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NABL Accredited Radiography Testing Center. X-ray Testing lab.

Experts in Industrial Radiography of Welds & Castings. 24X7 RT Services in Bangalore

Radiography Testing Enclosure Facility. AERB Govt of India Approved, NABL Accredited Lab. Fastest Onsite Inspection Services in Bangalore, Hosur and mysore. Over 1500+ Satisfied Customers.

We are an independent NABL Accredited Radiography X ray testing services company (NDT Lab) in Peenya, Bangalore in India. We also serve for clients in Hosur, Mysore, Shimoga, Bellary, Belgaum and Mangalore in Karnataka. ‘Trinity NDT’ is a  leading NABL accredited RT testing Lab for high quality X ray radiography testing for over 500+ customers. In addition, onsite Radiography x ray testing available in Hindupur, Nellore and Tirupati in A.P. India. Looking for professional quality Radiography testing? Call us today.

Full range of X ray and gamma Radiography Inspection of Welds, Castings, Pressure vessels, Pipelines and Boiler IBR Weld joints . RT labs are licensed from AEBR, Mumbai. This is the largest RT Enclosure of its kind in India for X ray Radiography of welds and castings. As we have 5 tonne EOT crane for handling large pressure vessels and castings, we recommend to use Radiography enclosure facility in Peenya.

Also, opt for Onsite RT testing,  if the size of component is bigger and difficult to transport to our labs. However, the site shall be vacated to perform Radiography X ray testing onsite. We need advance information to make site visit and get approval for onsite RT testing.

We are the fastest Radiography x ray testing lab in India. Our RT x ray testing labs are open 24X7 for customers. Also due to nearness we serve in Peenya, Dabaspet, Tumakuru quite fast. Mobilising teams for Bommasandra, White field, Doddaballapur, Jigani, Attibele, Dabaspet in Bengaluru and Hosur, Mysore. 

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Castings and Weld radiography services. RT Enclosure facility in Bangalore

X ray Radiography Machine at Trinity NDT RT test lab in India
X ray Radiography Machine at Trinity NDT RT test lab in India

Our RT testing labs at Peenya in Bengaluru are fully furnished for x ray testing of castings and welds. RT Level 2 technicians performs radiography. In house ASNT Level III in Radiography testing monitors interpretation of x-ray films. With this, you can fully trust the results. Moreover, RT X-ray labs are NABL, Delhi approved and therefore results are accepted worldwide. Reference radiographs ASTM E446 are available for interpretation of castings.

We follow ISO, ASTM, ASME standards to do Radiography tests. Due to quality of services, we are the first choice for majority of companies. Castings weld radiography services by our RT testing labs serves Peenya, Bommasandra and Dabaspet. Serving Doddaballapur, White field, Jigani, Bengaluru, Hosur and Mysore. If you have large bulk size casting or weld structures we can mobilise teams for onsite RT tests.

Whether it is pressure vessel, boiler or aerospace component, we can do the radiographic testing to your satisfaction. Check our fastest radiography testing services in Bengaluru, Hosur, Mysore today.


NABL ISO17025:2017 Accredited RT testing Xray Labs

NABL and NADCAP Accredited Lab ISO17025
NABL, ISO17025:2017 and NADCAP Accredited Lab in Bangalore India

With NABL accreditation for our Radiography X ray testing labs, test results are genuine and trust worthy. Customers can rely on our RT testing services for quality. View and download Trinity NDT – NABL accreditation certificate and scope.

Since the year 2001, we serve over 500 customers in Hosur, Mysore, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Cochin, Tirupati and Hindupur in India. Also, if demanded, quality of Radiography X rays can meet aerospace NDT standards.

The RT testing center has both Iridium 192 and X ray equipment. In addition, we have well experienced Radiographers and RSO, ASNT and NAS410 Level 3 experts.  Before start of testing, BARC Level 2 prepares shooting sketch. There after he establishes procedure for carrying testing. Every radiography exposure is ensured to follow right RT technique.

Serving our clients with both in-house and onsite RT testing. As some of the weld structures and castings are heavy to move, 5T EOT crane at our labs, can support the testing at RT enclosure. For onsite radiography testing in and around Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore and Mangalore call us now.

Also, we are in the process of adding Digital Radiography DR System shortly. Our other NDT services: Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Visual inspection, Eddy Current testing and Welder Qualification WPS services. Find more about NDT testing Labs. 

IBR Boiler Inspector Approved Radiography testing Services. Onsite X-ray for Boiler Weld Joints

IBR Boiler Radiography Xray testing Lab Bangalore Karnataka
IBR Boiler Radiography Xray testing Lab Bangalore Karnataka

Indian Boiler Regulations – A mandatory industry rules for construction of boilers in India. If you are a boiler manufacturer or service provider it is mandatory test all boiler components as per IBR. This needs, performing materials testing at IBR approved material test lab. Our RT testing labs and NDT center at Bangalore is approved by The Inspector of Boilers, Goverment of Karnataka. You can use our IBR approved Radiography X ray testing labs located in Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru.

Also, Trinity NDT is an IBR approved material testing lab for mechanical testing, Boiler weld X ray radiography testing. The X-ray radiography labs can do testing of welds as per IBR regulations and even qualify welders. In addition, Center of welding provides consulting for WPS, PQR, qualification and certification of welders as per IBR. Find more about WPS IBR Welder Certification services.

AERB, Govt of India Licenced RT Enclosure in Bangalore

It is a unique nondestructive test Lab of its kind for X ray radiography services in the state of Karnataka in India. Designed to meet requirements of AERB, it is one of the best RT x-ray enclosure facility. We are an AERB licensed Radiography testing center using Gamma and X ray machines. To ease in handling, 5T EOT crane for handling big components inside Radiography enclosure.

Radiography enclosure can operate up to 100 Curie Iridium192 source. Cameras carry sources under safe conditions. X-rays provides superior quality radiographs. With built in radiation safety, it is one of the finest Radiography X ray center giving services in Bangalore and also serving Hosur, Mysore and Mangalore.


Dark Room Facility for Xray film Processing

Dark room processing of X ray film is important. If not adequately controlled, improper film processing causes Film artefacts. Also, quality of x ray film image depends on the quality of film processing. Therefore, our skilled RT technicians process films at the darkroom with extreme care. Selection of X ray film quality depends on customer needs. In general we use D4 and D7 type films. However, based on need, we can also use any other quality x ray films as per agreement.

Onsite Gamma and X ray testing Facility. Experienced Radiographers and Site incharge

Iridium Ir 192 Gamma Ray Camera for Radiography onsite
Iridium Ir 192 Gamma Ray Camera for Radiography onsite

Castings and Welds are tested for quality using xray radiography. For example, we do x ray radiography test of steel and aluminium castings to find internal flaws. Also we have good experience in X ray of welds on pressure vessels, valves and oil gas pipelines. Our team for onsite radiography testing ready with all the equipment and safety. We do x ray testing our RT enclosure. Now, we can provide Composite X ray testing for aerospace as well. RT testing of Assembled components is done to find interior parts.

Onsite radiography avoids movement of materials to our labs. However, prior approval of site for radiation safety ensure untoward incidents on site. Radiographer and RSO will survey the site and evacuate prior to start of onsite x ray testing. Take proper approval from plant safety before starting radiography.


ASTM E446 Reference Radiographs for Interpretation

With decades of experience, our Radiographers can do RT inspection of heavy castings and welds. For X ray film interpretation of castings we have ASTM E446 reference Radiographs. Similarly, Welding Radiography reference standards are available for weld x-ray interpretation. In other words, we bring you trusted results so that you will know the quality of castings and weld joints.

In general, x ray radiography is suitable for lighter thickness sections and low density metals such as Aluminium, Magnesium and composites. In contrast, heavy sections and high density metals, gamma rays will do better. IQI or penetrameter of various materials are in place to ensure quality of each film. RT techniques includes SWSI, Panoramic for circumferential welds and castings, DWSI, DWDI Elliptical technique for pipes and tube welds of smaller diameter.


ASNT Level III consulting Service in Radiography

The test results are reliable under able guidance of ASNT Level 3 consultants. Considering the importance of quality, our in-house ASNT NDT Level 3 approves the procedures and RT testing techniques before starting radiography. NDT Level III can also support the customers on preparing Radiography procedures and act as company level III.

If you need Radiography x ray testing consulting in Bengaluru, Hosur, Mysore, Hyderabad or Mangalore contact us. We not only serve in India, but also in Azerbaijan, UAE, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana and other Africa countries. Know more about ASNT NDT Level III team. 

For helping you in establishing right testing procedure, we have published free Radiography testing procedure for download. Now you can Download free NDT procedures and test report formats in pdf.


The best Safety rated Radiography X-ray testing Labs

Whether it is onsite testing or offsite testing, safety is paramount in Radiography testing. Radiography is under the close supervision of Radiological Safety Officer – RSO & Site Incharge to ensure safety round the clock. BARC Certified Radiographers will take exposures. Our Radiographers have right knowledge of theory and practical exposure mended by in-house ASNT Level 3 to handle critical welds and castings with ease.


AERB, Mumbai is the regulatory body in India for safety in RT testing. For onsite radiography, upon application, AERB Mumbai issues prior approval. Contact us well in advance for your onsite x-ray testing of welds, castings, valves and pipe lines. A team of RT Level 2 leaded by ASNT Level 3 in Radiography testing will perform x ray film Interpretation.


Radioactive Isotopes, X-ray Equipment and Accessories

The x ray Radiography test labs at Bangalore Karnataka, India has


  • Gamma Ray testing using Ir-192
  • X-Ray machine up to 250Kv
  • RT Radiography x ray Enclosure
  • Radiation Survey Meters
  • Dosimeters
  • Safety Accessories CV Tongs, Lead Pots & Lead Sheets
  • IQI Image Quality Indicators


Charges for RT Testing

Major factors affecting Radiography X ray testing charges are material, job thickness apart from various other factors. Cost also depends on quality of x-ray film, sensitivity and other factors. For example, D4 for high quality and D7 for normal quality. 2-2T is the generally acceptable sensitivity. However, quality needs for aerospace may vary. Also, X ray radiography test charges are based on x-ray film consumption and location of testing. In general for a weld test coupon of 300mm length, 10mm thickness radiography charges starts from Rs.750+gst.

RT testing Charges are competitive for the quality of services we offer to our 1500+ customers in India.

Want to get the best quote for RT testing services in Bangalore? Contact us today. We are just a call away from you to serve. Serving Pan India in Bangalore, Mysore, Hosur, Mangalore, Tumkur, Tirupati, Hindupur, Bellary and Belgaum. If you need X ray testing at other parts of India ? Do contact us.