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Let Us Talk About NDT Training

Nondestructive testing is a method of evaluating quality of engineering materials. The primary objective of NDT is to test materials for finding defects both on surface and below the surface.

NDT is applied to raw materials, finished components and in service inspection of plants and structures. Since over the last century it has grown leaps and bounds. Using this technology, quality and safety is assured. Cost is considerably saved. It gives impression about quality of products.

Significance of NDT Inspectors

As the production grows, challenges in terms of managing quality arises. A company whose quality is ever growing with production is sustainable. This gives adequate guarantee for the customers about quality. Engineering component quality is determined using destructive and non-destructive tests.

Whereas, destructive testing may not need highly qualified person for carrying out testing, NDT needs skilled inspectors. This is due to the fact that interpretation and evaluation demands high level of proficiency. Skilled, qualified and Certified NDT inspectors can do the tests following approved procedures.

Certification for NDT personnel

As the test demands high level of skills, codes and standards mandates certification of NDT personnel. Unless the person is certified to the required level, there is no point in accepting the exam results. For this, unlike destructive tests, NDT testing personnel shall have educational qualifications, experience before attending NDT training.

He/she has to attend class room and practical training. To evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired the trainee has to take Level I, II or III examination. Successful trainees will be awarded with NDT certification.

Top NDT certificate Course

As it detects internal flaws, Ultrasonic testing is the best certificate course for who wants a challenging career. Because of quick developments, the future is bright for UT certified Inspectors. With the addition of TOFD, LRUT and PAUT, the demand is high and is steeply growing.

NDT – Meaning

NDT stands for Nondestructive testing. A word used for testing of materials and components without causing destruction that affects future usefulness. It means, any kind of testing on any material that finds flaws and/or properties.


Certification is an evidence indicating that the person has know how and skills to perform NDT. In order to get certification, he/she shall have qualifications and adequate training.

NDT Courses

Nondestructive testing is a group of individual methods such as

Ultrasonic testing


Eddy Current testing

Magnetic particle testing

Penetrant testing

Visual testing


Acoustic Emission testing

Magnetic flux leakage testing

Laser testing

Vibration analysis

Neutron Radiography