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Trinity NDTis an NABL Accredited ISO17025:2005 Certified Nondestructive Testing-NDT Lab & Welding Inspection Services company headquartered at Bangalore, India. We provide comprehensive Nondestructive testing-NDT Inspection Services, Welding Inspection services, Training and certification courses on NDT and Welding Inspection.

Trinity NDT Labs in Bengaluru, India are NABL Accredited, vide certificate No.TC 5934 (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories - An autonomous body under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India) and also approved NDT Testing Lab for ‘Center for Military Airworthiness (CEMILAC)’ - A defense organization under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India for Nondestructive testing NDT of aerospace components, Airborne Systems for Indian Military Applications. Experience our unique services supported by world class infrastructure that meets international standards.

Established in the year 2002, today Trinity NDT is the fastest growing NDT Company in India serving customers from over 40 countries across the world. Our Quality Services includes Aerospace & General NDT Inspection services , Ultrasonic testing-UT testing, Eddy Current testing, Radiography Inspection-X-ray & Gamma ray Radiographic testing, Magnetic particle inspection-MPI testing, Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant testing-FPI testing, Visual Testing, Third party inspection, Welding Inspection, Welder Qualification tests, establishing welding procedures & WPS, NDT Level III Consulting services and World Class NDT Level I, II Training & Certification courses as per WP framed to the requirements of recommended practice SNT- TC- 1A and Welding Inspection Courses.

Over A decade of Excellence in Assuring Quality to the Customers

Established in the year 2002, by the team of NDT & Welding Experts, ‘Team Trinity NDT’ imparts best in Quality and Reliable NDT & Welding Inspection and other quality control-QC/QA solutions to the clients’ spread across India and world over for more than 40 countries. NDT & Welding Inspection are emerging as key tools that control quality in manufacturing components, welding, fabricating structures and in-service inspection, health monitoring of processing plants. We are India’s reputed and most valued NDT Services Company with a diversified spectrum of Nondestructive testing - NDT, Welding Inspection, training, certification and third party inspection services.

Passion for the Best In Industry Quality Services

At ‘Trinity NDT’ the Founders are passionate to create a difference in services that are optimized to deliver best in class quality services whether it could NDT testing, training or other quality related service that it offers to the valued clients... Read more about the team at Trinity NDT

Comprehensive NDT & Welding Inspection Solutions

We provide comprehensive nondestructive testing and Inspection services from a well-equipped, gigantic, modern Aerospace and General NDT inspection Laboratory added with Welding inspection infrastructure. ‘Trinity NDT’s modern training center is also perfectly equipped for organizing NDT & Welding Inspection certification courses and workshops for practical training on NDT and welding.

It is easy reach us at Bangalore - The Information Technology capital of India

Trinity NDT Corporate office, NDT Infrastructure and international training center are centrally situated at Bangalore in India. Bangalore or modern named Bengaluru, is well known as, Silicon City of India, Information technology (IT) capital of India, Garden City of India and is India’s most advanced city and hub for R&D Centers, giant corporate brands, center for automobile, aerospace components manufacturing companies. Trinity NDT is based in Bangalore at one of South Asia's largest industrial area recognized as Peenya Industrial Estate, Bengaluru. To serve the customers at other counties, Trinity NDT has presence in middle east, African continent and other countries. (Click here to find and reach Trinity NDT in Bangalore, India)

Experience Our Truly Professional Services

Trinity NDT offers truly professional Nondestructive testing-NDT inspection services on Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, Liquid/Dye Penetrant testing, Radiography testing, Eddy Current testing, Visual Inspection of Welds, structures and third party Inspections. At Trinity NDT, every NDT technician is rigorously trained at its Modern NDT training center, qualified and certified to NDT Level I or II or III as per recommended practice SNT TC 1A. Each NDT Training certification course is administered by experienced NDT Level 3 experts certified to NDT Level III in ET, MT, PT, RT, UT & VT. Continuous effective improvement of its employees is in place and maintained as per the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems.

Assuring Product Integrity through Personnel Integrity

Accuracy, precision and personnel integrity are essentials for each quality control – QA/QC function to maintain the safety and reliability of product manufactured. Nondestructive testing - NDT Inspections are being carried out at various stages to assess the integrity of component manufactured for Aerospace, Nuclear, pressure vessels, Construction of Boilers, Power plants, refineries, cross country pipe line and critical in-service applications of process plants and structures. As the NDT test results in most NDT methods are majorly indirect in nature, interpretation of test results, large depends on the proficiency, familiarity with the test conditions and experience level of the NDT Level I or II inspectors. We pick the professionals with high integrity and train them to deliver reliable test results. With Trinity NDT, we assure perfection in interpretation of each test result backed by the core group of NDT and Welding Inspection experts.

World Class Aerospace NDT Inspection laboratory at Bangalore, India

Bangalore in India is an Aerospace manufacturing hub for large number of Aerospace OEMs. To cater to the needs of this sector, Trinity NDT has established facility for Aerospace NDT laboratory with Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), Magnetic particle inspection, Gamma ray Isotopes Radiography, X-ray radiography, Immersion Ultrasonic inspection equipment and Eddy current inspections. The equipment and infrastructure at Bangalore, India is serving to the clients of pan India for highly critical nondestructive testing of Aircraft components and structures. The Aerospace NDT facility is approved ‘Center for Military Airworthiness (CEMILAC) - A defense organization under the Ministry of Defense, Government of India for Nondestructive testing NDT of aerospace components / Airborne Systems for Indian Military Applications. Read more about our Aerospace NDT facilities

Experience Our Expertise in Welding Inspection

Welding - the modern joining process is a major manufacturing technique in construction, fabrication of plants, pipe lines, structures and periodic maintenance of process plants and structures. Safety and reliability are vital for the products manufactured, pipe lines under operation and plants under operation. Welding Inspection at different stages can eliminate the defective materials and to increase the safety and reliability. For this, the industry needs well experienced welding inspectors to perform the quality control functions. Codes and standards impose stringent requirements to qualify the welders to the specific project requirements using Welder qualification tests and establishing approved Welding procedure Specifications. At Trinity NDT, teams of certified welding inspectors assure that the manufactured product meets the codes, specification and standards. Our Welding Inspection services include performing Welder Qualification tests, establishing Welding procedure specification-WPS and third party welding inspection services at various stages of fabrication and welding. Teams of experienced Welding Inspectors certified to CSWIP 3.1 and AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors deliver their services to meet industrial specifications or codes... Read more about our Welding Inspection and Welder Qualification testing services

2000+ satisfied clients World Over

Trinity NDT has 1200+ satisfied clients in manufacturing, processing, in-service NDT inspection of nuclear, aerospace NDT, automobile components, castings, forgings, Welds, fabrication of structures, oil & gas exploration companies, petroleum refineries, ship building, cross country pipeline constructions in India and abroad. 'Trinity NDT' is recognized globally for its quality integrity services with technology driven resources. We welcome you to join our pool of satisfied clients... Read more about our NDT Inspection facilities

Experience World Class NDT & Welding Inspector Certification Courses

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, the Training and Human Resources Development (HRD) Unit of 'Trinity NDT', is organizing world class NDT, Welding inspector training courses and other quality training and certification courses in India, African Countries, middle east and other countries. The institute is recognized worldwide for the best quality training imparted by experienced NDT Level III trainers and welding inspection experts. Every NDT training and certification course is precisely designed by NDT Level III certified experts in the respective nondestructive testing method and perfectly crafted to the needs of clients and training participants. Large number of Indian Defense organizations, Indian Railways, Steel Plants, Ship Yards, Cement Plants, R&D centers, Petroleum refineries, Power Plants, Automobile, earth moving equipment manufacturing, Aerospace components, public and private sector companies have utilized our training and certification services to develop their quality man power to increase productivity and quality at par with international standards. Join us and explore our expertise on NDT Level I, II as per WP framed to the requirements of SNT TC 1A and internationally recognized Welding Inspector Certification courses.

Explore Our Training Services with Schedules around the Year & at Client Places

Explore our training, certification and professional development offerings and discover a wealth of quality control –QA/QC resources to help you to reach your quality targets. We organize NDT Level I, II training, certification courses as per WP framed to the requirements of recommended practice SNT TC 1A and Welding Inspector training and certification courses throughout the calendar year for the convenience of participants from India and various countries and be sure to visit our training course calendar page for the training courses in India and other international training centers. For the convenience of participants working in other countries all 6 NDT courses are organized continuously without any break. We also can organize custom specific tailor made certification courses at the clients works to train, certify their Quality NDT, Welding Inspection Workforce that meets international standards on Personnel certifications. Contact us or call us on +91 98441 29439 for more information to organize one or more such NDT or Welding related certificate courses at your works. Read More on Upcoming training Schedules

Awarded 15000+ Certifications for participants from 42 Countries World Wide

‘Trinity Institute of NDT Technology’ has trained and delivered 15000+ successful NDT certifications to the participants from over 42+ countries including India, USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, China, Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Maldives, Syria, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Portugal, Uganda and other countries. Click here to know more about upcoming training schedules. We organize NDT Level I and NDT Level II training, certification courses on Eddy Current testing – ET, Magnetic particle testing - MT, Liquid Dye/liquid penetrant testing – FPI / PT, Radiography testing-RT, Radiographic film Interpretation-RFI, Ultrasonic testing-UT, Ultrasonic thickness gauging-UT, Visual testing-VT and Welding Inspector Certification Courses. Click here for more information and register online for our NDT & Welding Inspector certifications.


News & Updates

Trinity NDT is an approved testing services company for HAL, BEML & BEL - Ministry of Defense organizations, Government of India

Trinity NDT Labs at Peenya Industrial Estate, Bengaluru, India have been approved by M/s. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, M/s. BEML Ltd & M/s. Bharat Electronics Ltd for Nondestructive testing NDT of military aerospace components and systems

NDT Training & Level I/II Certification Courses at Bangalore, INDIA

Experience the Best of NDT Level II Certification courses as per Written Practice framed to the requirements of SNT TC 1A.

Training Schedule: From 17th July 2019.See our upcoming NDT course schedules at this website training calendar page. Last Date for Registration: 10th July 2019 NDT Methods: UT, MT, PT, RT, VT & ET Level II Certification Courses Training Venue :Trinity NDT & Welding Inspector Certification Courses Training Center, Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, Aspire, Site No12, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore - 560058, India.

For More details: Live Chat NOW or Whats app us +91 9844129439. For reviews Visit Our Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/trinityndtindia

International Participants from more than 40 countries across the world including participants from USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Papua New guinea, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda & Ethiopia. Register NOW to get exposed to industry relevant practicals on latest NDT Equipments at Trinity NDT, NABL Accredited ISO17025 Certified NDT labs. For fee structure and upcoming schedules contact us NOW.

International Participants can call or what's app on our help line on +91 98441 29439 / +91-80-41205245, e-mail: training@trinityndt.com to know more about the procedure for International participant registration, upcoming schedules, fee details and accommodation facilities.

Follow TrinityNDT on Facebook : www.facebook.com/trinityndt.in

For Corporate Brochures and registration forms Contact us or email us your inquiries to training@trinityndt.com

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NDT Certification Training & Level I/II Certification Courses in Rajahmundry, Vizag, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Patna, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Raipur, Bhubaneswar-Odisha, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi-Kerala, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy Tamilnadu, Delhi-NCR, INDIA

NDT Level II certification Courses at Trinity NDT Branches in Rajahmundry (Rajamahendravaram), Andhra Pradesh, Coimbatore, Chennai, Trichy Tamilnadu, Cohin-Kochi Kerala and Delhi-NCR

NDT Training courses Schedule for Rajahmundry (Rajamahendravaram), Andhra Pradesh starts From 02nd May 2019. For Course fee, Registrations, Contact Mr. Nageswara Rao T, Head-Operations, AP & Telangana on 9844129439, 9141339994, 9141339969 or email: training@trinityndt.com

Contact details for venue and registrations for Coimbatore / Trichy, Tamilnadu, Delhi-NCR : Phone: 98441 29439 / 99009 29439. e-mail: training@trinityndt.com

NDT Level I/II Certification Training at Port Harcourt, Nigeria

NDT certification Courses: Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic Particle testing (MT), Dye Penetrant testing (PT), Radiography Film Interpretation (RFI), Visual Testing (VT) & Eddy Current testing (ET)
Training & Certification: Non-destructive testing - NDT Level 1 & Level 2
Venue: Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
For more information Contact: Course Director or Contact us
Phones: +91 98441 29439 / 99009 29439 / 914133 9994. Participants can call or what's app on our help line on +91 98441 29439
Email: training@trinityndt.com
Follow TrinityNDT on Facebook : www.facebook.com/trinityndt.in

Trinity NDT will be announcing the upcoming schedules on NDT Level II for Port Harcourt, Nigeria shortly. Currently, we DO NOT have association with any organization/company/institute in Nigeria. Candidates registering with any organization false claiming to be an agent of Trinity NDT will be doing so at their own risk and Trinity Institute of NDT Technology is NOT RESPONSIBLE for such transactions whatsoever. For your training registrations for Nigeria, please contact Trinity NDT, India directly or email us or whats app us on above contact phones.

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