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Course NDT Level 2 Assessment Examinations

Post completion of NDT Level 2 training, the candidate should appear for examinations. Based on outcome of exam results, this will lead to certification to Level 1 or Level 2. All NDT training courses will be followed by examination to ensure that the trainees have acquired adequate knowledge. That is he or she should able have sound knowledge and capability to perform testing as per specifications.

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NDT Level2 Examination Pattern

NDT Level2 Course Examinations at Trinity Institute of NDT Technology in India
NDT Level2 Course Examinations at Trinity Institute of NDT Technology in India

The candidates for Level 2 or Level 1 certification programs should appear for the following examinations separately for each NDT method. As per ASNT SNT TC 1A, and Written Practice, the trainees should attend below examinations. 

  • General Exam: Covers the basic principles, theory, applications of the specific NDT method
  • Specific Exam: Tests ability to read, interpret and apply specific procedures, codes, standards
  • Practical Exam: Hands-on demonstration of the ability to operate test equipment, perform testing
General and Specific examinations both are objective type. This is multiple choice questions with 4 options. You need to choose the most appropriate answer. No fill in the blanks, No match the following questions, No drawing of diagrams. General NDT exam is closed book type as the examinee should not refer to any study material where as specification exam is Open Book type NDT exams. In Open Book NDT exams the examinee should read the specification given in exam and answer the questions.

How many marks do you need to secure for NDT Level 2 or Level 1 Certification?

The Nondestructive testing NDT Level 2 or Level 1 examinations are administered by an ASNT NDT Level 3 or Company Level 3 examiner. In order to obtain Level 2 or Level 1 certification in NDT the trainee shall get a passing composite grade of at least 80% with no individual examination having a pass grade of less than 80%.

Training Course Exams NDT Institute Trinity NDT
Training Course Exams NDT Institute Trinity NDT

Successful candidates will be awarded with Level 2 / Level 1 certificates in the method certified within 10-15 working days after evaluating the examination results. Candidate failing to secure the passing marks shall retake the examination after 30 days at the same training center. Failed candidates may take additional training before reexaminations.


Those failing to attain the required passing grades should wait at least thirty (30) days or receive suitable additional training as determined by the NDT Level 3 examiner before re-exam. Nominal reexam fee has to be paid for appearing for re-exam. For details you may contact Training Coordinator on Email or Whats app us.

In general, Level 2 or Level 1 certificates are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of certification. There after the certificate shall be renewed. Find more about Renewal of NDT certificates here.