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ASNT NDT Level 3 Consulting Services at Bangalore in India | NAS410 Level3

In every manufacturing company, it is increasingly becoming common to employ or hire an ASNT NDT Level 3 and NAS410 Consultant to perform Level III functions. This gives super confidence to the customers about the quality control measures in place in the company.

ASNT NDT NAS410 Level 3 consultant bangalore India

If you have a Non-destructive (NDT) department that performs NDT testing in the workshop or site, it is a good practice to hire ASNT NDT Level 3 consulting experts to look after and monitor day to day Nondestructive testing functions. Usually such experts are designated as ‘Company NDT Level 3’. He/she will be performing at least the below functions on day to day basis. Hiring an NDT level 3 of required caliber is the employers responsibility. In general ASNT Level 3 qualification is the prerequisite to be eligible to hire or employ as NDT Level III.


NAS410 Level 3 Consulting Services in India

Similarly, in Aerospace NDT services providers prerequisite to hire or employ for the position is NAS410 Level 3. As indicated, it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure adequate proficiency in nondestructive testing of materials for the hired personnel. NAS410 Level 3 will be monitoring the personnel qualification maintenance, equipment calibration schedules, training requirements and virtually everything related to ensure smooth functioning of Aerospace NDT testing.

Employers NDT Written Practice as per ASNT SNC TC 1A

The institution should establish a written practice for qualification and certification of NDT personnel. For this, the written practice will help the institution to maintain standard operations.  In general, employers written practice is prepared and approved by the designated Level 3. The employer has to hire an ASNT or NAS410 or ISO NDT Level 3 as the case may be for this function. 
The employer written practice can be composed of details given in SNT TC 1A of ASNT. As, ASNT-SNT TC 1A is a recommended practice employer can omit or add addition requirements based on the criticality of jobs manufacturing. The written practice covers extensive requirement of qualification, certification of NDT Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. This includes function and responsibilities.

ASME U & U2 Stamp NDE Consulting Services in Bangalore, India

Being a pioneering company in providing ASNT NDT Level 3 Consulting services in Bangalore, India, we also provide ASME pressure vessel U & U2 Stamp NDE consulting services. ASME U & U2 stamp is generally used by pressure vessel manufacturing companies that makes components as per ASME codes. Direct ASME team will audit the complete procedures and provides ASME U 7 U2 stamp based on the outcome.
If you are looking for expert ASME U & U2 NDE stamp consultant, we are here to help your firm in the process. Our ASNT NDT level 3 consultants have vast experience in writing the NDE procedures, establishing the techniques and other functions. Contact us today with your request about ASME U & U2 NDE stamp Level 3 consulting services.

NDE Level 3 Consultant Functions

ASME U U2 NDE consultant Bangalore India
ASME U U2 NDE consultant Bangalore India
  • Preparation of written practices as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A
  • Selection of right nondestructive testing method/s and NDE techniques suitable for the application
  • Selection of suitable NDT testing equipment for specific inspection purpose
  • Preparation of NDT inspection procedures
  • Preparation of NDE procedures based on International, National or in-house Codes, Standards and specifications to meet customer requirements
  • Preparation of Test report formats and NDE technique sheets
  • Preparation of advanced NDT procedures such as Ultrasonic testing of TKY joints, Immersion Ultrasonic testing procedure and Aerospace NDT procedures
  • Procedures for Advanced NDT methods such as Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Liquid Penetrant Testing(PT), Radiographic Testing, Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Hardness Testing.
  • Review of all inspection procedures
  • Review of procedures based on International, National or in-house Standards & Specifications.
  • Training and certification of personnel as per NDE employer’s written practice
  • ASME code stamp certification consulting services
  • Selecting apt candidates for recruitment as Trainees, NDT Level 1, 2, 3 to fill job vacancies in NDT, material testing, welding inspection and other quality control related posts

Setting up new NDT testing facilities at customer locations


With in-house experienced NDT level III’s Trinity NDT can help you in setting up new facilities and can assist you in the following

  • Study of testing methods and techniques suitable for the components as per applicable codes, standards and specifications or client requirements
  • Feasibility study in selecting the right nondestructive testing equipment suitable for the application
  • Purchasing appropriate equipment for use at competitive price
  • Layout making suitable for component inspection
  • Inspection and commissioning of equipment
  • Calibration and maintenance of NDT testing equipment and accessories
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NDT Level 3 Trainers for Level 1, 2 training & Certifications

NDT Training Welding Courses Institute Bangalore India
NDT Training Welding Courses Institute Bangalore India
Our ASNT NDT Level 3 can also be deputed to the customer locations to give NDT Level 1, Level 2 training. We can provide ASNT Level 3 consulting to qualification and certification of your NDT inspectors. We serve good number of companies in India and abroad for this kind of services. We also have experienced NDT Level 3 to give high quality training onsite as per customer requirements.  Contact us today with your training needs. You can also visit our training services.

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