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NDT Level III, IWE Consulting Services. ASNT, NAS410, IIW Certified.

NDT Procedure preparation Services. iWE Welding Coordinator Consultants in India.

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ASNT NDT Level III Consultants. NDT, Welding Procedure preparation services. NAS410, IWE Welding Coordinator, ASME U stamp NDE Consulting in Bangalore.

ASNT NAS410 IWE Consulting services
ASNT NAS410 IWE Consulting services in Bangalore

Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading NDT, Welding consultancy company in Bangalore. We offer ASNT Level III, NAS410, IWE consulting services. Our experienced team provides, complete solutions for ASME U stamp, NDT procedure preparation in Bangalore. Review, approval of welding procedures. IWE/IWT Welding coordinator consulting for companies aiming for ISO3834, EN15085, EN1090 certification.

For aerospace customers, we give NAS410 Level 3 Consulting. Experts in selecting right NDT techniques, equipment. Each procedure is well prepared as per standards and customer specifications. Aerospace NAS410 consultancy is available presently for Magnetic particle(MPI) and penetrant testing (FPI) methods. In the process of adding Digital radiography, Ultrasonic testing, Eddy current testing services.

Welding consulting for preparation of WPS, PQR, WPQ. Brazing, Brazing operator consultants in Bangalore. For ISO3834, EN15085, we work with clients starting from documentation to establishing welding procedures till audit completion. Hand holding customers for successful auditing. Helping to choose right NDT, welding equipment. Our IWE/IWT works with customers as welding coordinator. Conveniently accessible in Peenya Industrial Area.

If you need professional NDT Level III or welding consulting, you are at right company. Our experts are ready to unlock the quality potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you with our consultancy services in Bangalore. 


What is NDT, Welding Consulting ?

NDT consulting services onsite at workshop
NDT consulting onsite workshop
NDT and Welding consulting is the process of identifying needs of the customer. Preparing the procedures as per standard, code.  Review and approve the procedures. Conduct audit facilities. Selecting suitable equipment for given application. Overall, look after total activity and controlling the quality system in an organization. 
For this typically competent NDT, welding consultants are needed. Procedures are prepared by NDT Level III, IWE certified experts. Organization either can have an in-house Level 3, IWE, NAS410. Or else, can will hire from outside to provide service.

Scope and duties of consultants

In general, NDT, welding consultants have below scope of work.

  • Collecting quality requirements of the client
  • Preparing NDE, welding procedures review, approval
  • Auditing Labs, Welding shops
  • Document preparation for QMS audits, ISO3834, EN15085
  • Training of NDT, Welding inspectors inspectors
  • Evaluation, maintaining records
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Looking after day to day functions
  • Overall, responsible for maintaining quality system, procedures.

Outsourcing NDT, Welding Consultants

If a company could not afford to have an in-house NDT, welding coordinator. They can outsource outside individuals. Trinity NDT is the first Indian company to provide consulting for clients since 2001. ASNT/NAS410 Level 3 consulting experts monitor day to day functions.
Employers designate them as ‘Company NDT Level 3’. They are the authorized professionals to look after overall activities. A professional ASNT NDT Level 3 consultant will be able to deliver the function as indicated in above scope. Hiring an NDT level 3 of required caliber is the employers responsibility. ASNT Level 3 in the method, is the prerequisite to be eligible to hire or employ as ‘Company NDT Level III’.
NDT Level III, will guide and support your organization in every activity happening. This gives adequate control on procedures.


Written Practice for NDT personnel

Inspectors performing NDT, shall have certification. Personnel are certified as per certification scheme. Employers gives administration of personnel to a company Level 3. He/she prepares a written practice documenting procedures.

Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd gives, service on preparing NDT written practice, review and approve. Our ASNT Level III is certified in Ultrasonic, Radiography, Eddy current, Magnetic particle, Penetrant testing and Visual testing. NAS410 Level III certified in MPI and FPI. 28+years of industrial experience. 

We provide consulting services for preparing, reviewing, approving NDT written practice. As per SNT TC 1A or NAS410 aerospace standard. Serving from Bangalore, across India. Contact us today.

Ultrasonic testing NDT procedure preparation services
Ultrasonic testing NDT procedure preparation services

NAS410 Level 3 Aerospace Consulting Services

For Aerospace NDT facilities, industry demands individuals with NAS410 Level 3. He is responsible for overall functioning of facility. NADCAP accredited companies have to maintain either in-house or outside the organization.  Monitors the personnel qualification, training to aerospace standards. Know about our NADCAP Aerospace Testing facility.
As an aerospace consultant, we establish the labs, prepare written practice as per NAS410 Rev 05. Working with clients in setting up the labs. Also, giving training and issuing certification to NDT personnel as per aerospace NDT standard in Bangalore, India.
At, Trinity NDT- Aerospace division in Peenya Industrial Area, we provide NAS410 Level III services. Contact us, with your requirement today.


ASME U stamp Level 3 Consulting

ASME is one of the most well-known codes in the NDT industry. The stamping provides safety guideline for pressure vessel manufacturing companies. Allowing them to develop design, manufacturing procedures according to their own standards. Compliance of the code is always a matter of utmost importance for pressure vessel manufacturers in India and elsewhere.

Trinity NDT is providing ASME U & U2 stamp NDE Level 3 consulting services in Bangalore. Have rich experience in writing the NDE procedures, establishing the techniques. Training certification of personnel as per ASME codes.

Being a pioneering company, we are here to offer our Level 3 services. Call or send us your query.

Setting up New NDT facility?

With in-house experienced ASNT level III consultants we can help you in setting up new facilities and can assist you in the following

  • Study of testing methods, techniques
  • Feasibility study
  • Procuring equipment
  • Layout making for component inspection
  • Inspection, commissioning of machines
  • Calibration, maintenance
We have expertise in following testing methods and can confidently give you ASNT Level III Consultants’ Services
NAS410 Level III Consulting service on following for Aerospace Sector

Welding Coordinator Services in Bangalore.
IWE Consulting for ISO3834, EN15085.

Welding consulting services as IWE coordinator
Welding consulting services as IWE coordinator
Welding is considered as special process as per ISO standards. Fabrication companies in process for ISO3834 and EN15085 certification shall have a welding coordinator. IWE consultants can work as Welding Coordinator to establish welding procedures specifications (WPS) and Certification of Welders. Currently, our welding engineers are working with over 150+ fabrication welding companies in India.


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