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NDT Certification: Advance Your Career with NDT Training


A process of confirming an individual the person certified is having required knowledge and skills (proficiency) to perform the NDT task such as Ultrasonic testing of casting or radiography testing of weld joint.

NDT is to be performed as per as per Level III approved procedure. Each procedure shall address techniques, parameters and settings to be used while doing the test.

Performing the test, accurately evaluating the flaws is the purpose of NDT certification. Inspector with educational qualification and experience is eligible for certification.

The aim of NDT certification is to get the results of inspection accurate and reliable.

There are accreditation bodies such as British Institute of NDT(BINDT), The American Society for Nondestructive testing(ASNT), Australian Institute for Nondestructive testing(AINDT), Canadian Society for Nondestructive testing(CNDT), Canadian General Standards Board(CGSB). These bodies issues certifications for NDT personnel.

Before granting certification the inspector shall take class room training and practical training. Each individual is assessed for skills and sit for examinations. An NDT Level III evaluate the examination Results. Declared the inspector is passed or failed.

Important Certifications

PCN certification from BINDT: The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) issues Level I, Level II and Level III NDT certifications, well recognized in industry as PCN (Personnel Certification in NDT) certification.

CGSB Certified NDT Technician: Canadian General Standards Board(CGSB) issues certification for NDT technicians in Canada. This certification is recognized in Canada and is based on Canadian standards.

ASNT Certifications: The American Society for Nondestructive testing(ASNT) issues certification. Classified as Level I, Level II and Level III these certifications are well recognized in Middle East(Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait), African continent (Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Angola and other oil producing and exporting countries). The certification has wider acceptance in Indian subcontinent ( India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan and Nepal).

ASNT Certifications are significantly useful for ASME code, API code and AWS certified companies. These codes mandates to employ only SNT TC 1A certified inspectors during nondestructive testing of components.

How to Get Certified to NDT Level I

Here is the procedure to get your NDT Level I certification. There could be variation in procedure based on the certification scheme. contact the certification issuing authority for additional details.

To be eligible for NDT Level I, you shall have a minimum of high school (SSLC in India) pass. Shall also have 3-9 months of experience based on the method. He/she shall take training for about minimum 16 hours to maximum of 40 Hours. It is based on NDT method in which the candidates intend to take certification.

How to Get Certified to NDT Level II

Procedure for NDT Level II certification is similar to the one for Level I. Eligibility for Level II is either Diploma in Engineering or Degree in Science. SNT TC 1A specifies minimum experience before attending training.


After completion, NDT trainee shall take theory and practical examinations. Theory examination consists of method and specification examinations. Method exam is a closed book examination. Multiple choice questions with 4 options. Whereas, specification exam is an open book exam. A specification or NDT procedure is given in exam based on which multiple choice questions are required to be answered.

NDT trainee shall secure 80% in each category for passing. Failed trainees should take reexamination after an interval of 30days as per ASNT SNT TC 1A.

Validity of NDT Certification

5 years is the validity of NDT Level I, Level II and Level III

However, some fabrication codes mandates 3 years for NDT Level I, Level II and 5 years for Level III.

How to get certification Renewal (Re-validation)

All NDT certifications shall be renewed once in every 5 years(3 years for some codes) Level I and II and 5 Years for Level II. Renewal is based on providing adequate evidence of continuing experience. ASME Section V mandates renewal based on re-examination.

Greatest NDT Courses

For the employment, there are total 6 NDT courses. Out of this, Ultrasonic testing is the best course that significantly increase chances of employment. Other five methods are:

Eddy Current testing
Visual testing
Magnetic particle testing
Penetrant testing
Best NDT Courses

Duration of NDT training

Duration of NDT training is,

Ultrasonic testing – 05 Days

Radiography Testing – 05 Days

Magnetic particle testing – 02 Days

Penetrant testing – 02 days

Visual testing – 03 Days

Eddy Current Testing – 05 Days

Radiographic Interpretation – 03 Days

Note: Number of days for Level II training from Level I. For direct Level II the time period required consist of of days required for both levels.

Pay Scales for employment

Pay scales for Fresh NDT Level II inspector starts at Rs.15000 per month

Salaries vary based on organization, work profile and responsibility of inspector.

Check our blog post on Exploring the Salary of NDT Technicians in India: Factors That Influence Pay and Average Earnings

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