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NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING – NDT Testing lab at bangalore

NABL Accredited NDT Testing Labs at Peenya Indl Area Serving Bangalore, Mysore and Hosur

NDT testing Labs at Bangalore in India – Center Serving Hosur and Mysore

Trinity NDT is an NDT testing Lab at Bangalore in India serving clients in Hosur, Mysore and other cities of Karnataka. Quality and safety are paramount aspects in manufacturing. Both are interdependent on each other for survival of any manufacturing company. Customer expectations are ever increasing for better quality and extra safety. Good thing is that NDT can enhance both quality and safety. Nondestructive testing simply abbreviated as NDT is an important specialization of mechanical engineering is crucial for assuring and controlling the quality of components and structures during manufacturing and in-service inspections.

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Nondestructive Inspections – NDT testing lab at Bangalore in India, will be testing the materials, structures and components without causing any harm and does not destroy under testing. NDT inspections are important for functioning and to ensure safety of engineering structures. NDT tests are also used in in-service inspection of process plants, boilers, pressure vessels, aircraft structures and lot more engineering structures.

Today, if effectively implemented, NDT testing can prevent catastrophic failures that could be caused due to fatigue, thermal stresses, corrosion, creep and other damage mechanisms by detecting flaws in early stages of life in engineering materials such as critical aerospace, oil & gas and automotive components.

-Ravi Kumar T, NAS410 Level 3 at Trinity NDT Testing Labs, India

A premier NDT Testing Company in Bangalore, India

NDT Testing Labs at Bangalore India

Trinity NDT is a fastest growing premier NDT testing company operating from Bangalore in Karnataka, India. The NDT Labs at Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore are NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration laboratories, New Delhi, India) ISO 17025:2017 accredited to assure quality testing services. Every NDT test is carried as per ASNT NDT Level 3 approved NDT procedures, specifications, customer approved NDT procedures.

The Aerospace NDT Labs at Bengaluru are NADCAP accredited and meet aerospace NDT standards. MPI and FPI testing services are accredited to NADCAP. Aerospace NDT facilities: Fluorescent Penetrant testing FPI testing, Magnetic particle inspections Eddy Current testing, Ultrasonic testing and Radiography testing.

Fluorescent Penetrant FPI testing labs have the facilities for Water Washable, Post Emulsifiable and solvent removable processes. ASTM E1417 2021 standard is commonly used standard for FPI testing.

Magnetic particle inspections are carried out as per ASTM E1444 or other Aerospace standards.

Eddy Current testing facility is suitable for material sorting, thickness gauging, crack detection on aluminum, titanium and other metal structures. Trinity NDT uses modern Eddy Current inspection equipment that can give reliable and accurate test results. 

Ultrasonic inspection systems and Radiography-X-ray labs are designed to be reliable and accurate to meet Aerospace standard requirements. Know more about Aerospace NDT Inspection facilities.

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NDT Testing Labs at Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore India

Trinity NDT serves clients through it’s world class testing labs on

We offer you consistent, reliable and dependable NDT inspection services. Over 600 satisfied clients are with Trinity NDT, in the progress towards building better and safer world through Nondestructive testing.

Ultrasonic testing Labs Serving Bangalore, Hosur and Mysore

Ultrasonic testing UT Inspection Services

Trinity NDT testing lab at Bangalore in India is providing Ultrasonic UT testing services on forgings, castings, plates and bars. Experienced ASNT Level 2 Engineers to depute on site NDT testing in and around Bangalore Hosure and Mysore. Also have Ultrasonic thickness testing labs for measuring wall thickess of pipes, tubes and chimneys for corrosion. Special UT equipment for testing of Aerospace Composites is available for UT testing of composites. High experienced ASNT Level 3 in the labs to ensure the tests meets ultrasonic standards and customer procedures. The UT lab is NABL accredited in Ultrasonic testing.

Radiography testing X-ray inspection in Bengaluru, Mysore & Hosur

Radiography testing X ray Inspection Services

RT Radiography testing, x-ray inspections are generally used for testing Casting and Welds. If the testing is for a larger weld or casting then onsite x-ray testing is the choice, whereas smaller welds castings can be sent for testing at radiography enclosure. Trinity NDT Testing lab at Bangalore in India is having radiography x ray labs that are approved by AERB and BARC. Its a very unique testing labs at Bangalore for Gamma and X-ray testing. Also has 5 tonne crane to assist in radiography testing. ASNT Level 3 on Radiography testing, RSO for safety of operations stays at NDT RT testing labs to ensure delivery of quality testing.

Magnetic particle testing Crack Detection in Peenya

Magnetic Particle Testing NDT Inspection Services

Magnetic particle testing is an NDT method for testing of ferrous materials. It detects both surface and below the surface defects. Very much suitable for crack detection during in-service testing. Trinity NDT testing lab at Bangalore in India is also providing MPI testing services onsite and inside the labs for customers in and around Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, Mysore and Hosur. Portable and bench type machines for head shot, central conductor and coil shot method using AC, HWDC and DC currents. Expert Level 2 and ASNT Level 3 for monitoring the MPI testing services. Also offers Demagnetisation services. Also MPI testing labs is NABL accredited and NADCAP aerospace accredited.

Eddy Current Crack testing Services

Eddy Current Crack Testing and Material Sorting Services

Eddy Current testing is the one of the electromagnetic testing methods for crack testing and materials sorting. It is also an method for detecting cracks on surface and subsurface for conducting materials. ET testing can also be used for corrosion testing, wall thinning of heat exchanger tubes in oil and gas industries. Eddy currents can also detect fatigue cracks during in-service inspection of aerospace structures. Materials sorting and mix up sorting is an economical method for common sorting issues in automobile and CNC workshops. The eddy current labs with Trinity NDT testing services lab at Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore in India has complete equipment, ET level 2 engineers and ASNT Level 3 for supervision of NDT testing labs.

Dye Penetrant testing and FPI testing Services

Dye Penetrant DPT testing and FPI testing Services

Dye penetrant testing or DPT testing a frequently used testing method in welding, casting inspection. DPT testing detects cracks purely open to surface. This method can be useful for testing almost all materials except porous surfaces. Based on application, criticality of components choose DPT testing techniques such as; Method A water washable Penetrant, Method B Post emulsifiable lipophilic, Method C Solvent removable and method D hydrophilic penetrants. Also NDT testing services lab at Bangalore in India has best FPI testing labs that are NABL accredited and NADCAP aerospace approved to serve in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore, Hosur, Mysore and nearby areas. The NDT testing lab has inhouse NAS410 Level 2, 3 and ASNT Level 2, 3 for performing penetrant testing.

Testing of Welding using Visual Inspection

Testing of Welds by Visual Inspection & Welding Services

Visual testing can be a quite useful tool for inspection of welds. Weld joints are tested before welding, in the process of welding and after completion of welding. Each stage of welding is prone for numerous defects. Therefore proper quality control can reduce the rework and rejection of welds. Visual inspection will enhance the quality of welding. Welding gauges are important tools for finding the sizes of welds in welding workshop. Trinity NDT testing labs have Centre of welding workshop with all kinds of visual testing tools. Borescopes and fibrscopes are inservice visual inspection equipment for aerospace applications. Also have IWE and IWT qualified welding engineers, CSWIP welding inspectors, VT level 2 and eminent ASNT Level 3 experts.

At Trinity NDT testing labs, quality systems, procedures, equipment are designed to meet every customer’s quality requirements and employ Level 2, Level 3 trained engineers to deliver on time results with high level of accuracy. Today Trinity NDT testing services are approved world over and trusted by many.

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