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Training Schedules 2024 - 2025. NDT, Welding Inspector Courses.

NDT Level II, Welding Inspector Training Schedules.
Online, Offline (physical mode) course calendar - 2024.

Training Hall for NDT, Welding Inspector courses

‘Trinity NDT WeldSolutions Private Limited – training services division is India’s best rated institute. Offers NDT, Welding Inspector courses. Participants from 45+ countries. Online, physical mode programs. Regular schedules throughout the calendar year. Now register, get certified with ease.   

Quality of our trainers and the latest equipment have been key factors driving our progress since 2001. Our workshops are equipped with PAUT, TOFD, Computed Radiography, FPI, and MPI machines that meet aerospace standards. Each trainer has over 25 years of experience and is certified as ASNT Level III, NAS410 Level III, and IWE.

We offer hands-on practicals at Aerospace NDT labs in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore. Find SNT TC 1A Level II course calendar for 2024 in India here. Check course eligibility, fee.

Our offline courses are held at the ‘Aspire Auditorium,’ a state-of-the-art center that offers the best ambiance for classroom training. The courses are designed and conducted to provide ample practical experience in workshops accredited from NABL and NADCAP. If you seek high-quality learning, this is the right place for you. We were ranked as India’s 10th top-performing MSME by the Economic Times, ET Rise Awards 2021. Find more about our awards.

Online Training. Now Attend from Anywhere

To build a successful career, every quality engineer dreams of obtaining NDT Level II and Welding Inspector certifications. However, taking a leave of absence to travel to the institute can be a significant challenge. Are you struggling to find time to attend offline training? Now, ‘Trinity NDT’ offers, opportunity to attend online live training in India, allowing you to continue working without interruption. Wondering how? Check the details right here.

Since 2020, organized over 50 online courses, attracting participants not only from India but also from over 45 countries. Our courses have received outstanding reviews. We are the preferred institute for trainees from Africa. Check out the reviews. Our efficient team coordinates everything, from course enrollment to the completion of certification examinations. You are just a call away from connecting with us. Contact now.


No need to leave your job. Affordable Course fee. No hidden charges. Join, experience the joy of pleasureful learning. Attend from ANYWHERE using ‘just an internet connection’.

All that is needed to attend our online NDT training is passion to learn, a smart mobile phone or laptop, broadband connection. Rest we will do.

Whether you are beginner interested to learn NDT or a professional aims to enhance skills. Online courses are made to exactly meet your expectations.

Online NDT Level II Course Fee

Course fee varies as per scheme, method, level of certification. Trinity NDT Level 2 (SNT TC 1A), fee is economical in India. Depending on method, online course fee starts at Rs 4500/- + gst for Level 1 for DPT testing. 

Ultrasonic testing Level 2 at Rs.7999/-* for Indians. USD $359 for others.  Check Eligibility, Fee details for other NDT methods.

Limited time 10% discount fee offer applicable for registrations, 3 or more candidates from same organization. Send the filled in registration for on email, make fee remittance through payment gateway.

Choose 4, more methods to get best discount package fee offers. We advice to choose NDT package fee to take full advantage. This includes, online live training, exam fee, course notes, mock up tests. Contact us.

Offline NDT Courses |  For High Quality Learning


Each offline NDT course is developed, from ASNT Level III, International Welding Engineer IWE, industry experts. Trainers have vast experience in NDT, welding. Benefit from real-world insights, hands-on practice at NABL, NADCAP accredited aerospace labs.

Learn 6 NDT methods in one go. Check details of each course, ultrasonic testingmagnetic particle testingradiography testing, penetrant testing, eddy current and visual inspection. Our courses cover classroom training, practicals, and couple of case studies. Engage with interactive modules, quizzes, and practical exercises.

Daily practice hand outs on each day, to make the concepts crystal clear. This will help to understand where the trainee is standing in terms of learning. Above everything, we give importance for learning outcome. If you look for quality training, Trinity NDT is the best center in India. Contact us or call now.


Upcoming NDT, Welding Inspector Courses

Online NDT Level II Schedules. July, August - 2024
Timings: 6:00am to 08:00am | 6:30pm to 08:30pm (daily 4hours)

Course TitleScheduled Dates (Sunday Holiday)
Ultrasonic Testing (UT Level II) 01  – 04, July 2024
Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT Level II) 05 – 06, July 2024
Penetrant Testing (DPT Level II)07 – 08, July 2024
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI Level II)02 – 03, August 2024
Visual Testing (VT Level II)05 – 06, August 2024
Eddy Current testing (ET Level II)07 – 09, August 2024
Welding Inspector Course (WI)05 – 07, August 2024

Offline In-person mode NDT Level II Courses. August 2024.
Timings: 09:30am to 05:30pm.

NDT MethodIn-person Training
Ultrasonic Testing (UT)17 – 21 July 2024
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)22 – 23 July 2024
Penetrant Testing (PT)24 – 25 July 2024
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)26 – 28 July 2024
Visual Testing (VT)29 – 31 July 2024
Eddy Current testing (ET)01  – 05 August 2024
Welding Inspector Course (WI)29 – 31 July 2024

Course Calendar for the Year 2024 - 2025


MethodApril 2024May 2024June 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)10.04.24 – 14.04.2415.05.24 – 19.05.2412.06.24 – 16.06.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)15.04.24 – 16.04.2420.05.24 – 21.05.2417.06.24 – 18.06.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)17.04.24 – 18.04.2422.05.24 – 23.05.2419.06.24 – 20.06.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)19.04.24 – 21.04.2424.05.24 – 26.05.2421.06.24– 23.06.24
Visual Testing(VT)22.04.24 – 24.04.2427.05.24 – 29.05.2424.06.24 – 26.06.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)25.04.24 – 29.04.24330.05.24 – 03.06.2427.06.24 – 01.07.24
MethodJuly 2024August 2024September 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)17.07.24 – 21.07.2414.08.24 – 19.08.2411.09.24 – 15.09.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)22.07.24 – 23.07.2420.08.24 – 21.08.2416.09.24 – 17.09.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)24.07.24 – 25.07.2422.08.24 – 23.08.2418.09.24 – 19.09.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)26.07.24 – 28.07.2424.08.24 – 26.08.2420.09.24 – 22.09.24
Visual Testing(VT)29.07.24 – 31.07.2427.08.24 – 29.08.2423.09.24 – 25.09.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)01.08.24 – 05.08.2430.08.24 – 03.09.2426.09.24 – 30.09.24
MethodOctober 2024November 2024December 2024
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)17.10.24 – 21.10.2413.11.24 – 17.11.2411.12.24 – 15.12.24
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)22.10.24 – 23.10.2418.11.24 – 19.11.2416.12.24 – 17.12.24
Penetrant testing (DPT)24.10.24 – 25.10.2420.11.24 – 21.11.2418.12.24 – 19.12.24
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)26.10.24 – 28.10.2422.11.24 – 24.11.2420.12.24 – 22.12.24
Visual Testing(VT)29.10.24 – 31.10.2425.11.24 – 27.11.2423.12.24 – 25.12.24
Eddy Current testing (ET)04.11.24 – 08.11.2428.11.24 – 02.12.2426.12.24 – 30.12.24
MethodJanuary 2025February 2025March 2025
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)08.01.25 – 12.01.2512.02.25 – 16.02.2512.03.25 – 16.03.25
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPT)20.01.25 – 21.01.2517.02.25 – 18.02.2517.03.25 – 18.03.25
Penetrant testing (DPT)22.01.25 – 23.01.2519.02.25 – 20.02.2519.03.25 – 20.03.25
Radiography Film Interpretation (RTFI)24.01.25 – 26.01.2521.02.25 – 23.02.2521.03.25 – 23.03.25
Visual Testing(VT)27.01.25 – 29.01.2524.02.25 – 26.02.2524.03.25 – 26.03.25
Eddy Current testing (ET)30.01.25 – 03.02.2527.02.25 – 03.03.2527.03.25– 31.03.25

Last date for registration for each of the above schedule


Abbreviations: Ultrasonic Testing – UT, Magnetic Particle Testing MT, Penetrant testing PT, Radiography Film Interpretation RTFI, Visual testing VT, Eddy Current testing ET

For details, Course Fee structure Eligibility Criteria Contact us today. For latest NDT Welding Information visit Material Testing NDT Welding Blog

How to Reach Training Center in Bengaluru, India

The center is located at the hub of Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore India. The capital city of Karnataka state in Indian Union. Connected by road, rail and air. Centre is just 45 minutes drive by road from Bengaluru International Airport

Note: Ethiopian Airlines operate direct flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a result, aspirants from all countries of Africa can reach us easily. To process the visa, contact Indian Embassy nearest to you. Need assistance send a request on WhatsApp.