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About the NDT Training Institute

‘Trinity Institute of NDT Technology’, is a training unit of Trinity NDT. It is an ISO9001:2015 certified and internationally recognized institute. We offer Nondestructive testing (NDT) and welding inspector courses.

We are head quartered at Bangalore, India.

Since more than two decades, the courses at ‘Trinity NDT’ have become a benchmark in Nondestructive testing training in India and other countries. Overall, there are good reviews for our NDT training courses. Also, there is wide recognition from employers for our NDT certifications.

Also, we have participation from more than 42 countries. This encouraged us to announce the training calendar for the complete year. Our high quality training produces skilled NDT Level II certified professionals. Read feedback, reviews and experience of participants.

Course Fee | NDT Institute Location

Course fee varies as per the level of certification. Our fee structure is quite affordable. Individual method wise fee and concessional package fee structure is also available. To make it economical, we suggest you to choose package training fee. Package fee consists of fee for four or five or all six courses. Write to us today to get a special offer for you.

In general, these NDT training courses are held at Bangalore, India. Also, planning NDT schedules throughout the calendar year. However, planning various training centers across other cities in India and Nigeria. Write to us today, for an NDT schedule nearest to you.

Participants from Every Corner of India

Finding a right NDT institute is never easy. Moreover, very few institutes in India have basic infrastructure for practical. However, knowing the importance of practical training, we ensure good exposure to hands on practice. Certainly, our training courses are well designed to meet your expectations.

Participants from Delhi | NCR | Mumbai | Pune | Patna | Bihar | Raipur | Chattisgarh have attended our NDT certification courses. To sum up, large number of mechanical engineers from Chennai | Coimbatore | Tamilnadu | Cochin | Kerala have joined with us. Also, NDT trainees from Hyderabad | Telangana | Vizag | Vijayawada | Andhra Pradesh.

Both Online NDT training and Offline Schedules

‘Covid19’ has changed the world the way we used to work. This has brought many challenges in the learning ecosystem. Equally, brought good means to learn NDT right at your convenience.

As a result, we have quickly modified our modules to bring you online NDT training. So far, since March 2020, we have successfully conducted more than twelve online NDT training programs.

We continue our best efforts in bringing you the best contents and the best trainers right at your doorstep. Contact us today, to enroll for one such online schedule.

Here, we publish the training calendar for NDT level I, II certification courses. For your convenience, we are releasing our offline NDT Level II training calendar 2021-22.

We offer both NDT Level 2 online Virtual Class Room and Offline training modes. Offering NDT courses for the convenience of participants. Experience the best of virtual class room training and get your NDT Level II Certification with us.

Our ASNT NDT Level III expert trainers deliver the class room training. Online NDT courses can be attended right from your home at your convenience. Theory sessions are held in class room mode. Timings for online classes are suitable even for working men. Practical sessions follows theoretical training. Hands on practice is arranged at our NDT workshops.

Each course is designed and delivered as per Written Practice framed to the requirements of ASNT, SNT TC 1A.

Upcoming NDT Online Training

Upcoming online Level II training schedule will starts from 04th October 2021.

Last Date for Registration: 30th September 2021.

Our Online NDT & Welding Courses have won international reputation. Joined from over 42 countries. Watch reviews on our Youtube Channel. 

Upcoming Offline | NDT Level 2 Training

Similarly, we have scheduled offline training schedules as well from 20th October 2021.

Last Date for Registration: 13th October 2021

Choose online NDT or offline NDT training modes as per your convenience.

You can register for NDT training courses online

Important NDT methods | Choose for Right Jobs

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology (A unit of TRINITY NDT) is conducting world class Level I, II Certification courses as per ASNT SNT TC 1A. Following NDT courses are offered in online and offline modes.

Check the training calendar 2021-2022 below. You can register for one or more NDT courses. Register online.

Your requirement could be different. But, we can design a course exclusively optimized to you.

Send us your queries today, for any custom/tailor made training courses.  

Download NDT Inspection and training services brochures here.

Trinity NDT | Training agent for TWI India

Also, Trinity NDT is a training agent for TWI Training in India. In addition, we offer CSWIP 3.0, CSWIP 3.1 and 3.2 certification courses at Bangalore-India. Also, planning ISO9712 courses. Write us today or call us to know more about the upcoming courses. Email us your request for CSWIP Welding Inspector training.

Why is Trinity NDT – The Best Institute in India

  • Organizing all the six NDT methods certification courses – Ultrasonic Testing UT, Magnetic particle testing MT/MPT, Liquid Penetrant Testing PT, Radiography testing / film interpretation Course RT/RTFI, Visual Inspection VT and Eddy Current Testing ET Level II
  • All methods arranged without break for your convenience
  • Internationally recognized NDT certification.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Study materials can be a source of good information. Experienced NDT experts prepared our study materials. Consequently, they can be rich source of information. Thus, help you to prepare your own testing procedures. Also, much useful for immediately applying to on site NDT applications.
  • Rated as THE BEST NDT INSTITUTE in India (Participants attended and alumni of the Institute have rated us).
  • Practical on latest state of art NDT equipment. Thus, you will be exposed to right equipment.
  • Quality of class room training is important. Also, NDT Level III trainers experience is vital. Our ASNT NDT Level III trainers have over two decades of experience in NDT, Metallurgy and welding inspection.

We are ready to help You | NDT Job Placements

  • Also, we can offer free on the job training and placement assistance*.
  • At the end, we evaluate you through NDT examinations
  • Learning should be under conducive environment. Thus, we have designed our class room to be pleasant.
    • Audio and visual power point presentations
    • In house NDT, Material testing laboratory and Aerospace NDT
    • Also, stay at our low cost room near the Institute.
  • Career guidance for fresh and experienced NDT level I and II technicians. Also, assists you in job placements.
  • Certification holders’ data base is well maintained online. In other words, we offer only genuine certifications. Certainly, you can verify the certification credentials online. Now, Verify Certification validity status
  • To conclude, we are located at the core of Peenya Industrial Area. Therefore, you can be exposed to the best practicals. Locate us on GOOGLE MAPS.

How to reach the institute | By Road, Rail and Air

The institute is located inside Trinity NDT Aspire campus. It’s at the hub of Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore India. Bangalore is also the capital city of Karnataka state. In addition, the city is well connected by road, rail and air.

We are located at just 45 minutes drive from Bangalore International Airport. The airport is well connected with all major cities such as Delhi | Hyderabad | Mumbai | Kolkata | Kochi | Chennai and Pune in India.

Also, connected to international destinations including Middle East countries | UAE | Qatar | Bahrain Abudabi | UAE | Dubai | Muscat | Oman | Kuwait. Well connected to USA | Canada | UK | London | Frankfurt Germany and Europe. Also, connected to Colombo | Srilanka and Singapore.

For the convenience of Participants from African Countries, Ethiopian Airlines operate direct flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a result, candidates from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa can easily attend the training. Visit Ethiopian Airline Website for more details. However, to process the visa, contact Indian Embassy nearest to you.

Plan for course admission well in advance. Thus, the training calendar for NDT Level I, II certification courses for the year 2021-22 is published here.

Also, contact us for ISO9712 NDT training courses, awareness courses and Basics of NDT. Special course on Metallurgy for Non-metallurgist is also available. In addition, for Welders skill Training and welding Inspector certification courses, contact us.

For more upcoming schedules, send us your request to: You can also whats app +91 98441 29439. 

Download Training Calendar 2021-2022

Training Venue :  Trinity Institute of NDT Technology,
                   NDT & Welding Inspector courses Center,
                   14th Cross, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore – 560 058, India.

Training Calendar 2021 – 2022

Method April 2021 May 2021 June 2021
UT 14.04.21 – 18.04.21 12.05.21– 16.05.21 16.06.21 – 20.06.21
MT 18.04.21 – 20.04.21 17.05.21 – 18.05.21 21.06.21 – 22.06.21
PT 21.04.21– 23.04.21 19.05.21 – 20.05.21 23.06.21 – 24.06.21
RT 23.04.21 – 25.04.21 21.05.21 – 23.05.21 25.06.21– 27.06.21
VT 26.04.21 – 28.04.21 24.05.21 – 26.05.21 28.06.21 – 30.06.21
ET 29.04.21 – 04.05.21 27.05.21 – 31.06.21 01.06.21 – 05.06.21
Method July 2021 August 2021 September 2021
UT 14.07.21 – 18.07.21 11.08.21 – 15.08.21 15.09.21 – 19.09.21
MT 19.07.21 – 20.07.21 16.08.21 – 17.08.21 20.09.21 – 21.09.21
PT 21.07.21 – 22.07.21 18.08.21 – 19.08.21 22.09.21 – 23.09.21
RT 23.07.21 – 25.07.21 20.08.21 – 22.08.21 24.09.21 – 26.09.21
VT 26.07.21 – 28.07.21 23.08.21 – 25.08.21 27.09.21 – 29.09.21
ET 29.07.21 – 02.08.21 26.08.21 – 30.08.21 30.09.21 – 04.09.21
Method October 2021 November 2021 December 2021
UT 20.10.21 – 24.10.21 17.11.21 – 21.11.21 15.12.21 – 19.12.21
MT 25.10.21 – 26.10.21 22.11.21 – 23.11.21 20.12.21 – 21.12.21
PT 27.10.21 – 28.10.21 24.11.21 – 25.11.21 22.12.21 – 23.12.21
RT 29.10.21 – 31.10.21 26.11.21 – 28.11.21 24.12.21 – 26.12.21
VT 01.10.21 – 03.10.21 29.11.21 – 31.11.21 27.12.21 – 29.12.21
ET 04.10.21 – 08.10.21 02.11.21 – 06.11.21 30.12.21 – 03.01.22
Method January 2022 February 2022 March 2022
UT 19.01.22 – 23.01.22 16.02.22 – 20.02.22 16.03.22 – 20.03.22
MT 24.01.22 – 25.01.22 21.02.22 – 22.02.22 21.03.22 – 22.03.22
PT 26.01.22 – 27.01.22 23.02.22 – 24.02.22 23.03.22 – 24.03.22
RT 28.01.22 – 30.01.22 25.02.21 – 27.02.22 25.03.22 – 27.03.22
VT 31.01.22 – 02.02.22 28.02.22 – 02.03.22 28.03.22 – 30.03.22
ET 03.02.22 – 07.02.22 03.03.22 – 07.03.22 30.03.22 – 04.04.22

Last date for course registration

April May June July August September
07.04.21 05.05.21 09.06.21 07.07.21 04.08.21 08.09.21
October November December January February March
13.10.21 10.11.21 08.12.21 12.01.22 09.02.22 09.03.22

Download Training Calendar 2021-22


To meet the current ISO EN and other standard requirements on personnel qualification of NDT personnel, we have recently added ISO9712 training and certification courses on Ultrasonic testing – UT (Welds), Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI (Welds), Magnetic particle Inspection method – MT Level 1, 2, Liquid Penetrant testing PT and Visual Testing VT (Welds). For details, Fee structure, upcoming Training Schedules as per ISO9712, Eligibility Criteria Contact us today.

Short Term Job Oriented Courses for Mechanical & Civil Engineers – NDT & Welding

Certainly there is a large skill gap between the engineering institutes offering Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and the industry needs. Nondestructive testing and Welding Inspection skills are considered as Job Oriented and mandatory for employment in QA/QC functions for engineering components manufacturing and civil construction projects. Current curriculumfor Mechanical and Civil Engineers may not be sufficient to get into jobs/employment opportunities. Ample Job vacancies / opportunities are available to make them readily employable on various QA/QC job roles. We fine tune or hone NDT & Welding skills of participants to the industry needs through professional learning ecosystem built at Trinity NDT.

Short term job oriented technical courses on Nondestructive testing and Welding for sure immensely help our budding mechanical and civil engineers to make them employable. Considering the importance of quality training, each certification program at this facility is professionally designed by expertsfrom industry and NDT level III andfor sure willmake each individual thorough in theory and practical concepts. We understand the importance of practical skills during employment and emphasize on practicing each NDT technique thoroughly at our Inspection Labs and Welding Shop floor. ASTM, ASME, AWS, BS, EN, ISO, JIS, IS, International standards, code and techniques are taught by leading industry practitioners.

Read reviews about our courses for Mechanical and Civil Engineers online at Our Youtube channel. Fill the contact us form here or Call us or whats app us your queries.