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Visual Testing(VT) Level I, II Training & Certification Courses


‘Visual Inspection’ VT Testing as the name indicates is quite largely used NDT Method in Industries. Especially, welding fabrication companies use Visual testing method extensively testing quality of welds. Visual testing is a versatile NDT method. That is suitable to testing of welds, castings, forgings, pipes, tubes and for even in-service inspections.

VT testing can be used for metals, non metals such as plastics, glass, ceramics and composites also. The method has wider applications in Oil Gas petroleum refineries and aerospace applications. It is well known fact that over 80% of NDT in aerospace is performed using Visual Testing alone.

Visual Testing  can detect large number of surface flaws, defects including Pinholes, porosity, laps, seams, shrinkage, cracks et cetera. VT Inspection is a vital testing technique in CNC shops and automotive companies as well to weed out defective parts.

An easy and convenience testing method, visual inspection uses one’s eyes and magnfiers for direct visual examination. In indirect or remote visual examination equipment such as borescopes, fibrescope and video cameras can be of use. Direct visual inspections suits for surfaces accessible within distance of 24 inches or 2 Feet from inspectors eye. Where as Indirect and remote VT testing suits for inaccessible

Importance of Visual Inspection in Weld Fabrication

Visual Testing of Weld Joints
Visual Testing of Weld Joints

To asses the quality of weld joints, nondestructive testing method are quite useful. To detect weld defects visual testing is an economical tool. VT testing method  detects flaws in weld joints such as cracks, undercuts, excess reinforcement, underfills, and slag. Also porosity, burn through, weld finish, lack of fusion, misalignment and cleanliness of weld joints.

VT inspection is a vital tool in Welding and fabrication shops to ensure quality of welds. it is crucial to identify process errors during fabrication. The Visual testing is a useful method to use atlease in three stages Viz. before welding, during welding and after welding.

Even dimensional measurements using micrometres, Vernier, profile gauges, surface finish measuring instruments are considered as visual inspection tools.

Direct & Indirect Visual Testing

Visual VT testing uses direct method or indirect inspection methods of inspection. Direct inspection method is carried out using naked eye without much usage of instruments. Ample lighting is important to perform the testing and codes standards and specification. Indirect or remote visual inspection methods uses Borescopes, Fibrescopes, Video cameras, Lenses and other visual aids.

VT testing method often used as supplement to other methods such as DPT testing or FPI testing in Aerospace, Magnetic particle MPI inspection, Ultrasonic UT inspection, Eddy current ET testing and Radiography RT testing. In addition, heat exchanger tubes inspections and weld joints testing uses Visual testing tools to check for surface blemishes and other damages before disposing the tubes in petroleum refineries.

Training Course on Visual Inspection VT Testing Level 2

NDT Training Courses Level 2 Certification Institute India
NDT Training Courses Level 2 Certification Institute India
Though Visual testing is simple to perform, but the skill needs are enormous. Visual Inspection technicians (as per ASNT SNT TC 1A) for weld testing needs to know about weld process, weld symbols, weld defects, study of welding metallurgy. Also he or she should have thorough understanding of welding equipment, parameters, wps and nondestructive testing means to find flaws. 
Present day ISO/ASTM and ASME standards and codes demand certification of VT technicians to at least Level1, or Level 2. Prior to certification the trainee shall have qualifications that meets ASNT SNT TC 1A. The trainee should undergo adequate class room and practical training. He or She should acquire the skills and knowledge before certification. The training course is designed to give theory and practice to test welds using Visual testing aids.
Reading of weld symbols is need of the hour for fabrication quality QA QC engineers. Unless the quality engineer understands the weld symbols he cannot perform the weld inspections. Unfortunately, our engineering curriculum does not contain reading of weld symbols as a subject. This makes our mechanical engineers not suitable for QA QC functions in weld fabrication companies.

Good for Mechanical Engineers to Enhance Skills for Employment

This special Visual Inspection VT course with Level 2 certification training on visual testing is designed to make mechanical engineers to get easy employment. Many Companies in India are looking for Visual testing Inspectors. Major manufacturing companies from cities Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Punjab, Kanpur, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. Also demand for Visual testing Level 2 inspectors is ever increasing in welding companies in Patna Bihar, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Bhilai Raipur Chattisgarh.  
This VT Level 2 and Level 1 also helpful for mechanical engineers to move to middle east, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore. VT Course also is in high demand in African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Tunisia, Angola, South Africa and Ethiopia. Also, this course comes with Level 2 certificate and can fully enhance mechanical engineers career.

The Best Visual Inspection Level2 Training Institute in India | Trinity NDT

Trusted by over 500 clients in India which includes, NTPC Delhi, GAIL India, BHEL, GE, Siemens, HAL, Indian Defense organizations, We are the Best place to learn about Visual testing. Packed with over two decades of welding and NDT experience there is NO better institute than Trinity NDT to learn about VT testing of Welds.
Training under expert welding engineers, ASNT Level 3 in VT can give superior experience for trainees. ASNT Level 3 trainers on VT give superb class room training and Welding engineers IWE will share their experiences through the courses. What else can be a better option than learning from practicing Visual Inspection Level 2 and Level 3 experts.

VT Level 2 as per ASNT SNT TC 1A & ISO9712

There are two major schemes for international certification in Visual Inspection. Of them, ASNT SNT TC 1A is based on employers written practice to certify trainees on Visual testing. This scheme is of wider acceptance since 1970s. Even today, majority of the employers are using this scheme as it has capability to design and deliver training as per employers needs.
The depth of subject can cover critical aspect of visual inspection in practice on workshops. QA QC Engineers from Mumbai, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Surat, Jaipur Rajastan, and Bhubaneswar Odisha are attending the VT Level 2 courses at the center in Bangalore.
As training agent for TWI India, Chennai – we organize ISO9712 visual testing courses at Bangalore in India. Contact us now to find schedules for VT Level 2 ( welds) certification training as per ISO9712.

VT Level 2 Institute | Bangalore, Hosur, Hyderabad, Pune

Trinity NDT Testing NABL Lab
Trinity NDT Testing NABL Lab in Bangalore India
The training centre of Trinity Institute of NDT Technology is located at Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore In India. It has conducted multiple courses in Pune, Hyderabad, Vizag Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Cochin Kerala. Each course on VT Level 2 got excellent feedback from the participants about the quality of the course. You also have the option to choose from SNT TC 1A of ASNT Emploer based training course and ISO9712. You may also visit Trinity NDT on Youtube

VT Course Level 2 Training Course objective

  • Identifying various flaws in Castings, Forgings, Ingots, Rolled plates, Weld joints
  • Understanding the relevant welding technology related to visual inspection
  • Understanding the need for documentation in VT
  • Familiarity – codes and standards related to Visual test
  • Perform visual inspection of welds, report on them
  • Assess their compliance with acceptance criteria
  • Gaining sufficient knowledge to successfully complete VT Level 2 examinations.

A brief outline of the course on VT Level 2 and Level 1 is given here as general information. You may download Visual Inspection Course Brochure. However, revision of the topics will be happening as continuous improvement to meet the specifications and codes. Contact us for more information on training courses fee, schedules calendar.

Visual testing Training Brochure : Download

Know more About Trainers for VT Level 2 Course

Any training course is successful only if there is delivery of high quality contents, trainers experience and hands of practicals. You will find unmatched combination of trainers and infrastructure for training at Trinity NDT in India. Check the ASNT Level 3 trainers profile here. You can visit the training center and have a tour of Centre of Excellence of Welding and NDT testing Labs at Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru in India.

You will be amazed with the labs and weld centre. Contact us today to book for the upcoming VT Level 2 course. Call us NOW.