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Online NDT Training Courses by India’s Leading Institute

Online NDT Training Level 2 courses from Trinity Institute of NDT Technology India are increasing becoming popular post Covid19 pandemic. Though there was clear requirement by large pool working mechanical engineering graduates, Trinity NDT has pioneered to organize the courses online. However, due to infra bottle necks could not do more to make the training successful. There are internet speed issues, power and hardware issues. Thanks to Covid19 for bringing in good online learning platforms from various expert platform companies to overcome the challenges.

Today, the NDT institute has completed over 20 batches of successful virtual online NDT Level 2 courses without compromise on quality of courses. Participants from over 40 countries used the opportunity to learn and become NDT Level 2 with our high quality training.

Every virtual online session is designed to be interactive and opportunity for learning NDT skills. Though we call the courses as online NDT training, actually modules are mix of theory class room training and adequate practicals. This gave excellent reviews for our training courses on Nondestructive testing and welding inspections.

Trainers are most important ingredient of the whole training process. NDT Trainers should be experienced enough to share their experiences during the course of study. Trinity NDT engages highly qualified NDT and welding engineers with minimum of over 20 years of nondestructive testing experience in castings, forgings, rolled and welded components, pipelines and aircraft structures. What else is required to deliver the best contents? During the training the ndt trainers will interact one on one for every clarification.

The presentations are very attractive and beautified for quick learning NDT principles, techniques and applications. Each course has ample practical video display during the training. Also there be practical training organized at Our NDT Labs located at Peenya Industrial Estate Bangalore which is easily reachable. Also, provides free study materials in pdf downloadable format for easy reading at your convenience on any electronic device.

Practical training on NDT will be held at our Aerospace specialized NDT labs in Bangalore, India. Each method has multiple NDT technique which must be practiced. The NDT Labs have all techniques equipments, accessories for better understanding and practicing principles. Gigantic ndt testing facility is spread across over 20000 sq ft and there is NO better facility than this else where that can add value to your learning on NDT.

Ultrasonic Testing Level II training course covers complete fundamentals, principles, UT equipments, applications and many more practical aspects such as defect evaluation techniques using DAC, DGS software. We also have Ultrasonic dry scan equipment for scanning Aerospace composite materials. Composites are frequently inspection for defects without using any couplant applying through transmission techniques. Adequate number of IIW V1, V2 reference blocks, DAC blocks and DGS scales, normal and angle beam probes with complete set of defective samples will give quick learning on Ultrasonic testing to get the award of NDT Level II certifications based on the performance in the examinations.

Magnetic particle testing MPI Level 2 online training covers, theory on fundamentals, principles of magnetism, materials, magnetic hysterisis, type of currents used in MPI testing, current calculations, equipment and technique selection, types of media used in magnetic particle inspection. Also defects in various product forms identifiable using MPI testing with actual photographs and live videos.

Penetrant testing Level II online course are very unique of its kind at our labs. Almost every method and technique is demonstrated and practiced at practical training. Principles of capillary action, type of penetrants, techniques, sensitivities of penetrants, control checks and defects that can be detected in PT testing. Complete range of practical sessions gives good practice for every trainee to understand nondestructive testing in depth.

Radiography Film interpretation courses online learning is quite interesting as there will be hundreds of films needs to be interpreted for certification. Our RT Enclosure is the special for its design for safety to do RT testing of casting and x ray testing of welds and pressure parts. When you can able to watch the live interpretation of films what else could be best option to learn radiography testing. X-ray testing, gamma ray weld testing are every day happenings at NDT testing labs in Bangalore India.

Eddy Current testing online training to find cracks and material sorting using eddy principles is common application in industries for automotive and aerospace. Online Visual welding inspection courses gives good knowledge on welding processes, weld symbols reading, defects in weld joints and many other aspects of quality welding and inspection.

Overall, each online course on NDT is designed and executed to meet current requirements of ASNT SNT TC 1A and employers written practice. Online training courses have excellent best reviews. Contact us today.