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Weld Visual testing – VT Inspection NDT Services in Bangalore, India


Weld joints as a minimum needs  visual testing to explore about the quality of welds made. For this, surface NDT and internal NDT methods are helpful. For testing of Welds, Visual inspection is one of the common and powerful means of non-destructive testing. Weld Visual testing(VT) can gives overall ‘birds eye view’ of the weld joint prior to using other NDT inspection methods. VT is an a vital tool in preventive maintenance of components. As the cost is minimal, VT can be used almost at every stage of manufacturing. In summary, VT inspection is a useful method for controlling process quality.

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Conditions for Visual Inspection


Visual testing requires proper lighting of the weld and adjacent surfaces and clear eye-sight for the VT Level 2 inspector. To be truly effective visual inspection does however, merit special attention because it requires training (knowledge of welding process, anticipated service conditions, acceptance standard, documentation, for example) and it has its own range of VT equipment. It is also a fact that all defects found by other NDT methods at the end are verified by visual inspection methods. 

Our visual inspectors serve from Bangalore. Also, we depute our inspectors for project located at Hosur, Mangalore, Mysore, Tumkur, Goa, Bellary, Hyderabad, Vizag and Belgaum (Karnataka) in India.

Type of Visual testing – Techniques

Visual Inspection VT Testing of Railway Bogie Frame Indian
Visual Inspection VT Testing of Indian Railway Bogie Frame
As a basic NDT method, visual testing can be classified as Direct visual testing and Remote or indirect visual testing . The most common NDT methods MT and PT are indeed simply scientific ways of improving the visibility of indications. Often the VT testing equipment needed is simple for internal inspection, light lens systems such as borescopes to test remote in accessible surfaces. More moderb devices of this nature using fibrescope permit the introduction of the device into very small access holes and channels. Most of visual testing systems provide the attachment of a camera or video shoot to permit permanent recording.

Borescope Fibrescope Inspections

This Visual testing NDT method is even suitable for inservice inspection Pipes and heat exchanger tubes using borescope or fibrescope method of inspections.  Aerospace engine components such as turbine blades and other difficult to access parts are tested using borescope and firbrescopes. The test results are records for future use. Development of devices for visual testing is happening at much faster pace. This make possible to use this method at many area where earliest is NOT used.

Procedure for Visual Testing(VT) of Weld Joints

Welds visual testing is performed at 3 stages i.e. before start of welding, during the welding and after completion of welding. For example verify root gap, bevel angle etc before welding, check interpass temperature, removal of slap during welding and check for visual defects, undercuts, reinforcement, penetration after welding.
Visual testing Procedure for Welds
  • Prepare a VT testing procedure
  • Choose acceptance norms based on application of weld
  • Check personnel Qualification
  • Clean weld and adjacent areas
  • Remove paint, rust, dust etc
  • Do VT testing
  • Record the image/video using camera if needed
  • Complete the document (VT Test Report format Dowload)

Visual Testing Welds – Weld Inspection Services in Bangalore, India

Visual Testing of Weld Joints
Visual Testing of Weld Joints

Trinity NDT‘s Visual testing Weld Inspection services are quite professional. The Visual testing services are offered from our Centre of Excellence in Welding, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, India. We have complete range of light meters, welding gauges, magnifiers, lenses, other measuring instruments and equipment for VT testing. Our VT Level 2 inspectors, engineers and technicians are qualified to NDT Level 1, Level 2 as per written practice prepared according to written practice ASNT SNT-TC-1A. In addition, in-house we engage ASNT Level 3 (Visual testing) for inspection and consulting services on visual inspection of welds. Know more about updates on visual inspection of welds visit Ravi Trinity NDT Blog.

Also, if you are interested to learn VT, we offer training, certification on Visual inspection VT Level 2 and Level 1 as per ASNT SNT TC 1A at our centre in Bangalore, India. Find more details about our visual testing VT Level 2 training certification services from our centre in Bangalore. We also serve our welding Visual inspection services in Hosur, Mangalore, Mysore, Shivamogga, Bellary and Belgaum in Karnataka state of India. The NDT centre also have CSWIP certified welding inspectors and IWE/IWT (IIW) welding engineer experts and therefore customers can get reliable results. Each visual examiner has over 20 years of impressive experience on testing of welds on pressure vessels, pipe lines, tanks and other critical weld joints.

With our welding experts and world class testing infrastructure, we are just phone call away from you. Call us now on phone +91 9844129439 / 9141339969 and experience award winning services on NDT and Welding.