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How Long Does NDT Certification last?

There is good requirement of NDT certified Level II technicians in the industries. As a result, demand is continuously increasing.

Why is the certification in NDT is so important?

We are here to explain you the facts. First, the test results are indirect in nature and hence needs training. Training brings more clarity. Thus enables one to inspect the components.

Second, as the skills acquired through training are vital, a document proof can prove.

Validity of NDT certification

NDT Level I, II, III certifications are valid for a duration of 5 years from the date of issue. Certificates can be revoked at the discretion of his/her employer or issuing authority. Then the most common question is, how long is the certification valid, depends on on the issuing authority. And also on the certification scheme.

Renewal of level 2 certificates – A procedure requirement

Before expiry, NDT certification can be renewed. The procedure to be following is simple and essential needs 2 important documents as evidence

1. documentary proof of continuing experience. 2. Provide a proof for visual acuity.

Some standards and codes needs annual surveillance exams that is usually practical to renew Or continue the validity of NDT level 1 and Level 2 certificates. Note that once expired it is required to renew using NDT exams only.

Revalidation of NDT certificates services in India

Employers should have a written practice to qualify and certify the employees as per ASNT practice SNT TC 1A. This is known to some employers and follows as per SNT TC 1A of ASNT. The employers written practice is a detailed procedure and document for qualification and certification of NDT engineers. Employers should ensure NDT engineers level 2 should meet the written practice requirements.

Employers can hire an ASNT Level 3 for this purpose. However certification of ndt engineers is the responsibility of employers. He can use outside services to meet the requirements. But the quality of training should be able to deliver the results.

ASNT Level 3 Consultants for Writing NDT Written Practice

Trinity NDT can support the company looking for ASNT Level 3 consulting services. Can depute our ASNT Level 3 to customers to train and quality the NDT inspectors. Also can support for NDT level 1, level 2 renewals. Self employed engineers can also renew the certifications hiring an ASNT Level 3.

If you are in India and looking for renewal services for recertification as level 2, contact us today. You can also WhatsApp us at +919844129439