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NDT Level II and Welding Inspector Training Schedules.
Online, Offline course calendar for the Year 2024.

We are top ranked  NDT training center located in India. Trainees from over 42 Countries learned Level 2 skills at this institute. ASNT Level III trainers and Aerospace Labs for your hands-on training. Check NDT Level II training schedules and Calendar 2023 here.

‘Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Private Limited’ is ranked among 10 Top  performing MSME in India at Economic Times ET Rise MSME Awards 2021. Find more about awards & recognition.

ISO 9712 Ultrasonic Testing Level II Course from 04th March 2024. Admissions Open. Lowest Course fee offer. Click here for details.

Online NDT Level II Training. No need to Leave Your Job. attend at your convenience from Anywhere.

Online NDT Training Courses Institute

It is every quality engineer’s dream to get NDT Level II, Welding inspector certifications. Getting a leave to travel, attend the classes is a big challenge that has quite many hurdles on the way. Are you not finding ways to achieve your dream certifications? Now, ‘Trinity NDT’ brings you an opportunity to enrol for online live training at your convenience. For this, you need not leave your job nor need to convince your Manager for a long vacation. Wondering how? Check the details, right here.

 Training services division, brings you online NDT Level II and welding inspection courses that are equally effective as offline programs. These sessions are designed to equip trainees with skills and knowledge needed to excel. Our flexible and accessible online platform helps to learn NDT methods, conveniently from your home. At the comfort of your own pace. Ask us team today, for an upcoming online schedule. 

We have successfully organized over 45+ online courses since 4 years. Attended by not just Indians, but aspirants from 45+ countries. The courses got best reviews and appreciated from countries in Africa. Coordinated by efficient team, starting from course enrollment to completion of examinations for NDT Level II certification. Join our online training for a new experience.

The online modules contain live sessions, daily assignments, handouts, discussions and more. Delivered by ASNT Level III experts. Practical demo videos recorded at our NDT service labs. Separate, hands on practical sessions are also scheduled. Without leaving your job, you can get NDT Level II certifications. At pocket friendly pricing. No hidden charges. No promotions. No freebies. Our plain online training courses have won international reputation. Join, experience the joy of pleasureful learning. Attend from ANYWHERE using an internet connection.

A passion to learn, a smart mobile phone, laptop and a broadband connection all that is needed to attend online training.

Whether you are beginner interested to learn NDT as beginner or a professional aim to enhance skills, our online NDT courses are made to meet your needs. Check Reviews and Feedback


Why To Choose Our Online Training Courses?

Expert Lead Contents: Our courses are developed and delivered by ASNT Level III industry experts with extensive experience in NDT. Benefit from their real-world insights and hands-on practical knowledge.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our online platform enables you to access course materials 24/7, allowing you to balance your learning with your other personnel commitments.

Comprehensive Content

Dive into a wide range of NDT techniques, including ultrasonic testingmagnetic particle testingradiographic testingliquid penetrant testing, eddy current and visual inspection. Our courses cover theory, practical applications, and case studies.

Interactive Sessions

Engage with interactive modules, quizzes, and practical exercises that ensure a deeper understanding of the concepts and techniques.

Daily Assignments

To make the concepts crystal clear, each day the trainee has to practice daily assignments. This will help to understand where the NDT trainee to standing. Discussions will help to dig deeper into subject. This also helps to prepare well for Level 2 certification exams.


Earn a recognized certificate upon course completion, demonstrating your proficiency in NDT techniques. This can boost your career prospects.


Our courses are aligned with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that you are well-prepared to meet the demands of the NDT and Welding field.


Courses Offered

Courses Offered:

  1. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Course: Explore the principles of ultrasonic testing and learn to detect defects in materials using sound waves.
  2. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Course: Master the art of magnetic particle inspection for identifying surface and near-surface defects.
  3. Radiographic Testing (RT) Course: Understand the fundamentals of radiographic testing and its applications in industrial inspections.
  4. Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Course: Learn to identify surface defects through liquid penetrant testing techniques.
  5. Visual Inspection (VT) Course: Enhance your visual inspection skills for detecting flaws and irregularities in various materials.
  6. Eddy Current (ET) Course: A program that is designed to make you proficient about crack detection, sorting and tube inspection.
  7. Welding Inspector (WI) Course: Get the insights into welding inspector duties, reading symbols, weld defects and use of welding gauges.

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals seeking a career in NDT
  • Professionals in engineering, manufacturing, and quality control
  • Welders, technicians, and inspectors
  • Those looking to upgrade their skill set or transition to NDT

Enrol today

Take the first step towards becoming a skilled NDT professional by enrolling in our online training courses. Join a community of learners dedicated to mastering the art of non-destructive testing. Unlock new career opportunities and contribute to safer, more efficient industries.

Embark on a journey of knowledge and skill development with our online NDT training courses. Acquire the expertise needed to excel in the field of industrial inspection and testing. All from the convenience of your own space. Enroll today and become a certified NDT specialist ready to make a positive impact in various industries.

A premier NDT Courses Institute in India : Trinity NDT

Trinity NDT Aspire Training Center
NDT Level II trainees at Trinity NDT Aspire Training Center, Bengaluru, India

Quality of learning is crucial. Program outline, trainers experience, ambience for class room and practical labs are the key factors that evaluates quality. Trinity NDT has world class infrastructure for organizing programs maintaining high standards. NABL, Delhi accredited ISO17025 labs provide adequate exposure to workshop practice.

Number of certified NDT inspectors from India and 42+ countries have evaluated the quality of programs through rating. Training reviewed as ‘excellent’ proves our capability.

Trainers follow proven techniques for easy understanding principles and techniques. They are qualified ASNT NDT Level III experts, International certified welding engineers having strong domain expertise in teaching since over two decades. Check NDT Trainers profile.

NDT and Welding courses have become a benchmark for quality learning for mechanical quality inspectors in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon. Check reviews about Trinity NDT on Youtube. Each course is designed to meet the industry standards. Read feedback, reviews and experience of participants.

Online Level II Course Fee

Course fee structure is based on scheme, method/s and level of certification. Trinity NDT Level 1, Level 2 fee structure is economical. Depending on method, online course fee starts as low as Rs 4500/- + gst for Level 1 for DPT testing. For Ultrasonic testing Level 2 fee – Rs.7499/- + gst. 

Special discount of 10% is applicable on course fee for 3 or more candidates from same organization. See mode of fee payment.

Choose 4 or more methods to get discount package fee offers. We advice the candidates to choose package course fee to take full advantage. Course fee includes, training, lunch, refreshments, exam fee and study notes. We will mail you fee and discount offer details. Also, available offline (In-person) NDT training schedules. Contact us for details.



Over 16000+ Candidates Trained & Certified Since 2001.

Option to Choose Online NDT Training

Online NDT training has grown much bigger than expected. Possibly due to ease of taking classes and availability of internet training technology even from remote places in Nigeria and Ghana. Organizing sessions via ‘MS Teams’. Practical hands on training is optional. Every month a practice session for about a week is planned to give adequate exposure.

To be precise, online training courses helped numerous learners from Africa without traveling to India.Saving on visa, travel, accommodation and boarding expenses. We recommend online course for inspectors who have adequate hands on experience in the NDT method/s.

If you are a working Quality engineer, choose online courses. We designed modules and started online courses focusing on outcome. Organized 45+ online training courses from past 4 years, mostly chosen by Nigerians and Cameroonians.

ASNT Level III trainers will be on live at our online programs. Listen, interact with experts. Take the advantage of courses right from your place wherever your are. Virtual training is well received from Mozambique and a number of inspectors from Philippines. Training modules are live and interactive, unlike recorded sessions that are commonly available elsewhere.

Read Ravi’s Blog post on ‘why you should not choose online training from virtual training platforms‘ before enrolling.

Timings are suitable for employed personnel. Practical sessions arranged after the class room training. Hands on practice is organized in Bangalore. We are easily accessible from Chennai and Cochin or Hyderabad within a distance of less than an hour by air. 

Each course meets requirements of written practice ASNT, SNT TC 1A latest edition 2020.

Below is offline schedules for the year 2024 – 2025. For more information, go to specific course pages.

NDT Level 2, Welding Inspector Courses.
now Open for Registration.

Online (Virtual) NDT Level II Schedules for January, February 2024
Timings: 6:00am to 08:00am and 6:30pm to 08:30pm (daily 4hours)

NDT Course TitleScheduled Dates (Sunday Holiday)
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI Level II)01 – 02, February 2024
Visual Testing (VT Level II)03 – 05, February 2024
Eddy Current testing (ET Level II)06 – 08, February 2024
Ultrasonic Testing (UT Level II)27  – 30, December 2023
Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT Level II)02 – 03, January 2024
Penetrant Testing (DPT Level II)  04 – 05, January 2024
Welding Inspector Course (WI)03 – 06, February 2024

Offline (In-person) mode Level II Course Schedule for February 2024
Timings: 09:30am to 05:30pm.

NDT MethodIn-person Mode Training
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)07 – 11 February 2024
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)12 – 13 February 2024
Penetrant Testing (PT)14 – 15 February 2024
 Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)16 – 18 February 2024
Visual Testing (VT)19 – 21 February 2024
Eddy Current testing (ET)22 – 26 February 2024
Welding Inspector Course (WI)19 – 21 February 2024

NDT Training Offline (in-person) Schedules, 2024 - 2025


MethodApril 2024May 2024June 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)10.04.24 – 14.04.2415.05.24 – 19.05.2412.06.24 – 16.06.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)15.04.24 – 16.04.2420.05.24 – 21.05.2417.06.24 – 18.06.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)17.04.24 – 18.04.2422.05.24 – 23.05.2419.06.24 – 20.06.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)19.04.24 – 21.04.24324.05.24 – 26.05.24321.06.24– 23.06.24
Visual Testing(VT)22.04.24 – 24.04.2427.05.24 – 29.05.2424.06.24 – 26.06.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)25.04.24 – 29.04.24330.05.24 – 03.06.2427.06.24 – 01.07.24
MethodJuly 2024August 2024September 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)17.07.24 – 21.07.2414.08.24 – 19.08.2411.09.24 – 15.09.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)22.07.24 – 23.07.2420.08.24 – 21.08.2416.09.24 – 17.09.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)24.07.24 – 25.07.2422.08.24 – 23.08.2418.09.24 – 19.09.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)26.07.24 – 28.07.2424.08.24 – 26.08.2420.09.24 – 22.09.24
Visual Testing(VT)29.07.24 – 31.07.2427.08.24 – 29.08.2423.09.24 – 25.09.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)01.08.24 – 05.08.2430.08.24 – 03.09.2426.09.24 – 30.09.24
MethodOctober 2024November 2024December 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)17.10.24 – 21.10.2413.11.24 – 17.11.2411.12.24 – 15.12.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)22.10.24 – 23.10.2418.11.24 – 19.11.2416.12.24 – 17.12.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)24.10.24 – 25.10.2420.11.24 – 21.11.2418.12.24 – 19.12.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)26.10.24 – 28.10.2422.11.24 – 24.11.2420.12.24 – 22.12.24
Visual Testing(VT)29.10.24 – 31.10.2425.11.24 – 27.11.2423.12.24 – 25.12.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)04.11.24 – 08.11.2428.11.24 – 02.12.2426.12.24 – 30.12.24
MethodJanuary 2025February 2025March 2025
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)08.01.25 – 12.01.2512.02.25 – 16.02.2512.03.25 – 16.03.25
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)20.01.25 – 21.01.2517.02.25 – 18.02.2517.03.25 – 18.03.25
Penetrant testing (DPT)22.01.25 – 23.01.2519.02.25 – 20.02.2519.03.25 – 20.03.25
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)24.01.25 – 26.01.2521.02.25 – 23.02.2521.03.25 – 23.03.25
Visual Testing(VT)27.01.25 – 29.01.2524.02.25 – 26.02.2524.03.25 – 26.03.25
Eddy Current testing (ET)30.01.25 – 03.02.2527.02.25 – 03.03.2527.03.25– 31.03.25

Last date for registration for each of the above schedule


Abbreviations: Ultrasonic Testing – UT, Magnetic Particle Testing MT, Penetrant testing PT, Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI, Visual testing VT, Eddy Current testing ET

For details, Course Fee structure Eligibility Criteria Contact us today. For latest NDT Welding Information visit Material Testing NDT Welding Blog

How to Reach Training Center in Bengaluru, India

The center is located at the hub of Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore India. The capital city of Karnataka state in Indian Union. Connected by road, rail and air. Centre is just 45 minutes drive by road from Bengaluru International Airport

BIAL is well connected by Air with all major cities Delhi, Patna, Kolkata airports in India. Also, connected to cities in middle east, African countries. Check the airport website for flights, destinations and timings.

Note: Ethiopian Airlines operate direct flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a result, aspirants from all countries of Africa can reach us easily. To process the visa, contact Indian Embassy nearest to you. Need assistance, we are a text, WhatsApp message away from you.

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