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Largest NDT & Welding Facility in India at Bangalore. World Class Quality Services on UT, RT, ET, MT, PT & VT

The Complete NDT Services Laboratory. An independent NABL Accredited Testing Center in bangalore. Serving Customers in Hosur, Mysore in India. Experts in X-Ray, UT, Radiography, Eddy Current, DPT & MPT Facility.

Ultrasonic Testing UT - NDT Testing Lab

Independent NDT Services Labs in Bangalore. Testing at Our Labs and Onsite at Your Works across India.

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Important factors to increase sales and reputation of engineering companies are quality and safety. NDT is used in engineering to enhance both quality and safety. Companies may have Nondestructive testing department to look after quality of goods manufactured. There are independent labs who can provide such services. We are an independent quality services company serving 1500+ customers in India.

Trinity NDT provides Nondestructive testing services on Radiography(X-ray), Ultrasonic testing(UT), Magnetic particle testing(MPT), Penetrant Testing(PT), Eddy Current (ET) and Visual testing(VT). Labs in Bangalore are NABL accredited as per ISO17025. In addition to serving at our permanent labs, we also do onsite inspections.     

Nondestructive testing called as NDT is an important branch of mechanical engineering. It is crucial for controlling the quality during manufacturing and in-service inspection of materials. It is a indispensable technology to test materials without destroying them. As there is no damage to materials, these tests can be performed 100% on actual materials.There are few material limitations to perform these type of tests.

It is often used for in-service inspection of process plants, boilers, pressure vessels and aircraft structures. 

Trinity NDT is an independent Laboratory in Bangalore serving clients in cities of Karnataka. Additionally, we are capable to serve on-site at customer locations anywhere in India.

Initial Information Needed for Quotation for Services

To ensure a swift response, we kindly ask our customers to furnish the following essential details. Our Technical Manager from NDT Labs will promptly reach out to you and forward a personalized quotation.

Typically, we aim to provide quotations for NDT services within 2 hours* of your request, taking into account any necessary clarifications.

We request you to share the following initial information with us:

  • Component Description and Material
  • Dimensions or Drawings (Include a Non-disclosure Agreement if required)
  • Quantity and Extent of Testing (e.g., 100% area, welds, machine surfaces)
  • Type of NDT Method & Technique (e.g., Ultrasonic Angle Beam Testing, Yoke Type, SWSI in RT Testing)
  • NDT Specification or Procedure (e.g., ASTM A388, E709, ISO17361; we have our own procedures if not specified)
  • Acceptance Criteria (e.g., ASME Section VIII Division I, AWS D1.1, ISO5817)
  • Testing Location (either at our labs in Bangalore or the customer’s site in India)

Your cooperation in providing this information allows us to deliver efficient NDT services tailored to your needs. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance.

Optionally, to get our NDT services in Bangalore, you can also call us on phone and provide us the initial information on +919844129439 or e-mail: info@trinityndt.com

A Premier NDT Testing Services Company in Bangalore

Trinity NDT is a premier quality company operating from Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. We are located at Peenya Industrial Estate at north of Bangalore city. Also our inspectors are available to serve you all over India. Of course, its just a matter of speed at which we can reach you.

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), New Delhi, India accredited Trinity NDT labs as per ISO/IEC 17025. Our labs are accredited so as to accept the certificates world wide. Every test is carried as per ASNT NDT Level 3 approved procedures.

In house ASNT Level III and NAS410 Level 3 ensures quality of our services. As on date, we served over 1500+ customers in India, Azerbaijan and Nigeria.

Our experts brings over two decades of rich industrial experience. Also, their adequate exposure to metallurgy can helps in providing not just test results, but solutions to your problems. That’s why we have strong customers base. Growing rapidly and expanding services to pan India.

NABL Accredited Labs. NDT Inspection Services.

NABL and NADCAP Accredited Lab ISO17025

Our NDT Testing services are accredited as per ISO17025:2017 standard. In India, NABL is regarded as standard laboratory certification. We are an accredited lab in Nondestructive testing discipline. If you need services from an NABL accredited lab, contact us. Customers can download NABL certificate and scope of accreditation. In addition, we also are an ISO9001:2015 certified company for testing, welder qualifications and NDT, Welding training

Aerospace NDT division is accredited to NADCAP from Performance Review Institute-PRI, USA. Scope of accreditation: MPI and FPI testing

Fluorescent Penetrant testing labs have the facilities for Water Washable (method ‘A’) , Post Emulsifiable (Method ‘D’) and Solvent removable (method ‘C’) processes. Approved for penetrant sensitivites S3 & S4. MPI labs are equipped with head shot, coil and central conductor techniques. Learn more about NADCAP aerospace NDT testing labs

Also, other inspection services includes Dye Penetrant (DPT testing), Magnetic particle (MPI), Eddy Current testing, Ultrasonic testing and x-ray Radiography. We can also do as per ASTM, ISO, BS, EN standards. To know more about each testing service check below details.

Onsite NDT testing Services- UT, Radiography, MPT & DPT in
Peenya, Hosur and Mysore.

Experience Speed and Quality of our services. Skilled NDT Level II Inspectors. Monitored by In-house ASNT Level 3. Transparent Results. Trusted by over 1500+ Customers since over two decades.

Services are quick enough to reach your production targets on time. In fact, our customers prefer us for our quickest services. Do experience our fastest services. Now, India’s renowned NDT Testing Services are just a phone call away from you. Call us now.

X-ray Radiography RT Testing Center


The largest Radiography Enclosure in Bangalore. Whether it is Gamma ray or X-ray, we provide complete solutions. AERB Licensed RT Lab with RSO & BARC Level 2. Capacity to handle upto 5 Tonnes components. Find more about RT testing Labs.

Ultrasonic Testing


Rely on our Quick Ultrasonic Testing services. We do UT testing of castings, forgings, plates, welds and aerospace composites. Equipped with DAC, DGS and composites Dry scan. Well experienced UT Level 2 inspectors. Find more on Ultrasonic Testing services.

Eddy Current Testing


Whether it is critical crack detection, material sorting or heat exchanger tube testing, you can outsource Eddy current testing to us. We have the best experienced eddy current test technicians. State of the art ET equipment. Find more about Eddy Current Inspection services.


Magnetic Particle Testing


MPT test labs equipped with yokes, prods and Bench type machines. Skilled MPT Level 2 inspectors for magnetic particle inspections for general and NADCAP aerospace applications. Find about magnetic particle testing services.

Liquid Penetrant testing DPT Inspection


A modern DPT testing lab in India. Fluorescent, Visible penetrant systems up to S4 sensitivity. NABL accredited DPT test lab. Special NADCAP accredited Aerospace FPI testing lab in India. Check more details about penetrant testing lab.

Weld Visual Inspection Services


Visual Welding Inspection services for fabricated pressure vessels, pipe lines, boiler components. Experts in visual inspection of weld joints to detect flaws and weld sizes. Find more about our visual testing services.

Radiography &
Ultrasonic Testing

Radiography X ray testing
Radiography X ray testing

Radiography X ray Test Center

Trinity NDT – Testing lab at Bangalore is equipped with radiography X-ray labs. RT Centre is approved by AERB and BARC, Mumbai. Licensed enclosure for Gamma and X-ray testing of welds and castings. Therefore, customers can outsource RT testing services round the clock.

Also, 5 tonne EOT crane to assist in handling big size castings and welded structures during radiography testing. In-house ASNT Level 3 for monitoring quality and a Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) for ensuring safety of operations.

Find more about X-ray Radiography (RT testing)

Ultrasonic Test Services

Providing Ultrasonic testing (UT) services at our labs and onsite at customer locations. Facility for UT of forgings, castings, plates and bars. Experienced ASNT Level 2 Inspectors serving in Bangalore, Hosur and Mysore. An ASNT Level 3 in-house expert to monitor activities. 

Ultrasonic thickness testing labs for measuring wall thickness. Inspectors experienced in thickness gauging of pipe lines, tanks and chimneys. Special dry scan UT equipment for Aerospace Composite inspections. 

More information on Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Thickness Gauging Services

UT Testing of Composites Aerospace
UT Testing of Composites Aerospace

Eddy Current &
Magnetic particle Testing

Eddy Current Crack sorting test services lab
Eddy Current Crack sorting test services lab

Eddy Current Sorting & Crack Test

Eddy current is a multipurpose NDT method. It is cost effective solution for materials sorting and mix up issues in automobile and CNC workshops. Also, a reliable method for crack detection on non-ferrous metals.

Our eddy current labs in India are fully equipped with Olympus make equipment, crack and sorting probes. We also do heat exchanger tube inspection and conductivity measurements in %IACS. Skilled level 2 inspectors works under in-plant ASNT Level 3 experts.

Find more on Eddy Current testing services.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPT)

Magnetic particle testing (MPT) is an authentic NDT method for finding cracks.  Providing MPI testing services onsite and at our labs for customers in Peenya, Bangalore, Mysore and Hosur.

Portable equipment for onsite inspections. Stationery equipment for head shot, central conductor and coil techniques using AC, HWDC and DC current. Find Magnetic particle testing (MPT) testing services.

MPT Level 2 inspectors with vast inspection experience. Competent in-house ASNT Level 3 for interpretation. Also, offers Demagnetization services for eliminating residual magnetism.

Know more about our Demagnetization service.

Magnetic Particle test MPI Inspection
Magnetic Particle test MPI Inspection

Penetrant & Visual Testing

Dye Penetrant DPT testing
Dye Penetrant DPT testing Flurescent

Dye Penetrant (DPT) Testing Labs

Dye penetrant (DPT) testing is an NDT method for detecting open to surface cracks and other flaws. An economical method applied for welds and castings inspection.

Our DPT labs in Peenya, Bangalore are NABL and NADCAP accredited. Serving customers around Hosur, Mysore as well.

The center has skillful DPT Level 2 inspectors to perform onsite and in-house tests. In-plant ASNT Level 3 for evaluation of results.

Equipped with Visible and Fluorescent penetrant testing (S3 &S4) techniques.  Clients can choose among Water Washable (Method ‘A’), Solvent Removable (Method ‘C’) or Post Emulsifiable (Method ‘D’).

Find more about Dye Penetrant (DPT) testing services.

Weld Visual Inspections

Visual testing (VT) is a key method for inspection of welds. VT is used for dimensional and surface flaw detection. Performing visual testing will enhance quality of welds.

One can verify weld dimensions using welding gauges. ‘Centre of Excellence in welding’ by Trinity NDT can do all kinds of visual testing onsite for bridges, pipelines and structures all over India.

Engaging IWE and IWT qualified welding engineers for visual inspections. Also, inspectors are CSWIP 3.1 certified. Consulting ASNT Level 3 experts. 

Find more about visual testing of welds.

Visual Weld Inspection
Visual Weld Inspection