ababa in Africa through a new route operated by Ethiopian airlines. 

Online NDT Level 2 Course Details

Online NDT training courses give the best learning experience. Trainees can take course remotely from anywhere. Virtual courses have every element as that of physical mode. Experience quality class room training live from Trinity NDT in India. Check details about upcoming online Level II schedules. We offer online training as per ASNT SNT TC 1A, on below methods.