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Magnetic Particle Testing MPT training & Certification courses. Online & Offline (in-person) mode of learning.

MPT Level II training equipment and accessories

This is a unique course for learning ‘Magnetic particle testing‘ offered from Trinity Institute of NDT technology (A unit of Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Pvt. Ltd). The course is designed by experienced ASNT Level III, as per ASNT SNT TC 1A. MPI testing also called as ‘magnaflux’ testing among the quality personnel in India. 

Course Goal: this training is to give understanding of principles of magnetism, techniques, equipment during the class room sessions. Practical training is essential part of the course to get extensive exposure to magnetic particle inspection techniques using actual equipment. 

What Level 2 inspector does after training?: After successful completion of MPT Level II training, inspector can do calibration of equipment, do magnetic particle inspection, evaluate the indications and prepare a test report. 

Modes of Learning: This training course is available both in online live mode and offline (in-person) mode. Also, can be organized at our center in Bangalore and on need basis at your works in India or in any other country.

Training Schedules: You can choose from any of our upcoming training schedules. NDT Level 2 calendar is released by the institute every year. Select the dates, mode of learning, enrol online, attend and become the skilled professional on magnetic particle inspection.

MPT certification course is well designed to give skills to excel in magnetic particle inspection. The Level 1 technicians are trained to read the procedure, calibrate the machines, perform testing. In addition MPI Level 2 inspectors can also interpret and evaluate the results after successful training and passing the examinations. This course has perfect blend of class room and hands on practice at our NDT Service labs.
Application Industry Sectors: The inspection method has significance in automotive, pressure vessel, steel manufacturing plants and aerospace related companies. A widely used test method for testing ferrous materials for surface and subsurface defects. crack detection is one the most widely used NDT method. It is used for inspection of ferro magnetic materials, components and structures made of Iron, Nickel and Cobalt alloys.
The center is equipped with aerospace approved magnetic particle testing equipment. As we do live MPT testing at the labs in Bangalore, you can experience good hands on practice. Our ASNT Level III trainers have exposure to testing for general engineering and aerospace. Practical trainers are subject matter experts in testing for aerospace applications using standards. 
Overall, the MPI training course gives the the best contents both theoretically and practically for the one who aspire to be MPT certified inspectors.

MPI Training as per ASNT SNT TC 1A written Practice

Our Courses are based on ASNT SNT TC 1A. It is an employer based certification scheme having worldwide wider acceptance. Also we offer certification based on ISO9712 scheme. Schedules, Fee and Eligibility for these certification schemes is different.
As per SNT TC 1A – 2020 edition, for Magnetic particle testing Level 2, the candidate should have 70 hours for Level I and 210 hours experience for Level II. For direct MPT Level II, add the experience required for both levels. A total of 130 hours and 400 hours experience is needed in NDT, to be eligible for Level I and II respectively.
For Magnetic particle testing, the training duration is 12 hours for Level I and 8 hours f or Level II. Add both for direct Level II training. Download the MPT Level 2 course Outline.
We also provide MPT testing services from our Aerospace NDT testing labs in Bangalore, India. It is also India’s largest magnetic particle testing services company.


Training Center Locations

Explore our Magnetic Particle Testing courses in Bangalore, India, exclusively at our premier center. Additionally, customize your program to be hosted at your preferred location anywhere in India or beyond, upon request.

Language flexibility is key! Our MPI courses are not only conducted in English but also in Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada. Connect with us now to delve into the details and book your spot today.


Onsite MPT training at Customer Places

Enjoy the convenience of on-demand training right at your facility! Whether it’s at your plant or worksite, we bring our expertise to you. Offering both in-house and on-site training, our services extend to locations across India, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. If you’re in need of Level 1 or Level 2 training as per SNT TC 1A and have the basic infrastructure, connect with us today to arrange a course tailored to your location.

No need to travel! Our comprehensive in-house and on-site training solutions cater to your convenience. Be it in India, the Middle East, Europe, or Africa, we are equipped to bring Level 1 or Level 2 training per SNT TC 1A to your doorstep. Contact us now, and our seasoned trainers will travel to deliver magnetic particle testing courses directly at your plant or workshop location. 

With a successful track record spanning over 42 countries since 2001, we’ve conducted over 30+ Magnetic particle testing Level 2 programs in countries like Nigeria and Cameroon.

Is Online live Courses available?

If you are a working engineer, you can choose our online live MPT level 2 training module. We have scheduled Online course for the convenience for out station candidates. It will can also be held in hybrid mode. Class room lectures are attended online and practical training in physical mode. This will help you to attend classes, write exam online and certify on MPI testing Level 2. 

Candidates from over 42 countries took part in our online course modules. What are you waiting for? Check schedule and enrol today for our upcoming magnetic particle training course.

About Magnetic Particle Testing - Guide

Magnetic particle inspection of rotor blades of turbine

The Magnetic Particle Testing method is adept at identifying both surface and subsurface discontinuities, with the depth of detection varying across different materials. Its effectiveness hinges on factors such as magnetic permeability, the strength of the generated magnetic flux, properties of magnetic particles, desired sensitivity, and the orientation of the discontinuity.

While the test method can theoretically achieve sensitivity up to 14mm under ideal conditions, practical application often yields lower sensitivity.

Widely utilized in inspecting various components, the MPI method is indispensable for testing automobile components, railway components, engineering components, shafts, gears, forgings, castings, plates, bars, rods, rolled products, as well as cylinders, pistons, hydraulic components, pressure vessel and boiler components, welded joints, aerospace components, mining, oil and gas pipeline construction, storage tanks, and bridges.

Additionally, the method excels in detecting fatigue cracks amid in-service discontinuities. Common MPI equipment includes permanent magnets, yokes, bench types utilizing head shot techniques, central conductors, and coil prod techniques. Moreover, the MPI testing method is amenable to automation, proving valuable for the testing of mass production components to identify cracks and other anomalies efficiently.


About Our MPT Courses


Testing Operators can be certified to Level I and engineers can be certified to Level 2. The quality and course outline for each this MPI course is precisely designed by NDT Level 3, monitored delivered by experienced expert trainers. Hands on practical sessions are part of the course.

At the end examinations are held to asses each candidate for the performance. Examination results are evaluated by NDT Level III in magnetic particle testing and results are announced. Know about Upcoming Training Schedules. For latest news and updates about Magnetic particle testing visit Ravi Trinity NDT Blog.

Level I Course Objectives

To provide a sound knowledge of Magnetic particle Testing for technicians to enable to carry out tests according to a established procedure. Its good course for MPT Level I technicians, whose day to day work is to find crack or flaws on ferrous metals. The course is especially designed to provide practical skills.

We train on all techniques and equipment. Electromagnetic yokes, bench type machines, prods and coil equipment using dry, wet fluorescent methods.

MPT Level I Operator Responsibilities

To carry out operations as per written procedure/instruction from level II personnel. He shall be able to set up equipment, calibrate magnetic particle equipment and carry out tests, classify and report the results. 

He shall not be responsible for the choice of test MPI technique nor for assessment of the test results.

Level I Course Outline

  • Basics of Magnetism
  • Magnetisation Techniques
  • Inspection Mediums
  • Inspection Techniques
  • Indication Classification
  • Test Equipment and Accessories
  • De-magnetisation
  • Types of Discontinuities
Practical training: Yokes, Prods, Headshot, Central Conductor, Coil Techniques, Using dry, wet ordinary and wet fluorescent powders, Demagnetisation.

Level 2 Courses Objectives

The course is intended to provide detailed instruction in theory and practice such that the personnel shall be able to

  • Identify suitability of MT for material and inspection procedure.
  • Develop MPI techniques and procedure that shall be followed by level I operator.
  • Interpret and evaluate the test results.
  • Prepare a test report with observations.

Course Outline for Level II

  • Review of MPI Level-I course
  • Selection of Techniques
  • MPI Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Acceptance Standards
  • Manufacturing Process and Discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Indications
  • Preservation of Indications
  • Evaluation of Test Equipment
Practical training: Same as Level-I + Interpretation, evaluation and recording of test results. Duration: 02 Days.

Course and Examination Fee

Magnetic particle testing courses are available at an affordable fee with Trinity NDT, India. Level I course fee is Rs.5500/-* per candidate inclusive of exam fee, course notes, lunch and refreshments. For Level II, the fee is Rs.6999/-*. However, if you choose 5 courses, each NDT course effectively costs Rs.4999/-* or even less. Check the latest fee now.

Find NDT examination details for certification.

About Training Venue


Courses are organized at International training center in Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore, India. We conducted NDT training certification for Level I & II and Welding inspector training.

If there are sufficient strength of personnel, Trinity NDT can depute trainers to provide onsite, on-job, in-house training on NDT Level 1 and Level 2, for Magnetic particle inspection level 2 training programs. Course contents can be tailor made and designed to meet specific requirement of customers.

Recognized International Institute for MPT Certification

Our courses have won international reputation and over 40+ country nationals have attended the certification courses with us. You can also check reviews online, verify the quality of training and enrol today.

Trinity NDT certification training courses are rated as best quality in terms of modern infrastructure, NDT workshops/labs and equipment & accessories for practical, eminent trainers by the training participants and reviews on our courses can be read online at our Facebook page. Visit our training schedules page or course calendar for upcoming training schedules.

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